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First World War : WikiNorthia

Murphy’s Law, 2017 Edition section XVI, sub-section B, paragraph 9 states that whenever somebody tries to classify many diverse objects into pre-defined classifications, there will always be one or two that don’t fit

The following two articles are included as downloads are are also included on the WikiNorthia site which extends its wings to cover today’s City of Moreland

There are also a number of links to the WikiNorthia site to articles uploaded by Cheryl Griffin covering the No5 Isolation Hospital that operated in Glenroy, then part of Essendon, but following re-shuffling of municipal boundaries part of the City of Moreland and thus part of the WikiNorthia project



Sundry War-related material

Women In Uniform (WikiNorthia) (2 2mb)

UPDATE February, 2018 An addition Annie Frances GRIFFIN from West Brunswick who unfortunately became a victim of the war when she died in the Caulfield Repatriation Hospital on 11 June, 1922.

UPDATED October, 2017 Now includes an extensive section detailing the background of Australian Hospital Ships, eleven new entries (six for Brunswick, two for Heidelberg and Coburg, one Northcote), fuller details of subsequent deaths and several new images

WW1 : Coburg Cemetery  (65k)

A listing of around 175 servicemen (and one servicewoman) that were buried in Coburg General Cemetery  The listing contains names, service number, rank, unit, place of death, cause of death and brief biographical notes  and there is a separate page highlighting some of the more unusual deaths or personal background of those interred at Coburg Cemetery   

WikiNorthia Links : Cheryl Griffin’s articles on the Glenroy Isolation Hospital (added February, 2017)

Glenroy Military Hospital - Part 1

Glenroy Military Hospital - Part 2

Life at the Glenroy Military Hospital

Patients at the Glenroy Military Hospital

Staff at the Glenroy Military Hospital

Note three of the nurses mentioned in this article as working either before or after they embarked for overseas with the Australian Army Nursing Service are covered in considerably more detail in Women In Uniform  above

Casualties at Glenroy Military Hospital (< 5mB)

New : April, 2017   An unofficial list of deaths that occurred at the Glenroy Hospital, six in all