The Wizard of Oz Study Guide

The Wizard of Oz, a classical fairytale, is found in a novel and has its plot portrayed in the film. The thematic overview of The Wizard of Oz consists of discussion questions, exercises and writing activities used to understand the subject of “family” and “home”. In a typical setting, family is made up of relatives, friends and even the community, but that is not the case with Dorothy’s character in the time spent in Oz and Kansas. Her choice of family keeps her wondering exactly what being a family is all about.  The study guide is meant to provide you with insight into the travels of Dorothy meanwhile expanding on the concept of “home”. There are the Wizard of Oz study guide questions covered too.

Curriculum expectations of the guide

Carrying out exercises about the Wizard of Oz, you need to take note of some expectations.

  1. You will learn to communicate effectively
  2. Expression of feelings in an acceptable way should be achieved
  3. Demonstration of respect when in groups is learnt
  4. Communication of ideas and information to achieve a particular purpose with the right target audience gets easier.
  5. Sorting and classification of information are made easier to help in identification and solving of problems with making of a decision in the community.

Historical background information about The Wizard of Oz classical

Lyman Frank Baum with William Denslow is the pair publishers of The Wizard of Oz that got to be a thriving classical in 1902. Baum, born in New York, grew to develop an interest in creative writing and telling of stories by the time he was 12 years old. He acted once in his lifetime to satisfy his interests and became manager at his father’s professional theatres.  He had a store that attracted children, which closed down after drought issues. As a result of piecing life together, Baum met Denslow, an illustrator and made his writing a reality on another level. Baum wrote more sequels to the Wizard of Oz together with books and articles.

Note of the Director of the film

Before the Wizard of Oz, the original novel was the Wonderful Wizard of Oz that covers aspects of Dorothy’s life in bleak surroundings. Her stay with her aunt Em and uncle Henry shows the threat of a cyclone to come and the pain that comes with hard work.  It is important to note that the land of Oz is the imagination build-up of Dorothy of a world where she escapes from misery. The film is a play of imagination that educates you on what shapes the definition of a human being and the ability to reshape your world and solve problems.

The land of Oz is like an “imagination game” with equivalent elements such as those mentioned to exist in the Kansas farmhouse that is part of the dream world of Dorothy. Your audience gets to a make-believe journey through Kansas, Oz, and returning home.

Questions to be addressed before the show

As a student, you need to define “home” and “family” plus understand how friendships are formed.  The other questions are what turn of event creates an unforgettable day and discover the characteristic you may be striving towards.

The Wizard of Oz film can be an activity for students to be performers and storytellers by simply creating the plot and acting it all over again.

Questions after the show

After the film, as any student, you need to understand why people still enjoy the story and what aspects about it, such as the age of Dorothy, the Wizard’s statements, the feelings of the characters, are enlightening to you.  The situation in Kansas and Oz need to be investigated to answer the questions that the film raises in your mind.

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