Assignment Tips on Involvement of Politics in Sports

In the current century, games are not just games anymore due to the political influence and involvement in sports activities. Nowadays, sports is not just about getting entertained, playing, having fun, winning or losing. Any assignment covering politics and sports has a lot to cover over a chain of historical events that have sports and politics intertwined. Any level of sports is used as a generator of wealth and influence. Sports produce heroes that are discussed in homes, schools and turn out as idols to children. The Olympics platform is used by countries to build on their credibility and can get to a worse case of stirring conflicts between nations.  Athletes influence culture and politics as the power of sports increases and get more prominent for good and bad reasons. The article provides information about sports and politics and the importance of sports for politics that can serve as good assignment tips for politics or sports homework. You may wonder how has the role of politics in sports changed over time, and here are some events that refer to further the description of the interrelationship between sports and politics.

  1. The Brazil 2016 Olympics

The sporting events of the Olympics in Brazil raised questions about why the country hosted the event when the people needed the money invested in other faculties such as education, medical care and for the poor. Rio De Janeiro was chosen nevertheless as host by the International Olympics Committee. Hosting Olympics may leave a country with a huge debt burden and is an opportunity for fostering competition. However, leaders still push for their countries to be considered for such significant events. Sports have been used as venues for countries to show their superiority and become obsessed with winning at the expense of the morals and well-being of the citizens. Russia, Brazil and China have a history of pushing to be hosts, with some having significant challenges they have failed to address.

  1. Women in Sports

There are instances back in the history of the United States women’ national soccer team that had the Canadian Soccer Association, and FIFA sued for the artificial turf fields used in the 2015 Women’s World Cup.  The women felt being put to play on inferior surfaces compared to men who played on grass surfaces that were more preferred. The women backed down from the case creating a puzzling question of fairness as the final game of the women’s World Cup became the most-watched game in US history. Women are being put behind men all the time, and women pro leagues still struggling. Such a gap has never been fixed but what Congress can do to bridge the niche of inequality is not clear as they have not.

  1. The FIFA takedown

End of 2015, plus 40 sports officials were found guilty of taking bribes and kickbacks, creating questions on how the International Sports Olympics contaminated global soccer to a point with a hike in corruption cases. The world most potent soccer officials in the world were arrested, proving trust issues with the leadership of international sports that often makes so much money with little oversight and accountability.


There are different issues surroundings sports and politics, as the fantasy football feuds by sports sites and the betting industry. The nature of such feuds raises questions about the legality of the practices in terms of being a game of chance or skill that is unregulated and exploits individuals. Reporting sports news and journalism has changed with restrictions on what to be aired or not. Other stories of characters such as Lance Armstrong’s life of doping and lies paint a picture of how politics and sports have been intertwined and can provide insight into how the role of politics in sports has changed.

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