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 Preston and Gowerville Park

War Service Homes : 1919-25

Although coming in the years immediately following the Armistice, the First World War had a significant effect of the surrounds of the Park with many of the double-fronted bungalow style houses to the immediate west and south-west (especially Arthur and Edith streets) constructed for returned servicemen as part of a War Service Homes scheme sponsored by the Federal Government

"    the first houses that the War Services Homes built in Australia are down between Bell Station and the football ground, Arthur Street, 'round that area  They go back to 1919  I know that because at one stage in the fifties we were making a big thing of the 100,000th house that we'd lent money on, and we were looking for the first one and it was one of those places down there in Arthur or Gertrude Street, There's another bit, Esther Street alongside of Bell Station    "  

Ron Ashworth, a former public servant with War Service Homes, quoted from "Back In Them Days"- An Oral History of Preston edited by Roger J  Jones, City of Darebin, 1994

Although not quite so close to the Park, many of the houses off the western side of High Street to the south of Bell Street (Gertrude, Adeline and Esther streets) were constructed as part of the same program - the streets themselves were not laid out until around 1920

War Service Homes  South-western end of Arthur Street, pictured circa 1922   The Preston Club, now the Darebin R S L  later acquired one or perhaps two of these as part of today's site #top