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Preston State School (1494) : Scholars That Served (A-C)

Shown as

Marital status, address




Allan C W  *

Single, 192/593 High Street, North Preston



Walter Clarence, Killed in Action near Strazelle, France on 24 April 1918.The number for his father Frank, 192 High Street later 593) is not shown as such in directories of the time, but the address was in fact the Church of Christ, the religious denomination that Allan nominated, which suggests either his father may have been the minister there or Walter simply used his Church as a forwarding address. Parents Frank and Rosina Maria (nee SEEBER)

Barrow W

Single, Queenscliff Barracks



Wilfred Preston, professional soldier with the Royal Australian Garrison Artillery at Queenscliff ; as a e member of the Permanent Forces, he required discharge before entering the A.I.F  He was a son of Cr. Isaac Barrow, partner in Barrow Brothers, auctioneers and produce merchants in the city.   His mother as next of kin was shown at "Ellerslie", 15 Olver Street, Preston. Private, 6 Mechanical Transport Company. Born Preston, 1897, died in Mentone, 1960 aged 64,  Parents Isaac and Jane, nee Brown; married Gladys Cecilia, nee Roberts, 1921.

Bartlett S

Married, Regent street, Preston



Wounded right leg, Feb 17, discharged as medically unfit, April, 1918 and returned to Australia. Born Preston, 1888, died Canterbury in 1972 aged 84 years parents Samuel Leaky and Anna Dare, nee Cousins, married Clarice Elvira FREEMAN, 1916

Blanche, R

Single, 22 Percival street, Preston



John Reginald Cyril, architect. In camp 9 months and serving with a Technical Unit of 1 Pioneer Battalion at the Liverpool Camp in Sydney when declared medically unfit in March, 1918; shown in four or five National archive files as submitting unique housing designs, mostly from Brisbane. Born Abbotsford, parents John Wesley Fletcher and Kate, nee BADHAM. Married Agnes EVANS, 1926, re-married Vera GOEBEL, 1943; died in Queensland 1982

Braithwaite W

Single, “Athelstone”, corner High Street and Murray Road, Preston



William McCarthy (Military Medal), manager, Braithwaite's Tannery. Lieutenant, killed St. Quentin, France on 03.10.1918.  Post-Tyler Street educated at Melbourne Grammar and Melbourne University, son of Colonel William Braithwaite, Citizen's Forces and long-serving Shire of President Councillor. See South Preston Roll

Brittain P

Single, Spring Street, Preston



Percy Stephen/Stevens, blacksmith's striker.  He was shown with his mother Ann in Spring Street, with his father Bert in Regent Street (perhaps the corner) as next-of-kin. Returned to Australia 29 May 1919. Born Northcote 1898, died Thomastown, 1974, aged 76, parents Albert Ernest and Ann, nee ?, married Clare Ethel SCHULZ, 1921

Bloom G

Single, Childers Street, Kew



George Alexander?, farmer, Private, 4 Light Horse, returned December, 1918 with heart murmur. Next of kin shown as his mother Mrs Elizabeth Norman (nee THROWER), shown as BLOOM when she married William Norman in 1911, but with no trace of an earlier marriage, Carlton was noted on Attestation as his place of birth, but is nothing in Victorian registrations. Directories in 1906 show a Frederick Bloom in Wood-street, Preston with a son George William born in Preston in 1892, but he appears to have still been there when war broke out. Whether George Alexander were his correct names is open to question - his father appears to have been Charles August, who died in hospital in East Melbourne in 1907; there was one child of the marriage Charles Ivan Oker, but unfortunately with no place of birth listed.  This at least corresponds with the serviceman's age on enlistment and there is no further trace of him. Bloom's archive suggests he returned invalided to Australia in January, 1919, but correspondence in 1923 and again in 1930 regarding medals places him in Glastonbury, England.  

Boyd S

Single, 40 Clarendon Street, Northcote



Stanley Wilson, builder. In a rare example of "horses for courses", Boyd was assigned to the Medical Corps as a builder of casualty stations for two years before being transferred to the Infantry.  Boyd died from gunshot wounds to the chest and side at the 53rd Casualty Clearing Station near Messines, France on 11 November, 1917, exactly one year before the Armistice.  He was an only child. He did not appear on the Honour Board, but was listed as attending Preston State School on the post-war circular, which also revealed he had attended the “Melbourne Technical School”, aka Workingmen’s College. Preston SS may be open to question as the family appear to have been in Mansfield Street, Northcote around the time he would have been educated.  Parents William and Ellen Boyd (nee THOMPSON)

Broadbent R

Single, Glendon Avenue, Brighton



Roy, clerk, brother of Russell, Corporal, originally Sapper, 3rd Light Horse, later 5 Signal Troop Engineers. Returned to Australia 10 July 1919. Father William, Roy and Russell both born Hawksburn/South Yarra, link to Preston unknown. Not shown Preston Memorial.   Died Frankston, 1976 aged 82;  Parents William and Maitland, nee Dick; married Nellie Mae NEWSOME, 1926x

Broadbent R

Single, Glendon Avenue, Brighton



Russell, Sapper, brother of Roy, 2 Tunnelling Company. Returned to Australia. 23 July 1919 Father William, Roy and Russell both born Hawksburn/South Yarra, link to Preston unknown, but the pair are the only instance of brothers “R” enlisting. Not shown on the Preston Memorial. Died suddenly, 42 July, 1929 at a private hospital, East Melbourne, aged 31

Butler C

Single, 29A Albert Street, Brunswick



Possible Charles Henry, baker.   Enlisted Albert Park Barracks.    No address was given on embarkation, mother in Brunswick.  Returned on Special Leave after completing four years' service in November, 1918.  Shown as Charles Butler in Archives. Born Richmond, died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?) in 1959 aged 69; parents Henry Meaden and Virginia, nee Howell; married Ivy Beatrice, nee Thomas, 1926?

Butler H C

Single, 101 Raglan Street, Preston



Henry William, farmer.  Died from heart failure resulting from meningitis at the 3rd General Hospital in St. Kilda Road, 14.07.1915 after being in camp around a fortnight; he was underage and listed as just 17 on his death.  Not related to Charles Henry above; parents William Joseph and Susan Anne Eliza Butler (nee BARKLEM)

Cameron C W

Married, 537 High Street, Preston



Claude Harold Cameron, 537 High Street, Preston.  He was 29 years old, married and listed as a farmer with a wife and three children. He went absent without leave late in the war and was arrested when found living with a woman in England, forfeiting many months pay and his entitlement to medals.  Cameron never returned to Australia and his wife when he initiated divorce proceedings in 1923 claimed her had married the Englishwoman, telling her his wife in Australia was dead.

Cameron W

Single, Toorak



Ewen Paul, born Preston (family in Spring Street) and listed as a grazier from Tootak, but with his mother in Ascot Vale as next of kin, father deceased.  Embarked as Private, 4th Light Horse, commissioned Lieutenant, June, 1918  Born Presto 1891, tee family shown in Spring Street, died Camberwell, 1964 aged 72 years; parents Martin and Jane, nee Cameron; married Flora Jane WHITE, 1920

Cathie N

Married, 26 Crawley Street, Preston


Norman Thomas Austin, brush maker.  He stated he was single on attestation, but married Mary Jane HARGREAVES prior to embarking.  His wife was given at 322 Church Street, Richmond. He survived the war, but is noted as being admitted to the ship's hospital and then in Melbourne on his return. Shown as COTHIE on the Board.  Born Armadale, 1894, died at his home 3 Crawley Dtreet, Regent, 1953 aged 59 … "loving and loved husband of Tottie, much-loved father of Merle", interred Fawkner Crematorium  Parents Thomas and Eliza, nee AUSTIN

Cumming N

Single, 19 King William Street, Preston



Norman Hope, carpenter. Killed in action, Bullecourt, France, 13.05.1917, after he had married in England A brother, Charles Douglas was also killed, but was 20 years older and educated before the family moved to Preston from the Bacchus Marsh district around 1900. Parents Charles (late) and Barbara Hope Cumming (nee WALKER), noted youngest of 13 children.