Compiled for OzSportsHistory by Brian Membrey

With the exception of the Opening and Closing days, each programme cover was identical, although in a different colour. There was total of 51 different programmes across the 15 sports (swimming nine, athletics and rather surprisingly, boxing, both with eight), plus Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  

Some 213,000 were distributed as official and complimentary, 908,662 were made available for sale (Opening Ceremony at two shillings, all others one shilling) , 778,957 actually sold, by far the largest those for the athletics 431,889.

(The Official Report of the Games showed preliminary financial figures only and included programme sales totalled £36,000 - the actual numbers (without knowing the Opening Day figure) suggest it was probably £42-43,000).

The Programmes



Friday, 7th December.  Bronze Medal play-off in Association football, but more importantly, “Demonstration of Australian Football”