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Updated : November, 2016

First World War : City of Darebin and Yarra Plenty Regional Library

The Great War and its impact of today's City of Darebin, then Northcote and Preston, but now including Fairfield and Alphington.

The update of November, 2016 includes full lists of those that volunteered from today's City of Darebin and the Shires of Whittlesea (including the former Shire of Epping), Heidelberg and Eltham as they existed in 1918.  The Honour Rolls for the all four districts have been extensively updated with several new entries plus family details where readily traceable.

This is the final release of this material - there are simply no further avenues of research conveniently available.  Hopefully the Honour Roll for the City of Darebin will be available on-line via the Darebin Heritage website as individual entries over the next month or so, thus removing the need to download the full document.



Control Data Australia

Update : November, 2016

Additions to the Memories document include CDA and the China Connection (courtesy of George Pace), ACT Certificate of Incorporation, ETR Resigns (Again) and The Miden Buyout; and VicTAB-related material CRISP crashes at the last, RIMFIRE, RIOTs - Restrictions, The Quaddie’s Birthday, Off-course betting On-course and DELTA confirmed.

All these new sections are available as stand-alone pages on the CDA section of the OzSportsHistory site.

Daily Life has had all of the “outer Melbourne” facilities included, for Engineering the Regional Warehouse at Thornbury and Repair Centre in Collingwood; a brief rundown on the five manufacturing plants spread around Cheltenham and Moorabbin, and finally 2 Sullivan Street, Moorabbin, home of the Business Products Division, but also a manufacturing plant in its own right.

South Preston State School

Update : November, 2016

Some additions to the Honour Roll and Memories; History hasn’t changed much and give that the school’s 150 th Anniversary Open Day saw moves to initiate an official History of 824, this document is unlikely change from here on in.

Sundry Darebin historical stuff

Update : November, 2016

The Mark of Zorro, The Railway Cometh, Darebin’s Boer War  and Women in Uniform are all updated and a number of smaller documents which cover some strange, curious (and more importantly for OzSportsHistory, almost totally unknown) aspects of Darebin’s history have been added