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Updated : October, 2017

First World War : City of Darebin and Yarra Plenty Regional Library

The Great War and its impact of today's City of Darebin, then Northcote and Preston, but now including Fairfield and Alphington

The update of November, 2016 included full lists of those that volunteered from today's City of Darebin and the Shires of Whittlesea (including the former Shire of Epping), Heidelberg and Eltham as they existed in 1918   

The Honour Rolls and corresponding Indexes for the all four districts have been extensively updated with several new entries plus family details where readily traceable

October, 2017 is probably the final release of this material - there are simply no further avenues of research conveniently available   

I still have hopes that one day the Darebin Rolls will be published as part of the Darebin Heritage project - I’ve had a stand-alone website available since 2015, but there seems to have little activity on the project in recent years

Our Control Data Australia section effectively operates as a stand-alone site with a regular monthly update




Check out the souvenir released for a “Chapel Built In A Day

The Church of Christ in High street, Preston erected by members of the Congregation on Saturday, March 25, 1911

Just how did they do it?