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Updated : January, 2019

Several days spent over the festive season has seen more than half of the “downloadables” updated (although up-dating a down-loadable seems something of a contradiction in terms)!

There is one new document added :

“Fares Please! A History of Northcote’s Cable Trams”

is pretty much what it says … the history of the long-forgotten cable tram that stretched from the terminus at Clifton Hill along High Street to Dundas Street where it dared not enter Preston. Originally operated by a private syndicate that went bust, then by private individuals (most of whom went bust) and finally revived by Northcote City Council.

Despite the cable trams themselves being replaced by double-decker buses in 1940, the tracks themselves remained until 1955 when the electric service through to East Preston commenced.

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First World War : City of Darebin and Yarra Plenty Regional Library archives

All In Memoriam Rolls have been extensively upgraded with around 8 to 10 new additions to each - the new material can be readily ascertained from the accompanying indexes which now contain details of the most recent additions.

Perhaps the most fascinating is the background of the Rev. Douglas Bruce of Whittlesea, who made two trips to England as a Chaplain during the War, but collapsed and died in St. Kilda Road during the 1936 Anzac Day March, the first to be held at the Shrine of Remembrance.

The “Women In Uniform” documents - for Darebin and the wider area covered by WikiNorthia have also been updated with a few new details of existing entries, although from memory - these days tending to be more like “forgettory” - I don’t think there are new entries per se.

Our Control Data Australia section effectively operates as a stand-alone site with a regular monthly update.  

Of the downloadable material, our section on PLATO has been substantially upgraded following Feedback by an American who was closely connected to developments at the University of Illinois and later with CDC (at one stage considering a marketing position in Oz, but somewhat reluctant to make the move as there was a belief Australian governments would not take kindly to an American accent)




Check out the souvenir released for a “Chapel Built In A Day

The Church of Christ in High street, Preston erected by members of the Congregation on Saturday, March 25, 1911

Just how did they do it?

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