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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey


The City of Northcote : Streets S to Y

Salisbury-grove, 43 Dennis-st. to Darebin-rd.

Sargood-st., St. George's-rd. to Leinster-grove. * (Emmaline Street above)

Separation-st., 328 High-st. to Rathmines-st.

Shaftesbury-parade, 675 High-st. to Merri-creek

Sharp-st., 118 Mitchell-st. to Bastings-st.

Simpson-st., 161 Westgarth-st. to Clarke-St.

Sladen-st., St. George's-rd. to Merri-creek * (Gadd Street above)

Smith-st., 755 High-st. to Merri-creek. **

South-crescent, 73 Westgarth-st. to Rathmines-st.

Speight-st., Wilmott-St. to St. David-st,

Spencer-st., 82 Beaconsfield-parade to Woolton-avenue. **

Stafford-st., off Bastings-st.

Stanley-st., 231 Westgarth-st. to Gotch-st.

Station-avenue, Helen-st. to railway.  * (Claude Street from 1919)

Station-grove, Railway-parade to Helen-St. * (Turnbull Grove from 1924)

St. David-st., Kellett-st. to Mansfield-st.

Steane-st., 110 High-st. to Plant-st. * (Union Street from 1924)

St. George's-grove, St. George's-rd. to Merri-creek. * (Gracie Street from 1923)

St. George's-rd., 7 Charles-st. to Miller-st.

Stott-st., 20 Beaconsfield-parade to Kemp-st.

Swift-st., Speight-st. to Darebin-rd.

Thames-st., off 119 Mitchell-st.

Timmins-st., off Charles-st. (Lower High Street to 1918)

Union-avenue, Bastings-st. to Mitchell-st. * (Oldis Avenue from 1924)

Union-st., 20 Merri-parade to High-st.

Urquhart-st., 6 High-st to Ross-st.

Vauxhall-rd., Mitchell-st. to Clarké-st,

Victoria-rd., 209 Westgarth-st. to Clarke St.

Victoria-rd. North, (late Hamilton Street), Clarke-st. to Clifton St.

Wales-st., Mansfield-st. to Kellett-st.

Walker-st., 4 McLachlan-st. to Merri-creek

Walter-st., off 61 Westgarth-st.  * (Cornwall street from 1932)

Wardrop-grove. off Mitchell-st.

Wastell-st., Clarke-st. to railway.

Waterloo-rd., 70 Mitchell-st. to Mason-st

Watt-st., off Railway-place **

Westbourne-grove, 102 St. George's-rd. to High-st.

Westgarth-st., Merri-parade to Rathmines-st.

Whalley-st., 119 Mitchell-st. to Separation-st.

William-st., Bent's-avenue to Gotch-st.

Wilmott-st., Darebin-rd. to Christmas-St. (Wilmoth Street)

Wilson-st.— * (Beaconsfield Parade west of St. George’s Road)  

Wimble-st., off Bastings-st.

Woolhouse-st., Beaconsfield-parade to Beaver's-rd..

Woolton-avenue, 647 High-st. to Merri-creek **

Yeomans-st., 19 South-crescent to Roberts-st.

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed.  ** designates streets now officially classified as Thornbury