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Company focuses on imagine Tamper-proof system

VIEWDEX IS an Australian company that develops imaging products ..."

"… The steady development of the imaging market in the late '80s led the principals of Viewdex, with their experience in formulating solutions for mini and micro-computers, to form a company that would specialise in providing the imaging software technology required by the Australian market ..."

A company spokesman said ...  "… Viewdex has developed a new tamper-proof passport which incorporates the latest in imaging technology designed by Viewdex. The embryo for the new tamper-proof passport utilised imaging software techniques for a black and white reproduction."

The company has also been responsible for the development and installation of a security-imaging Verification System. "Jointly, with a wholly-owned Australian company, MIDEN Pacific, Viewdex developed a unique approach to security management and access control using the latest in imaging and identity card production.

" … It has been a hard financial path to achieve the results but, with dedication and persistence and the production of the high quality product, Viewdex has survived and will continue to reap the awards," he said.

"Viewdex has recently strengthened its relationship with MIDEN Pacific. Due to the success of its security imaging Verification System, the MIDEN Group asked Viewdex to participate in the formation of a new company owned by the MIDEN Group and the principals of Viewdex. The new company MIDEN Technologies was formed to promote and develop high quality imaging software for the Australian and South East Asian markets.

"The MIDEN Group provides computer and computer-related products and services to organisations and governments in Australia and New Zealand. MIDEN is a broad-based, total-services company assisting their customers to harness islands of information for more effective decision-making," he said.  "MIDEN is also the largest Australian-owned computer maintenance organisation with offices located in each Australian capital city.

"The formation of MIDEN Technologies is seen by the principals of Viewdex as offering the resources of a large Australian company to further the development and marketing of Vicwdex's high quality imaging products. Without this strong relationship, Viewdex would need to foster closer relationships with a multitude of companies to have the same market penetration," he said.

Editor : The Viewdex article appeared as part of a report on the finalists in the 1991 ACT Small Business Awards - the full text suggested that the Viewdex system was competing with Polaroid, Kodak and NEC.

"Viewdex, however, has the staff located with Australia to provide the necessary level of software support," he said. "Multinationals in most cases are unable to provide support in Australia and must send the software support request off-shore. The response time to a request from a client could take many weeks. Viewdex, on the other hand, is able to provide that support locally either by a telephone call, fax or in person. The client is therefore receiving the support required in a short period of time and from someone with local knowledge".



Canberra Times : 11 November, 1991


Bruce Cartland of Viewdex with the company's new security identification system. The system uses video images combined with a database.