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Windsor Castle Hotel

 89 Albert Street, Windsor


North-eastern corner of Albert Street and Upton Road, Windsor


One of the more out-of-the-way hotels, the Windsor Castle was tucked away in a largely residential area and virtually overlooked the northern end of Dandenong Road (Queen's Way).  It was very much the traditional pub counter-lunch and usually very quiet.  .  I seem to remember a roaring log fire warming the dining area.


Although the opening in 1871 is confirmed, the background is somewhat confusing as there was also a Windsor Club Hotel around 200 metres away to the north.

Further clouding the issue is that directories up until 1907 have today's Upton Road as Hotham Street between High and Union Streets, then St. David Street to Wellington Street.

The Windsor Club was delicensed at the Reductions Board hearings of 1926, but the Windsor Castle survived on the back of plans being presented for extensive renovations.

The Argus in 1935  (below) following completion of renovations mentioned the retirement of Mrs. J. Rankin, owner and licensee for 35 years.


The immediate surrounds have changed dramatically with by the extension of Queen's Road under St. Kilda Junction into Queen's Way and then Dandenong Road in the late 1960s. This swallowed up Nelson and Vine streets, the hotel now overlooks Queen's Way per the lower image.

The original restrained dark green exterior has radically changed, the Windsor Castle is now a lurid bright green with two rusty-orange horizontal stripes just above and below the first floor windows and three pink elephants on the roof.

Her Majesty is not amused!

Regardless of the optics, the Windsor Castle remains a favourite with locals, especially in warmer weather with an extensive outdoor wining and dining area. The interior has been renovated with an Olde English feel.

This clip from a 1920 street directory shows [1] the Windsor Club and [2] the Windsor Castle.  The south side of Nelson Street survives, now under Queen's Way The Google image below shows the southern part of Upton Road as it is today.