Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

The Hot Pot Shop

436 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne


West side, just north of the corner of Thompson Street (about 100 metres north of Albert Road)


The Hot Pot Shop was opened early 1970s by Tony Rogalski, whose brother Max was one of the pioneers of computing in Melbourne.

Max left N.C.R. about a year before I joined in 1966; from memory, he was largely responsible for establishing the N.C.R. Data Centre on the first level of the Southern Cross Hotel.  He moved to another of the early computer companies for around five years, but later chucked it all in in favour of a stint in the restaurant trade.

(Max while he was at N.C.R. as also one of the first openly gay men it the computer industry and if you had a disagreement with him, he was just as likely to plant a sloppy kiss on your cheek which was certauly an argument-stopper)!

The Hot Pot Shop was in a double fronted shop, from memory, three small dining areas that would not have held more than about 25 people at best.

The formula was initially simple : Tony worked alone, there were six large crock-pot style cauldrons, four for the "hot pot" or casserole of the day, the other two for soup.