Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey


Head Office : Archives : 1980s

There is little doubt that the 1980s were a tumultuous and troubled decade for Control Data Corporation, one that affected the local subsidiary with the sell-off of Control Data Australia, the resignations of two chairmen of the Corporation, and major re-structuring and asset sell-offs in the U.S.

Most of the material has been taken from the overseas press where digital copies are available on-line andd thus searchable.

Locally, the sheer volume of the amount of information in The Australian and The Age makes it near impossible to continue with detailed research - by this time, the two papers were probably carrying 20 pages a week between them an at a rough guess roughly 35 reels of microfilm per year.

(I may add that a restructuring within the State Library of Victoria in 2012 (fortunately after articles up to the end of 1971 had been collated) saw The Australian archives - classified as an interstate newspaper - moved out of the public access area into storage - as a result, microfilm has to be specifically requested there is usually a 15-20 minute.

The November, 2015 update has restructured the articles into a more logical sequence and as a lengthy, but fascinating New York Times article (re-printed in The Age) on Bill Norris's resignation an the Corporation's woes when Bob Price took over the reins.

Perhaps it is just the nature of the press that most of the articles reflect upon Control Data's problems, restructures and spin-offs rather than the successes that also undoubtedly occurred along the way :  perhaps there is add adage somewhere (or perhaps I'll just make one up) …

… that a fall down a mountain is always more sudden and spectacular than the long climb to the top!

Confucius, please note!

The Age articles on CDC