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Ceridian Corporation

Although none of the available reports on the break-up of the Control Data Corporation give any specific details of just how the existing business was split, Ceridian assumed the information services side of the business activities.

(Perhaps with the perfect clarity of hindsight, this was the "plum" half of the deal given most of the Corporation's financial difficulties arose from the hardware side taken over by Control Data Systems).

But counteracting that, its involvement in the less glamorous information services market means that there are fewer articles of significance for our archive.

Ceridian was a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange until it was acquired in 2007 by Thomas H. Lee Partners and Fidelity National Financial.for $US5.3 billion.

The Wikipedia entry for the company quotes its products as "Global human-resource services, human capital management, workforce management, payroll processing services, payroll tax services, employee benefits administration, employee assistance programs, corporate health and productivity, payment/payroll card solutions and retail gift cards", a turnover of $US 1.53 billion in 2011, and 9,000+ employees.  

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