The Land of Oz

April - June, 1967

April : “This Day Tonight” compered by Bill Peach debuts on ANC television.  Roman Catholic Bishops meet in Sydney and decide to oppose the Vietnam war.  Henry Bolte returned to power in Victoria with a massive 44 seat majority.  ANZAC Day marchers outnumber spectators by more than 2:1 on a wintry day in Melbourne.

May : 90% of white Australians vote in referendum for proposal to count aborigines in the census and to allow the federal government to make special laws for them, overriding previous State regulations.  A second motion to break the nexus between the Senate and the House of Representatives which requires the latter to have double the numbers is comprehensively defeated.  The Australian $5 note is introduced.  Thirty protestors arrested in Melbourne after a demonstration outside P.M. Holt’s Toorak home.  New Zealand introduces breath and blood tests for drivers thought to be under the influence of alcohol.

June : Thirty-six year-old Don Dunstan becomes Premier of South Australia following the retirement of Frank Walsh. Australian jockey George Moore wins the English Derby at Epsom on the favourite Royal Palace.  The newly-formed Australia Trade Commission is voted $1,000,000 to promote Australian products to export markets.  Control of the phosphate island Nauru handed back to the islanders by Britain, Australia and New Zealand o condition an international airport is constructed to promote tourism.