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“Nostalgia Ain’t What It used to Be”

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December, 2016 to January, 2018 2017

Left : Bill Norris, Frank Mullaney and the first CDC 1604 about to leave 501 Park Avenue en route to the U.S. Navy, but did the Logistics all go to plan?

Our page “The Adventures of Norris and Cray” raises a question mark …  >>

From our last gripping episode, we recall CDC Board of Directors tackling the thorny question of a new corporate logo … which will it be, gentleman? The Bat or the Tombstone … ??

… but did they have any inkling that the boss had already had made his choice and had his business cards printed …? >>


February, 2018

Historical Timeline and Gazettes

Norris Scrapbooks V2 241 to 300

Norris Scrapbooks : V2 301 to 331 (final)

Three cash cheques totalling $65 million USD (and probably another for $30 million to come, and a $45 million service bureau for $16 million  … Bill Norris’ superannuation? Nope … it was

1973 : The $100 million IBM Settlement

(Much more come in next month)

Spiritual Homes

Three new entries : very different in nature, but both with impacts on the social and community life in Minneapolis at different times

Northside Manufacturing and CDI

Strutwear Knitting Building

Arden Hills plant

Saying Tata to Computer Bugs

The 160A : Australian Story

New Link : Charles Babbage Institute Reminiscences of computer architecture and computer design at Control Data Corporation as expressed by 18 engineers at an interview panel, 1975

VicTAB : The Doubles Totalizator

VicTAB : Sad Case of a Kiwi Emu!

UPDATE : The availability of the Government Gazette has given us more details of the dual 1963 orders that established CDA.  Start here …

C.S.I.R.O : The Leadup : 21 May, 1962

December, 2017

The Norris Scrapbooks v2 (pages 61 to 180)

Spiritual Homes (new)

The Mystery Terminal - Unveiled!

A CDC machine you never worked on - the 3560!

Not new, but BIG update : The Computer Press

Ditto the companion page : The Australian

1. Final two sections of the Norris scrapbooks.

Mid-1967 sees the resignation of four more key executives including Seymour Cray (who continued in his design role, then the 6800) and Ray Whitney. The ‘66 fiscal year sees a $1.8 million loss, the first since CDC’s first year of operation in 1957.


LATEST NEWS : February, 2018

Minor Updates, February, 2018

Heaps more minor updates this month as the TimeLine research brings out many other little bits ‘n pieces

Minnesota State Fair

CDA and the Titanic

Ten Year Dinner

A Nebraskan Makes Good

Early Executives


Australian Manufacturing

The Whitney Connection

501 Park Avenue

CDC : Early Executives

Meet the 1604

Sleepy versus the BUNCH

The Computer Press

Control Data Systems Pty Ltd.

1962 Computer Census (Powers, Samas, 1954)

After going Absent With Out Leave for a few months, the Australian Computer Society’s Heritage project compiled by Graeme Philipson is back on-line.

Mandatory reading for anyone interested in Oz computing - download eBook from

 A Vision Splendid - The History of Australian Computing

A site dedicated to sharing memories of Control Data Australia and Control Data Corporation and the myriad of ex CDA employees still closely linked by the ethos of a remarkable workplace, largely inherited from Bill Norris of CDC and whole-heartedly adopted by Trevor Robinson after the incorporation of CDA on 17 May, 1963.

Just about every ex CDA employee will have seen a copy of the digitised Mona Lisa, but the Norris Scrapbooks reveal that Bill copped the same treatment with a Digigraphic reproduction of a earlier photograph (right). It appears to have produced an semi-transparent paper, part of another page showing through bottom right.

See page 272 of Volume 2 at CBI for the full scan

The scrapbook also has the original photo of the Norris twins per A Nebraskan Makes Good - rather oddly, there is nothing of the photo of him as a teenage, but there is an alternate image (right)