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Minneapolis Star Tribune

21 August, 2006

1986 : On his resignation (NEW)

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All material from The Oz to the end of 1971 is loaded : by this stage, the feature had blown out to around three pages each Tuesday and another single page on Friday and the sheer volume of material became too great to continue with the exercise.  
The Australian archives now constitute a relatively minor part of this Control Data Australia history - the rest of the site has, however, grown "like Topsy" as various other newspapers and other historical backgrounds have been discovered in the burgeoning amount of information to be found on the Net if one has the willingness to search for it.
The printed material has been extensively augmented by material personally researched over the ensuing years - the background to E. L. Heymanson and Co., the original agents for Control Data Corporation, many, many recollections of what Daily Life at Control Data Australia was like and where many ex-CDA employees worked, ate, drank, and played, plus various other bits and pieces which have not been included on the ex-CDA site for various reasons.
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Bob Jensen, the key organiser of our third-Friday monthly lunches and part of the group behind our biennial re-unions is always on the look-out for email addresses of ex-CDA people, so if you have landed here either by accident or design and are not on Bob's database, just follow the Feedback link in the top right-hand corner and I'll feed your details onto Bob.
Brian Membrey
These pages perhaps have their genesis in the first site for ex-CDA (Control Data Australia) employees which I established around 2002 as "sofwhere" equating to "Silly Old Farts - WHERE are we now".
Somewhat sadly, with many ex-CDA employees then more or less still gainfully employed, the site (perhaps other than from Ron Bird) attracted very few contributions and a result, given my time with Control Data Australia of four years was comparatively short and spent as something of minnow amongst the so-called Sharks of my time, I pushed the shut-down key when the first bill for ISP annual renewal arrived (then somewhat more expensive than the alternatives of today and personally funded at the time).
One aspect of the history of Control Data Australia that always fascinated me, before, during and after my time with the company was the coverage that it always seemed to attract in the computer press - then more or less exclusively the Tuesday edition of The Australian.
As a result, in parallel with Geoff Hipwell's reincarnation of an ex-CDA website circa 2004-2005, I initiated a personal project to transcribe and publish the articles that appeared in The Australian relative to Control Data Australia, Control Data Corporation in Minneapolis, or to major customers here in Australia;  the purpose two-fold - firstly, to brush off the cobwebs, and secondly to remind ourselves what the rest of the world may have been saying during the era where it really happened.
Our two-yearly reunions and regular (for Melbournians) monthly lunches produce their fair share of memories and recollections, a few of which may become a little distorted as the afternoon wears on and the level in the many bottles of red wine adorning the table wears down.
Given the amount of work that “Hippy” was already putting into the "official" ex-CDA site, The Australian archives were taken on as an independent exercise funded via a separate site and service provider.