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16 September, 1957

The first advertisement for CDC staff, some six weeks after the company was incorporated in August, 1957.   By this time, Bill Norris had announced ten executives (later 13) for his new company, remarkably all of them from his former employer, the Univac Division of Sperry Rand  and several dating back to 1952 and several dating back to his days with ERA circa 1947-52

Meet some of the originals

The Foresight of Bill Norris

The First Ad

“Nostalgia Ain’t What It used to Be”

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Sadly, it appears that the ACS has withdrawn the on-line Heritage chapters; all that appears is an attempt to flog their financial deal with the Information Age, and I suspect ultimately the history as a commercial product.

Hopefully those that were interested took advantage of the link first posted back in April - I have fairly a recent version of the CDC chapter and the only updates are what I corrected anyway.  The stuff might now be copyrighted, but contact via Feedback and I’ll forward corrections from JO’N, the Bird-man and myself - and a bit of other stuff!

Left : Bill Norris, Frank Mullaney and the first CDC 1604 about to leave 501 Park Avenue, but did the Logistics all go to plan?

Our new page “The Adventures of Norris and Cray” raises a question mark


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The Foresight of Bill Norris




From our last gripping episode, we recall CDC Board of Directors tackling the thorny question of a new corporate logo … which will it be, gentleman? The Bat or the Tombstone … ??

… but did they have any inkling that the boss had already had made his choice and had his business cards printed …?


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 The William C Norris Scrapbooks (pages 61-120)

Download the CDC prospectus (August, 1957)


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(Courtesy of Charles Babbage Institute)

6400 Photos (Adelaide University?)

A New Concept in Computer Pricing! (the 1604)

(501 Park Avenue, Minneapolis where CDC acquired 10,000 square feet around a fortnight after incorporation. Around a month later, it was suggested that the company was looking for a 40,000 square-foot site in the Twin City area

Possible answers :

(A) Neither Leonardo DiCaprio nor  Kate Winslet worked for       Control Data

(B) Some survived Control Data … just

(C) There wasn’t a Titanic-180

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