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Left : Bill Norris, Frank Mullaney and the first CDC 1604 about to leave 501 Park Avenue en route to the U.S. Navy, but did the Logistics all go to plan?

Our page “The Adventures of Norris and Cray” raises a question mark …  >>

From our last gripping episode, we recall CDC Board of Directors tackling the thorny question of a new corporate logo … which will it be, gentleman? The Bat or the Tombstone … ??

… but did they have any inkling that the boss had already had made his choice and had his business cards printed …? >>


May, 2018

All of the Anti-Trust files from April have been updated and an internal menu added. Start here …

1973 : The $100 million IBM Settlement

Two loosely related archives worth the day or three’s research to finalise the series on the major Anti-Trust cases against I.B.M.

“The Anti-Trust Division’s Vietnam”

Service Bureau Corporation

The section below was incomplete when TimeLines were introduced around three months ago. Mostly 1989-92

World TimeLine : 1985-92

Interesting tribute to William C Norris from

Minnesota Science & Technology Hall of Fame

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April, 2018

Mikhail Gorbachev Visit to CD HQ

The YouTube has been around for a while, but maybe it’s time we looked at the full story …

Follow-ups to the CDC-IBM anti-trust case

“Curiouser and Curiouser”

CDC and IBM both back in court just two weeks after the settlement to justify the decision to destroy evidence. Read just why U.S. Computerworld quoted Alice of Alice in Wonderland!

Telex v. IBM : The Winner Is …

The later anti-trust case against IBM, the only one that actually made into court, the result suggesting CDC’s case could have cost IBM anything up to a billion dollars under the “treble-damages clause of the Sherman Act.

And the New York Times says

Perhaps the best summation of te case, especially in describing the non-financial restrictions placed on IBM - well short of the dissolution as a separate entity and later overturned anyway!

A Lesson in the History of Innovation

(Minnesota Star-Tribune,  July 3, 2017 includes a fascinating insight into “Control Data” became the Corporation name back in 1957)

The Merry, Merry Month of May sees two additions to finish off the story behind CDC’s very favourable settlement of its Anti-Trust case against IBM : a rundown on the background of the Service Bureau Corporation which CDC acquired at a “bargain basement” price as part of the settlement’


LATEST NEWS : May, 2018

A site dedicated to sharing memories of Control Data Australia and Control Data Corporation and the myriad of ex CDA employees still closely linked by the ethos of a remarkable workplace, largely inherited from Bill Norris of CDC and whole-heartedly adopted by Trevor Robinson after the incorporation of CDA on 17 May, 1963.

“Control Data 3000 Series: Total Technical Excellence Now! Hardware/Software/Personnel”

Many more CDC brochures and specs at

This 12-page brochure introduced the Control Data 3000 Series: the medium-scale 3100, 3200, and 3300 systems and the large-scale 3400, 3600, and 3800 systems.  The serial number suggests 1964, confirmed by  part of the internal text suggest “other benefits forthcoming in the CONTROL DATA 3300 and 3800 now in the final stages of development”.


Should Auld, Quaint Things Be Forgot?

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Terrific roll-up on 19 May of just over 50 at our 12th biennial Melbourne re-union, most of the usual suspects boosted by four old friends down from Queensland.

Words For Today (‘cos I just looked them up)

Biennial” = “occurring every two years”

Biannual” = “occurring twice yearly”