NUMBER ONE            WEDNESDAY JULY 15, 1964            PRICE SIXPENCE


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The project stalled for a couple of years, but some simple arithmetic (as we write, 2013 - 1964 = 49) reveals that the earliest editions of The Australian are rapidly approaching Golden Jubilee status and just maybe we should accelerate the exercise while “those that were there” equates with “those who are still with us”.
The source of the material is microfilmed copies of The Australian - classified as a Sydney publication - held in the Newspaper Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria.   
The Australian Financial Review, the only other national paper of the time (although somewhat specialist in scope) had for some time before The Australian arrived carried an automation feature on Tuesday, but from the few checked to date, these were more of the essay report style of generic topics and rarely included anything on the current marketplace.

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MISSION STATEMENT : Our archive of material published in the The Australian Automation Feature (later Computer Page) documenting the history of computing in Australia with special emphasis on Control Data Australia (CDA), Control Data Corporation (CDC) and our major customers.

Some time ago, a project was initiated to transcribe and publish on the CDA web site all the articles that appeared in the Tuesday copy of The Australian - the purpose two-fold - firstly, to brush off the cobwebs and take us back the era where it really happened.

(And as someone - we can’t recall who! - recently quipped, “my memory isn’t what it once was, but my for-gettory works better than ever”) and secondly, to get some feedback from “those that were there”.

Our two-yearly reunions and regular (for Melbournians) monthly lunches produce their fair share of memories and recollections, a few of which may become a little distorted as the afternoon wears on and the red wine both titillates and dissipates!

Given the amount of work that “Hippy” already puts in to the site, The Australian archives have been taken on as an independent exercise via a separate site and service provider.

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