Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

“Nostalgia Ain’t What It used to Be”

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Past Updates

November, 2016 to November, 2017

Left : Bill Norris, Frank Mullaney and the first CDC 1604 about to leave 501 Park Avenue en route to the U.S. Navy, but did the Logistics all go to plan?

Our page “The Adventures of Norris and Cray” raises a question mark …  >>

From our last gripping episode, we recall CDC Board of Directors tackling the thorny question of a new corporate logo … which will it be, gentleman? The Bat or the Tombstone … ??

… but did they have any inkling that the boss had already had made his choice and had his business cards printed …? >>


The Norris Scrapbooks v2 (pages 61 to 180)

Spiritual Homes (new)

The Mystery Terminal - Unveiled! (Right)

A CDC machine you never worked on - the 3560!

Not new, but BIG update : The Computer Press

Ditto the companion page : The Australian

November, 2017

The Norris Scrapbooks v2 (pages 1 to 60)

A Nebraskan’s Success Story

Punched Cards - Refresher Course

October, 2017

The Norris Scrapbooks (pages 181-215)

Teaching us that the World is Round (ETR)

IBM’s “Terrible Tommy”

Canberra Times 1989-90

Miden Joint Ventures

Kambrook, Viewdex and Labtam

The Norris Scrapbooks (pages 121-180)

The Control Data Plant That Never Was …!

And One that Was … and Maybe Still Is!

And The Cedar Subsidiary

1960 : A Satellite Computer System

1. December adds indexes to the pages 60-180 pages of Volume 2 of the William C. Norris Scrapbooks covering mostly 1962 and 1963.

This adds 120 pages; much originating from programs and brochures from the events where Norris was a guest speaker, but in reality adding little to our knowledge of CDC history.


LATEST NEWS : December, 2017

Minor Updates, December, 2017

Note updated pages now appear wider than the originals which started 10-12 years ago when a 19-inch screen was the norm - updates now a better fit for today’s 21-inch plus displays.

But then again, size isn’t everything!

Rameta Flats (behind 598), images

Light Car Club : complete revision of the history of the building

Remembering Punched cards

1962 Computer Census (images)

Daily Life : Light Car Club

CDC Subsidiaries

COLT (Royal Thai Turf Club)

Heymanson Agency (confirmed the “3200” was originally proposed as a the 160-Z

TAB : Sir Chester Manifold

CRISP : The Champion

Carbine : Super Horse

A happy CDC-ite with his tomato patch in the community garden established as part of the Employee Benefits program; Twin Towers in the background.

Not sure which U.S. Location it was, but I remember at a lunch about 12 months ago somebody suggesting Bill Norris instigated vegetable gardens on the roof of a CDC plant because of his concerns over the potential energy lost through heat escaping from the building!