Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

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Never seen before picture of our first manufacturing plant, Wangara Road, Cheltenham circa 1972 - across the road a filled-in rubbish tip and a cemetery (both useful for re-locating employees who step out of  line)



IBM equipment???  On “our” site???

"In the final few months at BHP Newcastle before the 3500's were dismantled and shipped off for scrap, and the "Creeping Blue Plague Of Death" was spreading through the Computer room - I arrived at work one morning to find this plastered along the side of the IBM 3033 mainframe”.

T”he operators had put it up overnight - guess where their loyalties were ??”

Posted on Facebook by Brendan Nolan. February, 2017 (Photo from 1984) Double click to expand)



PLATO - you possibly have sold it used it, seen it, but certainly heard of of it. Now comes the history of a brilliant concept that never quite made it commercially

DAILY LIFE - Watching

Some blasts from the past of what our black-and-white or later colour AWA TV screens brought us in the 60’s and 70s.

Bring ‘em back, I say!

Recent minor updates : Week ending 24 February, 2017

   February, 2017

Courtesy of the Charles Babbage Institute, a couple of images of Control Data Corporation’s first office in 1957.

Also courtesy of CBI, a fascinating background as to how CDC and the original local distributor E. L. Heymanson linked up … Who the heck was Ray Whitney?

Project for the month is to try and re-build some of the history of CDA’s Manufacturing activities - sadly, we see or hear virtually nothing from any of those involved.  If you can help in any way, here’s the FEEDBACK link!  (This somehow got deleted from the server a month or so ago, now restored)

As a prelude, I’ve substantially update the Daily Life page on


Manufacturing : At Work

QA : A cornerstone

An Incomplete History of CDA Manufacturing : 1970-75 (draft)

January, 2017

A House Journal

A whole heap of articles from Between Ourselves, Flash and TABLOID (VicTAB) - these have been posted for some time, but hidden way down amongst the newspaper articles which no one ever looks at…

Minor additions to Off-Course Tote - On-Course! but a whole new TAB - Taking A Punt

Things you didn’t know about Herb Hughes - Gridiron? Rock star?

Stuff on our early Canberra office “The Embassy” has been substantially  updated (especially with a wonderful new “old” image) and now we can graphically reveal Why “The Embassy”?

Along with a final update on Elizabeth Reid

The November page on the cancellation of the CRISP project was somewhat clinical with most of the material aken from the press, so I’ve added some tongue-in-cheek  personal recollections, although the blow-up came nearly two years after I left CDA. But lest we under-estimate our successes at the TAB, A Word of Satisfaction.

Lest We Forget  (Sadly, someone did)!

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The 160A at Caulfield Tech

The 160A (generic)

TAB Trifecta

Tenth Anniversary


CRISP - The Cancellation

CDA Manufacturing : An Incomplete History

CRISP (the horse)

Miden - The Buyout

House Journals


“Don Bitzer, a project director for the PLATO project in automatic teaching aids tests equipment he used in first demonstrating of the system this weekend at Allerton House. The student indicates his response to a learning situation by punching buttons on the keyboard which is connected to Illiac by a long distance telephone wire”.

10 March, 1961