Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

“Nostalgia Ain’t What It used to Be”

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Minor Updates : October, 2017

ETR Resigns. Again!

Meet the 1604

Bloomington - The Plant That Was

Past Updates

November, 2016 to September, 2017

Left : Bill Norris, Frank Mullaney and the first CDC 1604 about to leave 501 Park Avenue en route to the U.S. Navy, but did the Logistics all go to plan?

Our page “The Adventures of Norris and Cray” raises a question mark


From our last gripping episode, we recall CDC Board of Directors tackling the thorny question of a new corporate logo … which will it be, gentleman? The Bat or the Tombstone … ??

… but did they have any inkling that the boss had already had made his choice and had his business cards printed …?


From the top : 598 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne;  Sabemo House, 221 Miller Street, Sydney; “The Embassy”,122 Empire Circuit, Canberra; 501 Park Avenue, Minneapolis (CDC, 1957); 8100 34th Avenue South, Bloomington, Minneapolis (CDC, 1962) and the “Twin Towers”, Minneapolis (CDC, 1971)


Transistors and other parts are secured on a printed circuit board

(Minneapolis Star, 2 April, 1959)

No details were given, but given the date, it was probably from a 1604, CDC’s first computer (or maybe “electronic brain”.

The Norris Scrapbooks (pages 181-215)

Teaching us that the World is Round (ETR)

IBM’s “Terrible Tommy”

Canberra Times 1989-90

Miden Joint Ventures

Kambrook, Viewdex and Labtam

September, 2017

The Norris Scrapbooks (pages 121-180)

The Control Data Plant That Never Was …!

And One that Was … and Maybe Still Is!

And The Cedar Subsidiary

1960 : A Satellite Computer System

August, 2017

 The Norris Scrapbooks (pages 61-120)

Download the CDC prospectus (August, 1957)

July, 2017

The William C Norris Scrapbooks (pages 1 - 60)

 Meet some of the originals

The Foresight of Bill Norris

The First Ad

6400 Photos (Adelaide University?)

A New Concept in Computer Pricing! (the 1604)

Two new additions, firstly the balance (35 pages of Volume 1 of the Bill Norris Scrapbooks (of interest, but not adding much to the history of the Corporation, and secondly, a series of articles from 1989 onwards extracted from the Canberra Times via the National Library of Australia TROVE on-line service.


LATEST NEWS : October, 2017

Coming soon to a screen near you! November, 2017

Pages 1 to 60 of the Norris Scrapbooks, Volume 2


“A Nebraskan Makes Good”

A fascinating biography of the early life of Bill Norris - sadly the article Is “continued next page”, but a great disappointment is that the “next page” does not appear to be part of the volumes - the available material ends 1934 when he had graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Electrical Engineering, but was forced to work on the family farm following the death of his father and his own inability to find a position as an engineer.