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First World War : Whittlesea

Latest : Most files updated October, 2017  The Great War and its impact of the Shire of Whittlesea, spread across many small towns and hamlets, and also including the former Shire of Epping after a little-known merger of the two in 1915

The In Memoriam Rolls and Enlistments Rolls include one addition resulting from a two-month exercise in reviewing  around 17,500 Attestation Papers in the National Archives of Australia that incorrectly show the Place Of Birth in the Search Headers as “Melbourne” where the actual entry shows a suburb or town    

This is pretty much the last of any of this material as every avenue possible has been investigated and the chances of additions are about as likely as a lightning strike - early 2017 has also seen the end - finally after about five years  - of National Archives loading of MT1486/1, the records of those that volunteered but who did not serve for a variety reasons



In Memoriam Roll

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UPDATED October, 2017  The Honour Roll of those from the merged Shires of Epping and Heidelberg that give their lives in service during the Great War (Arthur's Creek, Bruce's Creek, Bundoora, Doreen, Eden Park, Epping, Merriang, Morang (South), Mernda (South Yan Yean), Nutfield, Scrubby Creek (now Humevale), Tanck's Corner (Yarrambat), Thomastown, Whittlesea, Wollert, Woodstock, Yan Yean)  New entries : BARTROP and FORD

 In Memoriam (Index)


UPDATED October, 2017  A quick one-line per casualty index to those included in the full memorial Roll above  Currently 131 entries

WW1 : Enlistments :


Circa 600 in total  The Whittlesea version contains a potted history of each person's time with the A I F   Districts covered Arthur's Creek, Bruce's Creek, Bundoora, Doreen, Eden Park, Epping, Mernda,  South Yan Yean, Merriang, South Morang, Nutfield, Scrubby Creek (Humevale), Thomastown, Whittlesea, Woollert, Woodstock and Yan Yean   

Women In Uniform :


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UPDATE February, 2018 An addition Annie Frances GRIFFIN from West Brunswick who unfortunately became a victim of the war when she died in the Caulfield Repatriation Hospital on 11 June, 1922.

UPDATED October, 2017  A history of the women that served as nurses during the First World War  Expanded to include today's cities of Moreland, Whittlesea, Nillumbik, Darebin and Banyule  A summary and a number of Life Histories are available via the WikiNorthia site  The New Year version includes a number of new images of both nurses and the medical facilities at Mont Park and Macleod, an extended history for Emma Argyle WILSON,  a new entry (and sadly casualty), Jessie Flannery of Thornbury   Also three new entries for nurses that served at Glenroy Military Hospital

Shire of Whittlesea