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First World War : Heidelberg

Latest : Most files updated February, 2018 : The Great War and its impact of the Shire of Heidelberg, then as now Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Greensborough and Diamond Creek, but at the time of the Great War also including Fairfield and Alphington    

The In Memoriam Rolls and Enlistments Rolls (especially Darebin) have a significant number of additions resulting from a two-month exercise in reviewing  around 17,500 Attestation Papers in the National Archives of Australia that incorrectly show the Place Of Birth in the Search Headers as “Melbourne” where the actual entry shows a suburb or town  

This is pretty much the last of any of this material as every avenue possible has been investigated and the chances of additions are about as likely as a lightning strike - early 2017 has also seen the end - finally after about five years  - of National Archives loading of MT1486/1, the records of those that volunteered but who did not serve for a variety reasons



In Memoriam Roll

(6 6mB)

The Honour Roll of those from the Shire of Heidelberg that gave their lives in service during the Great War  (Alphington, Fairfield, Greensborough, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Macleod, Mont Park, Nillumbik (Diamond Creek), Rosanna)  in line with the extract of the Index, more details on embarkations and places of burial.

 UPDATED June, 2018 with additional details of the women who were left to grieve at home, also the addition of Albert James DONALDSON, previously of the Eltham Roll but now discovered to have closer connections to Diamond Creek and thus Heidelberg, Henry George CLARK (later in Heidelberg); Charles George EASTGATE, with the British Army, but known to have born in Fairfield; Albert Vincent GILCHRIST (Fairfield St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church), George Saville Albion GRIMSHAW and Charles Henry SALOWAY, noted on the Roll of Honour of the Alphington Methodist Church where his father the Rev. Henry Saloway conducted many services.

In Memoriam (Index)


UPDATED June, 2018   A quick one-line per casualty index to those included in the full memorial Roll above   289 entries - around 160 are connected to today’s City of Banyule, the remainder Alphington and Fairfield, now part of Darebin

Enlistment Rolls :

Shire of  Heidelberg


UPDATED June, 2018 Circa 1,150 in total plus about 100 that were rejected from Active Service  Districts covered : Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Diamond Creek, Greensborough, Macleod, Mont Park plus Fairfield and Alphington which at the time of the war were separated Ridings within the Shire of Heidelberg

 Women In Uniform :


(2 2mb)

UPDATE February, 2018 An addition Annie Frances GRIFFIN from West Brunswick who unfortunately became a victim of the war when she died in the Caulfield Repatriation Hospital on 11 June, 1922.

UPDATED January, 2018   A history of the women that served as nurses during the First World War  Expanded to include today's cities of Moreland, Whittlesea, Nillumbik, Darebin and Banyule  A summary and a number of Life Histories are available via the WikiNorthia site  2018 includes additional personal and family details

Sundry war-related stuff:

Warringal Cemetery


NEW : January, 2017  Although not generally recognised as such locally, the Warringal Cemetery comes under the auspices of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission with 17 official” War Graves from WW1 and 12 from WW2, but our research reveals almost many “unofficial”  burials of those dying after being discharged and thus not recognised as casualties of the conflict

1918 : No 16 Australian General Hospital


New : January, 2017  Incorrectly named as as “16 A G H Macleod” instead of Mont Park, but nevertheless an interesting insight into the facility just after most of the patients and staff at the Base Hospital in St  Kilda Road were transferred to Mont Park and 11 AGH in Kooyong Road, Caulfield

1919 : Curative Training at Mont Park


NEW : December, 2016  A fascinating insight into the post-war “curative” training provided at Mont Park to assist wounded men find their way back to normal life  From “Repatriation’, December, 1919 - (A Monthly Bulletin Published by the Department of Repatriation for Information of its Local Committees and all interested in the Return to Civil Life of the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Forces)

Shire of Heidelberg