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First World War : Darebin and Surrounds

The Great War and its impact of today's City of Darebin, then Northcote and Preston, but now including Fairfield and Alphington    Also the Shires of Heidelberg, Whittlesea and Eltham as they existed in 1918

Latest : January, 2018 Darebin’s Boer War   In Memoriam files and enlistment lists updated January, 2019

The In Memoriam Rolls and Enlistments Rolls (especially Darebin) have a significant number of additions resulting from a two-month exercise in reviewing  around 17,500 Attestation Papers in the National Archives of Australia that incorrectly show the Place Of Birth in the Search Headers as “Melbourne” where the actual entry shows a suburb or town

This is pretty much the last of any of this material as every avenue possible has been investigated and the chances of additions are about as likely as a lightning strike - early 2017 has also seen the end - finally after about five years  - of National Archives loading of MT1486/1, the records of those that volunteered but who did not serve for a variety reasons  

NOTE the Boer War material is also on-line at www ozsportshistory com/boerwar



In Memoriam : Darebin

The Honour Roll


UPDATED January, 2019 The full Darebin Great War Honour Roll : approximately 894 entries detailing the family and military backgrounds of those connected to the Darebin district that paid the supreme sacrifice in the service of King and Country   Check the indexes below for a quick reference to the latest entries

The Honour Roll Index (A-J)


UPDATED February, 2018  New entries as per Honour Roll A one-line index to allow a quick check of whether Grandpa or Great Uncle Harry features so you can decide whether to download the full whammy   Currently 894 entries (A to Z in total)

The Honour Roll Index (K-Z)


UPDATED  February, 2018  Der … see above

South Preston State School

(2 2Mb)

UPDATED February, 2018  Several names now located and considerable additional detail as to post-war fates of those on the Boards now included; marriage,

Preston State School (Tyler Street)

(1 5 Mb)

DELETED March, 2017.  Preston and South Preston schools now combined

Fairfield Park State School


UNCHANGED  The final roll contains around 30 casualties known to have attended Fairfield Park State School and is based entirely on information provided by families post-war  Sadly, the school has never co-operated with the supply of names from their Honour Roll which still exists today

Enlistment Rolls :

WW1 : Enlistments : Darebin


UPDATED January, 2019 (mostly post-war fates of those also included on the South Preston and Preston State School Honour Boards). The full list of all known enlistments, plus thus who volunteered but were rejected  Over 4,300 in total from Northcote, Preston, Fairfield, Alphington (the latter pair then Shire of Heidelberg but now Darebin)

Women In Uniform :


(1 7mb)

UPDATED January, 2019 with many additional family details Now includes an extensive section detailing the background of Australian Hospital Ships, updates of death details, plus a new entry for Jessie Helena Couston (Northcote)

Boer War : 1899-1902

Darebin's Boer War

(2 6mB)

UPDATED February, 2018 More on George and Frank Apsted, brothers prominent in the early Preston Rifle Club  October, 2017 A history of Darebin's involvement in the South African Boer War, 1899 - 1902 including the background of volunteer forces and rifle clubs in the district  The extensive October, 2017 includes three new sections - Causes of the War, Counting the Cost, and Victoria Cross Winners (of which there were six Australians)

NOTE this material is also on-line at www ozsportshistory com/boerwar

Sundry war-related stuff

Of Affairs Local


Circa 200-odd  (some very odd) pages of what went on in Darebin during the Great War, those that volunteered and their fate. Prominent citizens, local incidents of note, many letters home and full details of the transport of troops to the front

February, 2018 : This release has a number of significant changes. The Honour Roll covering casualties referenced in the balance of the document has been deleted as it was previously an unnecessary duplication of the material in the Darebin In Memoriam Roll (with attendant problems of updating, This Roll (13mB) is available from out Downloads page; alternatively, indexed to the entries (A-J) and (K-Z) are available for a quick lookup.

Following the same logic, the detailed background under "Women In Uniform" have been removed in favour of the independent document "Women In Uniform : Darebin" available for our Downloads page.

Other updates include additional material on the recruiting process, Preston's First Contingent, 1914 Special Leave, and a new article, "The Dahl Saga" which attracted a deal of coverage in Melbourne's general press.


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