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 824 : A Trip Down Memory Lane

Call it the ramblings of a fast-deteriorating mind, but I think somewhere and sometime it should be manatory for those of us that have reached "a certain age" - and if you can vaguely remember Saturday afternoon matinees and Batman and Robin or Superman serials at the Melody, St  James or Regent theatres, then you automatically qualify as of "a certain age" - to write down their memories of their early days

No-one else is going to do it for you!

The-then City of Preston sponsored a project back around 1990 (if of "a certain age", then this seems like just a couple of years ago - it's actually over 25) which involved a number of oral interviews with residents of many years standing around the Preston district

The project resulted in the publication "Back In Them Days"

I'm not certain as to whether hard-copies are still available via Darebin Libraries, but certainly the Darebin Heritage site has an online PDF which is almost mandatory reading for anyone with an interest in our local history, not necessarily of the "official" variety listing Councillors, Mayors etc , but more of a day-to-day background as to what living in Preston from the 1920s and 30s through to the time of publication was really like

Maybe it is time for a repeat - the 1990 book contained a small section on West Preston State School and the movement down Murray Road of army vehicles, but rather strangely, nothing more on the local schools

Hence these pages address one of the shortcomings - that of what life at South Preston State School was like in the early 1950s according to how a snotty-nose in short pants remembers it     or thinks he remembers it after an ocean of beer and lake of red wine!!