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South Preston SS : Scholars That Served (T-Z)

Shown as

Marital status, address




Theobald  A

Single, 144 Dundas Street, Fairfield



Augustus Albert, electrician  His unit did not embark until less than three weeks before the Armistice and it is not clear from his files whether he actually made it to England or whether the vessel was diverted back to Australia  He also served in the Second World War, as a sergeant, 5 Battalion, Volunteer Defence Corps then married and in Carnegie   Born Swan Hill 1897, died Geelong 1965 aged 87.  Parents Albert Edward and Annie Louisa, nee Hayman; married Jessie England SEERS, 1925  

Thompson  A

Carlyle Street, Preston



Probably  6372, Arthur Edward THOMSON, seaman  Sapper, 2 Field Company Engineers  He was a 20 year old seaman in Carlisle Street with his father as next of kin in Newcastle, NSW  Not shown on the Preston Cenotaph  There was a Sidney Alexander Thomson of Northernhay Street listed on the latter as a casualty  Born Geelong,  died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?), 1963 aged 67, parents Edward George and Mary, nee C (also shown 309 Westgarth-street, Northcote circa 1904)

Thompson D

Not located

Not located  The Preston War Memorial has the alternative D  THOMSON, but again not located

Trengrove J

Single, 13 Mansfield Street, Thornbury



John Watson TRENGOVE, compositor  Private, 5th Light Horse Field Ambulance, served in Palestine  Died Preston, 10 October, 1947 aged 55 … "at 80 Wallace street  West Preston, John Watson, loving husband of Hilda (nee Hounslow), loved father of Peter and David, beloved only son of Mary and the late John H", privately cremated; parents John Hewitt and Mary, nee WATSON

Trescowthick N

Single, "Flowerdale", Alphington



Norman  Charles, boot manufacturer  Lieutenant,  Australian Flying Corps, awarded Distinguished Flying Cross and credited with destroying seven enemy aircraft, officially making him an "ace".  Died in the U S in 1968  The family was shown in James Street, Northcote in 1904 directories, the connection to South Preston remains unclear   Born Clifton Hill, 1895; died 3 March 1966 (aged 70), Sarasota, Florida, United States; parents Charles and Alice, nee NEY; married Else KELL, 1919. (“Flowerdale” was in Old Heidelberg Road)

Turner, S

Single, 13 Ferguson Street, Abbotsford



Stanley George, labourer, Harbour Trust  Turner was living with his mother in Abbotsford at the time of enlisting, but along with six siblings (two brothers and four sisters, three of whom received pensions) had resided for many years in Kelvin Grove, Northcote and previously at an unknown address in Preston  He was killed in action at Fleurbaix, France on 21 July, 1916  He is noted as also attending Northcote State School

Underhill, F

Single, Austral Avenue, Preston



Frank, leather dresser  Frank served as a Sapper, 1 Divisional Signal Company with his father George as next of kin. The only A Underhill to enlist was from Queensland  There were seven other children born between 1898 and 1910, all  of whom would almost certainly attending the school and in later years prominent in sporting circles, one brother Ralph connected for some 50 years with 1st Preston Scouts   Parents George John and Rebecca, nee Reid; married Delena May HAMILTON, 1921

Wailes, F

Single,  Epping P.O



Frederick Charles, farmer   Although not all appear to have attended South Preston, the family outdid the Stantons and the Smiths with five sons enlisting- Albert, Horace (below), John and William (killed 20/03/1917) William was shown as having attended Epping State School, Albert and John probably the same  Born Epping, died Dandenong, 1969, aged 73; parents John Henry and Elizabeth Emily Wailes (nee CHITTY)

Wailes, H

Single,   Dundas Street, South Preston  



Horace, driver  Youngest of the five brothers, the two youngest on the South Preston  Roll   The family had properties in South Preston and Epping where the father John managed the Studley Farm, Epping on behalf of the Hon. Edward Miller, M.L.A., hence the addresses (as did places of birth) alternating between the two.  Horace  arrived back in Australia in December, 1918 suffering from the effects of gas poisoning (see above)  Born Epping, 1899, died Preston in 1965 at 65 years; parents John Henry and Elizabeth Emily Wailes (nee CHITTY)

Walker, A

There were 120 that enlisted with the initial A, a handful from North Fitzroy and Abbotsford, but no link established to Preston.  There were two related families with the name Walker in Preston, but not with a son A

Walker, F

Married, 80 Clarendon Street, Northcote



Frank Lewis, clerk   Private, 2 Machine Gun Battalion  Born Preston died Royal Park, 1959 aged 62; parents Andrew and Mary Eliza, nee Lewis; married Florence May HOPKINS, 1914

Walker, G

Single, 25 Mansfield Street, Northcote



Gordon Lewis, home missionary  Brother of Norman  The family's history was undoubtedly the most tragic of any in the Darebin district   In February, 1918, their father Lewis lost two daughters, Alma (20) and Hilda (22) to  typhoid fever contracted when the family went on a brief seaside holiday  Another daughter Ivy was also affected and eventually recovered, but in treating her daughter, the family's mother Margaret contracted the fever and died four weeks later. Margaret was a daughter of George Robinson and a brother of Talbot Robinson, earlier killed in action and George Robinson himself died a few months later   Born Albert Park 1892, died Parkville in (possibly Royal Melbourne Hospital) in 1959 at 67 years; parents Lewis and Margaret Louisa, nee Robinson; married Kate Gladys THORPE in 1920

Walker,  H

Single, "Athelstone", Cramer Street, Preston



Hartley Rowland, medical student, brother of Vernon, later a doctor with a surgery in Bell Street  Walker served with the Australian Army Medical Corps as a medical officer on hospital ships transferring wounded back to Australia.  He was a member of one of Preston's best known families resident on the southeastern corner of Cramer and Jessie streets, the area now the Margaret Walker Playground in honour of his mother  Also Scotch College and Melbourne University  Born Preston, died in Parkville (Melbourne General Hospital?), 1972 aged 76; parents Ernest Australia and Margaret, nee HARTLEY; married  Louisa Ella DIMOND, 1922

Walker, N

Single, 25 Mansfield Street, Northcote



Norman Charles, clerk  Brother of Frank and Gordon, he contracted pneumonia while in training at a Wireless School and died eight days later at the Military Hospital in Abbeville, France  Norman Walker was the secretary of the South Preston Methodist Sunday School at the time of his death  He was also  educated at the Workingman's College (later R M I T)  Born South Melbourne, parents Lewis and Margaret Louisa, nee ROBINSON

Walker, V C

Single, "Athelstone", Cramer Street, Preston



Verdon Charles (Verdon in AIF records), salesman  Lieutenant, 13 Light Horse Regiment  Brother of Hartley, he gave his father Ernest as next of kin  Ernest Walker was a keen photographer and many of the early images of Preston are thanks to his work   Born Preston 1894, died Dandenong, 1979, aged 85;  parents Ernest Australia and Margaret, nee Hartley; married Jessie Young JOLLEY, 1920

Wallis, C

Single, Clunes



Charles Byron, grocer  He enlisted from Clunes with his father at 3 Jackson Street,  Northcote as next of kin  Private, 23 Infantry Battalion  Born in Clunes in 1898, died in Preston in 1953 at 55 years – the exact date is unknown, but a  Law Notice of 18 August after he died intestate had him as a timber worker in Mary Street; parents John Thomas and Amy, nee LEE

Watts, J

Single, Mernda



John Nelson, wood carter  He enlisted with his father in Mernda and noted as being hospitalised in November, 1918, the reason not clear, but probably influenza and was amongst the first to return to Australia carrying the disease. Private, 9 Infantry Battalion; he is shown as serving as a labourer with the Civil Construction Corps during the Second World War while living in Bastings Street in Northcote  Born Murtoa, 1896, died 1966 in Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?);  Parents John Thomas and Elizabeth, nee FRASER; married Myrtle Mary SANDS, 1925

Webb, W

Not located

Not shown on Preston Cenotaph or mentioned in the Leader   There was a William Webb in Garnet Street in 1904, and another of the same name that enlisted from Ross Street, Coburg at 37 years of age, but uncertainty as to whether this was the same man (the enlisted man appears to have been born out of wedlock)  The other possibility is Gloucester Harry Wilmot Webb, 124 Flinders Street, Thornbury

Westcott, W

Single, 27 Hotham Street, Preston



William  Henry, labourer  Gunner, 2 Field Artillery Battery  He nominated a sister, Agnes as next of kin, both parents deceased and noted 2½ years with Preston Rifle Club  Gunner, 2 Field Artillery Brigade   Born Preston, died at his home at 5 Bolden Street, Heidelberg on 14 March, 1928 aged 36, interred Heidelberg Cemetery; parents Richard Brown and Agnes, nee Wise; married Rose DYSON, 1924

Westmoreland, C

Single, 94 Clarendon Street, Northcote,



Clyde, clerk   His father George established Westmoreland's Pottery in Clyde Street, Thornbury, later Northcote Tile and Pottery   The family arrived in Victoria from Tasmania around 1880 and originally resided in Spring Street, and given there were four brothers, there would certainly have been others enrolled at South Preston  Embarked 2 November, 1918, ship recalled owing to cessation of  hostilities  Born Northcote, 1898, died Dandenong in 1973, aged 75; parents George and Evelyn, nee RICHARDS

Whiteoak, H M

Single, Crawley Street, Preston



Harry Maitland, joiner   Killed in action near Bullecourt, just four days after arriving in France on 5 May, 1917  He served with the Australian Medical Corps  Joiner   Brother Percival served in same unit  Harry served as a Corporal with the 2 Field Ambulance and was killed on 5 May 1917  His body was never recovered  Born Collingwood, parents George Maitland and Agnes (nee LAW)

Whiteoak, P R

Single, Crawley Street, Preston



Percival Robert, plasterer, Brother of Harry, their father George was one two brothers famous for their cricketing exploits around Fitzroy and Collingwood in the 1870s and 1880s.  The pair seem to have been assigned to medical duties because of their strong religious convictions  Born Collingwood, 1891, died 1960 at Reservoir (probably still at Crawley Street), aged 68; parents George Maitland and Agnes (nee Law); married  Elsie Rose MILLER, 1920

Wilkinson, A

Single, 202 High Street, Preston



William Archer, schoolteacher (3139, Prince of Wales School, Northcote)  Son of a tailor of the same name that operated at the address (southern corner of High Street) for many years  The pair had a long relationship with the Preston Cricket Club, but it is sometimes unclear whether senior or junior was being mentioned in reports  There was also a C  Wilkinson mentioned on the Preston Cenotaph and Sacred Heart Church Roll, not traced   Born Clifton Hill, 1899 died Mildura 1974, aged 74; parents Archer and Elizabeth Marie, nee Angle;married Edna Agnes Alice STONE, 1932

Williamson, J

Single, 39 Henry Street, Northcote



John Edward, labourer/engineer , Sapper, 7th Field Company Engineers, killed near Perrone, France on 1 September, 1918.  He had four younger sisters, some or all of whom probably enrolled at South Preston  Born Moliadul (via Dunolly); parents  Frederick and Janet Williamson (nee LIDDELL)

Winnett, G P

Single, Gower Street, Preston



George Byron Phillips, butcher, He was a brother of Walter (below) and son of George Chambers Winnett, co-founder of the Preston branch of the Australian Native's Association in 1886, the Preston Free Library in 1901 and prominent in several other civic organisations  Lance Corporal, 24 Infantry Battalion   He  also served in the Second World War with the rank of Captain   Born Preston in 1892, he died in Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital😊 in 1975, aged 82; parents George Chambers and Sarah Jane, nee EUDEY (died May, 1915)

Winnett, W

Single, Gower Street, Preston



Walter Lambert, clerk/salesman, brother of George above  Walter was killed on 21 September 1917 near Zillebeke, Belgium  Acting Corporal, 21 Infantry Battalion  Born Preston, 1894; parents George Chambers and Sarah Jane, nee EUDEY  (died May, 1915)

Wood, S

Not  shown on Preston Cenotaph nor mentioned in the Leader as WOOD or WOODS

Woods, A

Single,  Oswain Street, Kew



Alexander  John Temple WOOD, labourer, born in Preston (Attestation) or Fairfield (BDM)   He nominated a sister, Mrs Bessie TENBY in Abbotsford as next of kin, his own address East Kew  He returned to Australia in October 1917 and was discharged with general debility after a number of stints in hospital in England. Private, 5 Infantry Battalion  Died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?) 1963 at 70 years, Parents Gilbert McConnell (died Heidelberg, 1910 and Maggie, nee TEMPLETON, death untraced.


A  late addition after the Board was unveiled  Circa 1900 there was a James Woods in Dundas Street and a John Woods, Rathmines Street, both Thornbury

Yann, V C

Single,  46 High Street, Preston



Victor Emil, coach builder   The Yann family (Victor senior) had been blacksmiths and coach builders in High Street since the 1870s and lent nearby Yann Street its name.  Lance Corporal, 300 Mechanical Transport 17 Divisional Supply Column.  One of the first Preston group to enlist, he returned to Australia on Special Leave, October, 1918   Born Preston, 1890, died in Regent, 1959 at 70 years; parents Victor and Eva Matilda, nee Kreiger; married Gertrude Mary DROLZ (sister of Frank Matthew above), 1922

Young, D

Single, Norman Street, Northcote



David, labourer   He gave his address as GPO, Melbourne, with a sister, Violet Young "Preston"  The family appear to have moved to Northcote around the time of his, 6 June, 1915  His death was not indicated on the Honour Roll  He had seven siblings born in the district, almost certainly they would have attended the school, but David was the only one to enlist  Parents David and Elizabeth Mary Young (nee Bryant)  The Young family were direct descendants of the Shepherd family, well-known as one of the earliest to settle in the Preston area with a leasehold known as "Shepherd's Run", an area (used mostly for sheep grazing) bordered by Bell and Gower streets, and High street and the Merri Creek from east to west .

Ziebell,  H

Single,  26 Alexander Street, Northcote

Saturday 30 December 1899


Albert Thomas Charles, fitter  Ziebell's grandparents are believed to have been German, but there is no evidence he had to submit to the special interviews held by "Loyalty Committees" before enlisting  Lance Corporal, 22 Infantry Battalion Born Windsor 1896, died Greensborough in 1960, aged 64. Parents Albert Henry and Amelia Alice nee BODYCOAT; married Ellen Emma TURNER, 1920