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South Preston SS : Scholars That Served (S)

Shown as

Marital status, address




Schou  E

Married,  51 Rossmoyne street, Thornbury



Elias, clerk  One of the more remarkable volunteers - Schou was born in  Preston, but his father Knud was from Holstein, then part of Denmark and was controversially dismissed from the Shire of Preston on the basis that, although he had lived in the district for over thirty years, he was considered German had occupied the section of Denmark from which he emigrated to Australia  Schou returned safely, but the family suffered a double blow post-war with the deaths of two of his brothers, Johannes at 19 years in 1918, and Christian in 1919 at 27, possibly as a result of the influenza epidemic   Born Preston, died Seddon, Christmas Day, 1952 at 64 years …" loved father of Betty (Mrs  Patterson), Norman (W A ) … a patient sufferer at rest".Parents Knud and Anna Marie (nee Neilson); wife Amelia May, nee WARD (1940)

Shepphard, F *

Single,  West Street, Preston



Frederick Hurtle, photographer  He served as a mechanic with the rank of Lieutenant in the Australian Flying Corps  He survived the conflict but died at 31 years of age in the Melbourne General Hospital in East Melbourne on Christmas Day, 1924 following a motor accident … "dearly beloved eldest son of Louis Walter and Elsie Sheppard  of Goolwa  5 West Street, Preston, and loving brother of Louis, William, and Clem, aged 31 years, late A F C"   Reports of the accident reveal another man Arthur Reginald Renwick was killed instantly when the car Sheppard was driving blew a tyre and overturned, throwing both men onto the roadway – Sheppard was noted as a motor salesman with the firm of Sheppard Motors, Little Collins-street

Shepphard, W C

Married, 73 Harris Street, North Melbourne



Calvert William, hairdresser   Cousin of Frederick above  He was a son of Frederick and Ethel Sheppard, tobacconists and hairdressers at247 High Street  Mrs Sheppard acted as secretary of the Preston branch of the Red Cross Society  during the war years, the Society providing aid for wounded soldiers at Mont Park as well those locals that returned early   Born Preston, died in Burnley, 1958 at 67 years; parents Frederick William and Ethel, nee NOBLE; married Beatrice May FIELD, 1917 prior to embarking




  R A N   College


Henry Arthur, R A N  Brother of Robert below and along with Robert Simpson, the school's great success story (although his achievements were spread over another three decades)  After joining as a Cadet at the RAN College at Jervis Bay when he was just 13 years of age, he won several prizes in engineering disciplines  He served two years serving with the Royal Australian Navy and was promoted to Midshipman in 1917 with HMS Glorious as part of the Grand Fleet and to Sub Lieutenant in 1918 with HMS Strenuous before returning to Australia serving aboard HMAS Platypus   On return he suggested he would like to continue in the Navy with the submarine service  His wish was granted, after above-surface training on HMS Glorious and then to submarine training with HMAS J3  With the reduction in the number of submarines in the RAN, he specialized in navigation and served in command of HMAS Shropshire, Adelaide and Hobart during World War Two   Post-war he rose to the rank of Rear Admiral and he held several high positions in the RAN including that of Member of the Commonwealth Naval Board   Australian Dictionary

  of Biography

Showers, R

Single, Bell Street, Preston



Robert Villar, woolclasser  Enlisted at 19, son of ex-Councillor and Shire President, Charles Showers, solicitor and then living in Bell Street  Returned wounded, October, 1917  Born Carlton North, died 1964 in Preston, aged 69 Parents Charles Robert and Alice Mary, nee VILLAR; married Aniie  Armorel STEVENS, 1925

Simpson, A

Single, Patterson Street, Preston



Amy Alice, nurse  In the absence of any male serviceman, this was Amy Alice Simpson, noted as born in South Preston and giving her address as care of Mrs Walker, Patterson Street when she first enlisted; sister of Robert below. She appears to have been based in Geelong for some years and her early history is a little clouded  After enlisting in August 1917, she was at 5 Australian General Hospital in St  Kilda Road   She re-enlisted in March, 1917 - there is no clear reason suggested for this, but it may have been necessary for her to serve overseas  This enlistment shows her having previously served at 4 AGH from August, 1915 to April, 1916, and then from December, 1916 up to the time of re-enlisting   She embarked at the end of March and spent most of the next eighteen months serving on hospital ships before being disembarked at Cairo on November, 1918 with influenza and pneumonia   She returned to

  Australia in January, 1919 suffering from influenza and pneumonia, spent several months in a military hospital and died in Camperdown on 22 October, 1922, then Mrs Robert George CORDINGLEY

Simpson,  J

Married,  Albury Grammar School



James William Albert, headmaster  Lieutenant Colonel Simpson was the highest ranking office from the Preston district; The family lived in Garnet Street, his father Robert a wheelwright in Plenty Road  He was resident master of Albury Grammar School when he enlisted as a Second Lieutenant after serving twelve years in the volunteer forces  He was promoted to Captain just before embarking, was awarded the Military Cross at Gallipoli, but two months later  returned to Australia for 12 months rest suffering gastritis and chronic fatigue  Despite this, he was declared fir a few months later and was promoted to Major before re-embarking  Simpson was appointed Lieutenant Colonel and Commanding Office of the 36 Battalion in September, 1916  Sister of Amy above, another brother Edgar Robert SIMPSON also enlisted (born 1892 at Queenscliff and almost certainly attending, but is not included on the  South Preston Roll

Sims, L W

Single, 20 Seymour Street, South Preston



Walter Leonard John, bricklayer  Sims was gassed in France and September, 1918 and repatriated back to England  He also served in the Second World War.   Embarked from Sydney, Private, 46 Infantry Battalion  Born Northcote, died  1962 at Watsonia;  parents Frederick Charles and Evelina, nee JACKSON; married Rhoda Alice SMITH, 1919

Sims, T

Single, 20 Seymour Street, South Preston



Theodore Frederick, joiner  He passed the medical examination, but was discharged from camp on account of deformed feet   Despite this, he managed to serve in the Second World War as  V18034, Private, Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Unit, discharged 11 August, 1944, then shown as in Sunshine  Born Whittlesea, died Footscray, 1948 at 54. Parents Frederick Charles and Evelina, nee Jackson; married Ivy Sarah BLOWER, 1921

Smart, E


Not located, there were three with the initial that embarked from Melbourne, but no connection, although there is a belief that an Ernest Smart was at one stage dux of the school. The name does not appear on the Preston Cenotaph

Smith, C R

Not  located

Not  located  Preston Cenotaph has a C  Smith as returned - there was a Charles Henry who served as James Charles Smith and died of pneumonia in England late in 1916  Only five men with initials C  R  embarked from Melbourne, four from interstate

Smith,  E

Not  located

Not located  Preston Cenotaph does not include an E  Smith  There were twelve children born to Walter and Jane, nee Noble including Frank and Henry John, but none with initials "E' or "C  R"   Possibly Eric William Clyde SMITH, parents in Herbert Street, Northcote circa 1905, and 127 Flinders Street, Thornbury on enlistment

Smith, F

Single, 65 Leicester Street, Preston



Frank, coach painter, born Preston, 1 December, 1896, brother of Henry John, Stanley and William Robert (not included on Honour Board), who has father Walter in Leicester Street , Private, 6 Battalion"   Little is shown of his WW1 record as the on-line archive is combined with his WW2 file where he served as V146429, Staff Sergeant at the Queen's Bridge Depot, still listed in Preston with wife Grace, discharged August, 1944  Death not traced; parents Walter Thomas and Jane, nee NOBLE

Smith, F J

Married, 41 Kellett Street, Northcote



Frederick John, driver, married brother of the Smiths of Carlyle Street  While the other four brothers had creditable, if not spectacular careers, Frederick's were dotted with a number of offences, one of which earned him 18 month's  imprisonment with the sentence then suspended, and from December, 1917 he was declared an illegal absentee with his wife (who Smith called in a letter to his son, Jack "your big fat mother") claiming she had a letter from him living with a woman in Weymouth, England  He did not return to Australia until 1922 and was refused the standard service medals on account of unsatisfactory service   He was noted at 88 High Street in 1932 and at 21 Flett Street in 1939 - it is not known whether he was reconciled with his wife Lucy   He was shown as deceased on the Board, perhaps simply because he had never been heard of after he went AWL. Parents Henry and Elizabeth Josephine, nee MAHONEY

Smith, H

Single, Kurri Kurri, N S W



Henry John (Preston Cenotaph) has the initials H  J ), miner  brother of Frank, Stanley and William Robert (not included on Honour Board),  Enlisted from New South Wales with his father Walter at Leicester Street, Preston as next of kin. His archivers reveal he had been a saddler for seven years with Carl Oldenberg in High Street before trying his luck as a miner  He was repatriated home in July, 1918 after having his right foot amputated following a gunshot wound   Born Hotham, 1884, died 1947 in Preston, aged 63; parents Walter Thomas and Jane, nee NOBLE

Smith, H E

Single,   22 Carlyle Street, South Preston



Henry Edwin, labourer, brother of Michael F , Hugh L  and James T.  Henry Smith spent a significant amount of time in hospital with various illnesses and mid-1917 with an infected leg  He went Absent With Leave from September 1917 to August 1919 and was sentenced to two years detention, but this was remitted to around three months with him returning home late in November .    Born Preston, 1887, died Thornbury, 1970 at 82 years; parents Henry and Elizabeth Josephine, nee MAHONEY

Smith, H L

Single, 22 Carlyle Street, South Preston



Hugh Leslie (brother Henry, Michael, James), labourer  The Leader on several occasions lauded "the Fighting Smiths of Carlyle Street", but a reality is that Hugh seems to have spent as much time in Field Punishment or military prison for any number of breaches of discipline as he did actually serving King and Country! He was probably under-age – Victorian registrations have him born in Brunswick in 1899; death not traced   Parents Henry and Elizabeth Josephine, nee MAHONEY

Smith, J T

Single, 22 Carlyle Street, South Preston



James Terence, labourer  He was a brother of Henry, Hugh, and Michael   He served  around 12 months in France before being returned to Australia for Home Service after the recurrence of a knee injury  Born Preston, 1897, died Caulfield Repatriation Hospital, 28 November  1944 at 47 … " of 42 Town Hall-avenue, Preston, the dearly beloved husband of Amelia, and loving father of Ethel (Mrs  A  Fraser), James  Ronald (deceased), William and Betty', interred Preston Cemetery; parents Henry and Elizabeth Josephine, nee MAHONEY

Smith, M F

Single, 22 Carlyle Street, South Preston



Michael Francis, driver (brother Henry, Hugh, James)  Sergeant, 24 Battalion, awarded Military Medal for gallantry near Bullecourt, France in April, 1917  Born Campbellfield, 1893, died Edithvale, 1980 at 87 years; parents Henry and Elizabeth Josephine, nee Mahoney  Victorian Deaths reveal another brother Thomas Irving, born Preston circa 1910, died Clifton Hill 1980 at 70 years.

Smith, S W

Married, 6 Mary Street, South Preston, later 45 David Street



Stanley Walter, brother of Henry John  Frank and William Robert (not included on Honour Board), baker  Apparently an entry after the Board was unveiled,  Wife Elizabeth Jane, initially Private, 7th Infantry, later Lance Corporal 5 Field Bakery Unit  Born North Melbourne, died in Preston in 1946 aged 60; ; parents Walter Thomas and Jane, nee NOBLE; married Elizabeth Jane, nee CHARLTON, 1912

Smith, W J

Single, Dundas Street, South Preston



William James, French polisher  He nominated his father James in Kew but gave an address as care of Mrs Emily Wailes, Dundas Street, South Preston (five of her sons enlisted, two included below)  He suffered a severe wound to the jaw and returned to Australia in December, 1917  Private, 23 Infantry Battalion.  Born Elmore, died in Box Hill, 1963 at 66; parents James and Mary Jane, nee Gregory

Sone, W J

Single, Cookardinia, New South Wales



Wallace John, shown as a share farmer with an uncle at Cookardinia, New South Wales on enlistment  with his father  at "Clontarf", Preston, directories reveal this to be 1 West St   He  appears to have later moved back to N S W  where he enlisted for WW2 service with the Volunteer Defence Force.  Born Sydney, 1885, three later siblings born in Preston; died Henty, N S W , 1962; parents John Albert and Lily Catherine, nee OCOCK. His younger brother William “Billy”  Sone in later years ran sports stores in Melbourne and Preston and was prominent in the local Boy Scout movement with the 1st Preston Scout Hall in Town Hall Avenue named in his honour.

Sparrow,  F

Single, Tambellup, Western Australia



Frederick William, farmer  Both Frederick and Rupert enlisted in Western Australia, although raised in Plenty Road, Preston  Frederick embarked in Melbourne  He was posted as Missing on the 17 May, 1915, and officially declared Killed In Action as the result of an enquiry held on 16 April of the following year.  Remarkably, the pair's father William also enlisted, giving his age as 45,  but he was repatriated back home two years later as over-age and unfit for further service  Parents William George and Antje May Sparrow (late, nee SAYERS

Sparrow,  R

Single, Tambellup, Western Australia



Rupert James, driver, brother of Frederick above  The two brother's fates were eerily similar, declared Missing three weeks apart (Rupert on the first day of the landings, 25 April, 1915) and declared killed at the same enquiry in France on 16 April of the following year    Parents William George and Antje May Sparrow (late, nee SAYERS

Spratling, L

Single,  Police Station, Oakleigh



Lindsay George, fireman, son of William Spratling, the senior Police Constable in Preston for several years around the turn of the century and a Shire Councillor for many years in the 1930s  Lindsay enlisted in Sydney, but gave his and his father's address as care of Oakleigh Police Station   Also served Second World War with rank of Sergeant.  Born Preston, 1898, died in Parkville (Royal Melbourne Hospital?), 1975 at 76; parent William and Eliza Launder, nee Clark; married Coronation Ada TURNER, 1921

Stanton, A

Single, 14 Dartford Street, Newmarket



Alfred Herbert, driver, brothers Ernest, Roy and William   Driver, 12 Field Ambulance  Alphabetically, he was the first of four brothers, but the family were in Kensington when they enlisted  All four were living in Newmarket when war broke out  At least two siblings were born in Northcote; the only address noted 110 Bridge Street, rather a long haul to South Preston and suggesting there may have been an undetected alternative address.  Both Alfred and Ernest gave their age as 22 when enlisting a month or two apart, but births record have Alfred arriving in 1894, Ernest in 1895   Born South Melbourne, died in Kew, 1966 aged 733; parents Arthur Ernest and Fanny Florence, nee LOVE

Stanton, E

Single, 14 Dartford Street, Newmarket



Ernest Job, jockey, brothers Alfred, Roy and William  Lance Corporal, 12 Infantry Battalion, returned to Australia July 1916 for discharge due to an injured right knee (degenerative rather than wounds)  Just what sort of a jockey he was is problematical - he stood 5 feet 10 and weighed over nine stone (perhaps a rough rider as Roy suggested)  Known as "Mick", born South Melbourne, died (unmarried) Melbourne Hospital on 7 May, 1938, interred Fawkner Cemetery, ged 43; parents Arthur Ernest and Fanny Florence, nee LOVE

Stanton, R

Single,  14 Dartford Street, Newmarket



Roy, rough rider/horse breaker, brothers Alfred, Ernest, William  Private 4 Light Horse Regiment  Details are somewhat sketchy, but he returned to Australia in January 1916 and was discharged because of an ankle injury and associated rheumatism  Born South Melbourne, died Fitzroy, 1971 aged 75; parents Arthur Ernest and Fanny Florence, nee LOVE

Stanton,  W

Married, 40 Epsom Road, Kensington



William Horace, varnish maker, brothers Alfred, Ernest, Roy  The eldest of the brothers and the only one to marry pre-embarkation, he was killed near Villers Bretonneux, France on 4 May, 1917  His remains were never recovered William married Althea "Lily" OATES in 1914, she suffering two other tragedies before William's death with the loss of Thomas, their first-born nine days after being born, and then another Thomas at two years in 1916.

Stewart, D

Not located


Probably brother of G below  There was a Stewart (initial never show) as joint secretary of the Preston Patriotic Fund during the early years of the war. There is no record of a Stewart enlisting or of a serviceman of that name linked to Preston by birth or residence; the name does not appear on the Preston Cenotaph

Stewart, G

Not   located

Above. Neither of the names appears on the Preston Cenotaph, suggesting that the family may have moved from the area some years earlier  There was an Allan Cumming Stewart from Bell Street but he appears to have been raised in Clifton Hill

Strawbridge, H

Married,  Penders Street, Thornbury



Horace  Charles, watchmaker   Strawbridge was killed in action on 27 December, 1917, one of the few casualties not shown of the Honour Roll  The details returned by his parents suggest he was also educated at Fitzroy State School. He enlisted from Albury, with his father in Thornbury listed as next of kin, but he married Frances Mary Brown before embarking and there was a son, Frederick Claude born in Carlton in 1916  Born Fitzroy, 1893, his death is commemorated in the Albury War Memorial  Parents Albin Charles and Emily Amelia, nee WILLIAMS

Sutton, J

Single,   Hotham Street, Preston



Jack (John Henry), motor mechanic  , He embarked as a driver/mechanic with 17 Division Supply Column and transferred to the Australia Flying Corps in December, 1917 and qualified as a Flying Officer in April, 1918, automatically earning the rank of Second Lieutenant  He left England just a few days before the war ended on Special Leave having completed four years in the services as a motor  mechanic   Embarked Second Lieutenant, Australian Flying Corps  Born Preston (Attestation), Coburg (BDM), 1888, no post-war details found, parents William (died Preston, 1900) and Kate, nee WOOTTON

Swan,  J

Not located

Never  traced and the most frustrating of any name researched over the five or six years of research into local servicemen  J  Swan appears on the Cenotaph and in other lists of those from Preston that died as James and J  H. Swan, but no death was reported in the Leader and the only two deaths recorded have no relationship to Preston.   The only guess is there a may have been a local man that served under an alias  Both known casualties are listed under this name are both from N S W , one a recently arrived Scot, the other born and enlisted from Sydney   Not shown Preston Cenotaph and never mentioned amongst the local volunteers in the Leader   There was a Robert Swan from Preston that enlisted, but he was newly arrived in the town

Sweeney J

Not located

Possibly 3891, John Francis McSWEENEY (born Yan Yean). Lance Corporal, 21 Infantry, embarked 08.02.16, Killed In Action at Hamel, France, 04.07.18. A widower on enlisting, he re-married before embarking.  Wife, Mrs Amy McSweeney, Glen Cross, Chomley Street, East Prahran who nominated Yan Yean State School as her late husband’s schooling; John had six siblings, but all born Yan Yean