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South Preston SS : Scholars That Served (K-Mc)

Shown as

Marital status, address




Keller, K

Single, Rosebery Avenue, Preston



Carl Stanley Wilkinson (born 1893, brother of William Arthur), went on to play 85  games with Fitzroy between 1917 and 1923 and one with Carlton in 1925  He served under the name of Stanley Wilkinson Keller after enlisting in July, 1915, aged 22 but was discharged as medically unfit whilst in training because of a deformed left little toe and an old knee injury' He was listed by Spectator and Methodist Chronicle as a member of the South Preston congregation  Born Preston, died in Donvale in 1981 aged 85, parents Julius and Anne, nee WILKINSON, married Violet Annie OPIE, 1921

Keller, W

Single, Rosebery Avenue, Preston



William Arthur, tanner  Private, 29 Infantry Battalion  Returned wounded, September, 1918  Keller enlisted in what was known as the Sportsman's 1000, a recruiting drive designed to attract active sportsmen in the services  Born South Melbourne, died 1983 at Ringwood at 84 years, parents Julius and Anne, nee WILKINSON, married Ivy Freda HURLSTONE, 1925

Kidd, P

Single, 17 Darebin Road, Northcote



John Rowling, warehouse salesman  His father had a feed and produce store in High Street, Northcote, probably where John junior worked  Sergeant, 2 Pioneer Battalion  He also served during World War 2, enlisting from Sandringham 27 Aug 1940 with the 34th Training Battalion and discharged just on two years later  Born Daylesford, he died in Heidelberg Military Hospital, 7 August, 1951 at 55 years,  Parents John and Emma nee ROWLING  

A brother, Alan Kidd, 2nd Royal Australian Navy died on 20 December, 1940 while serving aboard HMAS Sydney; a Death Notice placed by his family on the 23rd suggested at Anglo-Swiss Hospital, Officers Section, Alexandria "after a long Illness"  Official AWM records do not show the place of death, but have Kidd commemorated at the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Plymouth, Devon, England  The family were still at 17 Darebin Road, father John then deceased  Alan Kidd was born in Northcote, 12 November, 1912 and Nominal Rolls show him with the unusual rank of Schoolmaster; his family suggested Warrant Officer  in their Death Notice

Kiely, W

Single,  Darebin Road, Northcote



Edward KIELY, farm manager  The surname is somewhat obliterated in surviving copies of both the Preston and Northcote Leaders, bit it is known to be Edward Kiely, killed in action at Bullecourt, France on 10 May 1917 attended the school  He was Irish-born and the family arrived in Australia when he was just two years old  There were a number of children born in Australia, several known to have been educated at Tyler Street, but none with the initial W, but there could have been others born in Ireland   He was 43 when he was killed, but the family remained in the Preston and Northcote districts,

King, L

Married,  30 Elm Street, Northcote



Probably  Leon Herbert William, butcher  Returned to Australia, March 1917 suffering from colitis, an inflammation of the colon  He is listed on a couple of Northcote honour rolls   Born Macarthur, died Kingsville, 1960 at 75 years; parents William and Mary Anne, nee MATHESON

King, R

Not  located

Not located, although the name also appears on the Preston Cenotaph   An Honour Board at All Saints Church in Northcote listed R , L , and C  King as enlisting, L   presumably Leon above, but he had no brothers R  or C  

Kolle, L

No record in A I F

No match  There was Gustav and Emily Kolle of 4 Leicester Street Preston, but  Victorian registrations shown them with four daughters and  there is no record of a birth, enlistment or death in Victorian records of an "L  Kolle"  The only enlistment under this name was Albert, born and raised in the Bendigo area, also several Kohler but nothing local  The name did, however, also appears on the Preston War Memorial and on an Honour Roll at Braithwaite's Tannery but was not mentioned in the Leader at any stage  Nothing traced in Victorian registrations

Lafranchi, A

Married,  24 Rusden Street, Elsternwick,



The entry is correct, but he used the name Albert Charles LAFRANK, listed as a horse breaker  His brother George captained Preston Football Club between 1912 and 1914 and also used the Anglicised version (although La Frank was used by the Leader)  Their father Peter was Italian born but had been operating a small tannery in Preston since the late 1880s  Awarded the Military Medal  Driver, 3 Division Ammunition Column   Born Preston, died in Elsternwick in 1959 aged 70; parents Peter Antonie and May LA FRANCHI, nee SCHOLES, married Mary BLAIR/BLAIN, 1904 (if registration dates are correct, he would have been 17 years of age at most)

Lamb, M

Single, Beech Forest via Colac



Martin Burton, timber worker   With brother Peter below at Beech Forest via Colac, but both born in Preston, their father a tailor  Lamb married Jane McELWEE  while in England, perhaps to the chagrin of a Miss R  Long who wrote two letters to Base Depot complaining she was not receiving mail from him!   Private, 1 Machine Gun Battalion  Born Preston, died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?), 1962 at 66 years; parents Peter and Jane, nee BURTON. Jane Lamb nee McElwee , born Belfast, Northern Ireland died in Ballarat in 1985 at 90 years.

The brother's parents Peter and Mary later retired to 36 South street, Preston, Mary dying in Melbourne Hospital on 29 March 1929 at the age of 70 Her address at the time of her death was 36 South St., Preston, while Peter died in 14 October, 1942 at 83 years at his daughter's (Mrs Luscombe) residence  at 72 David street. Both were interred in Coburg Cemeter, Death Notices showing the full family as Lizzie (Mrs. F. Luscombe), Peter, Alice (Mrs. Kelly), Maggie (Mrs. Gilmore), Robert, Martin, Florrie (Mrs. Johnson). On the basis of Peter and Martin both being educated at South Preston, it is almost certain that the "in-between" children Alice, Maggie an Robert would have attended.

Lamb, P

Single, Beech Forest via Colac



Peter, timber worker. Both brothers served with 1 Machine Gun Battalion, although Peter enlisted from Rockhampton, single showing his father in Beech Forest as next of kin, but with the Attestation adjusted to a wife Mary Ann Campbell, nee SHEARER, who he married 10 June, 1918 in Edinburgh.  Born Brunswick, died 15 November, 1950 at Repatriation Hospital, Heidelberg at 65 years … " of 6 Bennett-street Deepdene loving husband of Mary and devoted father of Campbell and June". Parents Peter and Jane, nee BURTON, Mary Ann died in Kew in 1976, aged 84. It was a singularly odd coincidence that both brothers married while on overseas service.

The brother's parents Peter and Mary later retired to 36 South street, Preston, Mary dying in Melbourne Hospital on 29 March 1929 at the age of 70 Her address at the time of her death was 36 South St., Preston, while Peter died in 14 October, 1942 at 83 years at his daughter's (Mrs Luscombe) residence  at 72 David street. Both were interred in Coburg Cemeter, Death Notices showing the full family as Lizzie (Mrs. F. Luscombe), Peter, Alice (Mrs. Kelly), Maggie (Mrs. Gilmore), Robert, Martin, Florrie (Mrs. Johnson). On the basis of Peter and Martin both being educated at South Preston, it is almost certain that the "in-between" children Alice, Maggie an Robert would have attended.

Leske, A R

Married, 148 Dundas Street, Northcote



Albert  Walter LEMKE, brick drawer, Clifton Brick Works   Lemke suffered bullet wounds to the chest in the first landing at Gallipoli and died on aboard a hospital ship the same  His widow was left to raise four children under the age of eight and her plight was the first to arouse public concern in the area over the welfare of the next-of-kin of those killed in action  A special  appeal was launched to help her complete the house they were building at the time Albert enlisted

Lord, H

Single, Central Flying School, Werribee

29 Mar-15


Hector Frederick, motor mechanic, twin brother of William Henry   His address given as Central Flying School (now Point Cook)  He was a Private in the Australian Flying Corps stationed in Palestine  Twin brother of William below, the connection to the Flying School is unclear; the family were in Seymour   Street, Preston when the brothers attended the school  Parents William John and Delilah Lord (nee BREE), married Gladys NYE in 1924  Deaths of either not traced, but noted Lord was convicted in Collingwood Court in September, 1926 on a charge of stealing a tyre and wheel from his employer, Foy & Gibson to the value of £8-10  Lord said he had been drinking and a cab driver had offered him £2 to get a tyre and take it to East Melbourne; fined £15, in default three month' imprisonment

Lord, W

Married,  Central Flying School, Werribee



William Henry, iron moulder  Like Hector above, his address was given as the Central Flying School (now Point Cook)  He enlisted as an Air Mechanic and although just 19 years of age he was the husband of Annie Moya Lord, nee REIDY  He was taken a Prisoner of War when he and a number of Australian airmen were captured by Turkish troops in April, 1916  He is believed to have died in the Adama Hospital, Turkey, run by the American branch of the Red Cross in July, 1916 The cause of death is unknown, but a number of the same group are believed to have succumbed to the effects of dysentery contracted on the forced march to the camp  Parents William John and Delilah Lord (nee BREE)  Annie Lord never remarried before she died in Prahran in 1944, aged 47

Love, A

Single, 165 Plenty Road, Preston



Arthur Kenneth, labourer  Love had an unspectacular military career other than spending the last three months of the war in and out of hospital with a venereal disease   Private, 59 Infantry Battalion   Born Sterlitz, Victoria ?, died in Preston in 1935 at 39 years of age; parents James Patrick and Margaret Mary, nee MCKAY

Love, H C

Married (estranged), Raglan street, South Preston





Henry Charles LOWE, miner   Lowe was a strange case - he enlisted in September, 1914 but was discharged five weeks later after refusing to be inoculated  He re-enlisted in December and was assigned to the Naval and Military  Expeditionary Force charged with the defence of New Guinea and neighbouring islands  Lowe then finished up facing a Court Martial (charges not released) in Rabaul in May, 1915 and was returned to Australia for six months  imprisonment with hard labour  In January, 1916, he enlisted a third time, this time using the name Harry (which may in fact have been correct)  He was shipped to England and twice court-martialled for being Absent With Leave before being posted as Missing on May 3, 1917 and certified Killed In Action as at that date in November   

Details of his wife only came to light in August 1918 when she produced a Marriage Certificate and Statutory Declaration to the effect that while they had been living apart, the couple were not legally separated and she had a Court Order of 15 shillings per week against him from May 1917 to October when she received a War Pension  If any further proof was needed that Lowe was a "player", it came when pensions were allocated to his wife, daughter Julia and a son, George, and also to Henry Charles Lowe, an "ex-nuptial" child living with his mother, May Kennedy of 62 Perry Street, Collingwood

Madden, A A

Single, 13 Flett Street, Preston



Albert Arthur Gordon, labourer   Awarded Military Medal and Bar and a frequent contributor of letters to the Leader   Later a long-term committeeman and Life Member of Preston Football Club  Born Preston, died 1970 at Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?), 1970 at 82 years of age; parents James and Agnes, nee BALL

Madden, John

Married,  13 Flett Street, Preston



John, labourer, brother of Albert, Served as a Private, 7th Battalion, 5th Reinforcement and wounded at Gallipoli, returned to Australia for discharge, February, 1916  Born Preston noted as dying 19 November, 1952, aged 55 and interred Shepparton Cemetery  parents James and Agnes, nee BALL; married Elsie May  JEFFERY before embarking

Maddox, C

Single, 612 High Street, Northcote



Alfred Ernest, farmer, brother of Henry John below, father at 812 High street, Thornbury  Private, 1 Remount Unit, embarked from Sydney and served the war in the Middle East  Nothing traced post-war, but noted a younger brother, Roy Wesley MADDOX born Preston in 1906 died suddenly in Williamstown on 15 December, 1950 at 42 after serving five years with 9 Division Provost Corps, 2nd A I F  and discharged 30 August  His death is recorded on the AWM Roll of  Honour, although it places him with HQ Australia Army Canteen service   Parents Arthur Edward and Florence Elizabeth, nee WHELDON

Maddox, H

Single,  Seymour Street, South Preston



Henry John, Labourer, brother of Alfred, the family having moved in the three years between the pair enlisting  Henry was wounded at Gallipoli and returned to Australia in November, 1915  Private, 24 Infantry Battalion   Born Warburton, died North Carlton on 4 March, 1946 at 53 years; parents Arthur Edward and  Florence Elizabeth, nee WHELDON

Manallack, K *

Single,   Loch Street, Coburg



Kenneth Kemp, saddler, brother of Thomas  Lance Corporal, Australian Army Service Corps, returned wounded December 1918   Lance Corporal/Driver No 3 Company,  Australian Army Service Corps  Born Preston, died in Hampton in 1971, aged 78 years; parents Thomas John and Maryan (nee MCKENZIE); married Ivy Victoria BRIGHT, 1922

Manallack, T *

Single, Loch Street, Coburg



Thomas Alexander, labourer, brother of Kenneth   An intriguing case - his archives are stamped "Deserter" although no details are given  There are records of him being admitted to 5 General Hospital in St  Kilda Road with gastritis and a duodenal ulcer in October, the report suggesting he be declared permanently unfit if not operated on, but there is no further reference from that point   An alternate series suggest he tried to re-enlist in 1916, but was rejected, almost certainly on medical grounds  Born Preston, death not traced in Victorian records, although he appears to have been alive at the time of his father's death in 1942

Manual, H

Single,  23 Garnet Street, Preston



William  Henry MANUELL, cabinetmaker  Another where the surname is somewhat obscure, although the correct version appears on the Cenotaph, but the Leader noted him as being wounded early in 1917, although he remained in service until the end of the war   Private, 24 Infantry Battalion   Born North Fitzroy, died in Bendigo, 1976, aged 80; father William Henry died in Heidelberg (probably Austin Hospital) in 1920, aged 54, mother Charlotte, nee GEORGE

Marshall, H

Married, 19 Bent Street, Northcote



Harold Sydney William, brother of Leslie Thomas John and William, leather dresser   Somewhat oddly, he gave his wife of some five year's address as 95 Collins Street, Northcote  Noted as one of the first group of Preston men to enlist, he was wounded twice at Gallipoli and transferred to hospital in England before being repatriated back home in November, 1915  He later served on the committee of the State Recruiting Committee and prominent in the formation of the R S S A I L A   Bugler, 6 Infantry - under Army protocol of the time, he probably also was assigned to stretcher-bearer duties

His father Robert was one of a pair of  brothers who were well-known building contractors; he managed to enlist in June, 1915 when he was 45 years and six months  He served more than three years and reached the rank of Sergeant before being returned for discharge in December, 1918, one of the reasons quoted "senility"   Born Albury, died at Rosebud in 1972, aged 85  Parents Robert Alfred and Jessie (nee Greenfield), married Annie Matilda ANTHONSEN, 1909

Marshall,  J

Not traced  There was a James Charles Marshall from Fairfield killed 19 July, 1917 when still two months away from his 18th birthday, but the circular  returned from his mother had him educated in George street, Fitzroy  Name not shown on Cenotaph

Marshall, L

Married, wife in East Malvern


Married,  Murray Road, Preston (later Donovan street)





This is a flip of the coin – choose heads, tails, or both!  There were two Marshalls, initial "L" born in Preston, both Leslie Thomas, one with a third given name of John   In reality, the chances are both would have attended South Preston perhaps without whoever compiled the Roll realising they were different individuals

Leslie Thomas Marshall enlisted 11-6-17 as a 24-year-old carpenter, married Hannah Elizabeth COATES in 1914, she was in East Malvern, he returned in November, 1919   He served as 3435, 59th Battalion, later 5th Machine Gun Company   Born Preston (Mary Street), 1894 and died 6 October, 1955 in Bendigo and interred in Burwood Cemetery, parents listed as Thomas and Julia, nee STRIDE

By contract  Leslie Thomas John Marshall (brother of Harold and William, son of Robert below) enlisted 9 December, 1914 as a 23-year-old butcher, married wife Queenie Elizabeth WARD in Murray Road, later Donovan Street, both Preston), served as 830, Sapper, 3 Field Company Engineers  He was wounded in October, 1917 (an action that earned him the Distinguished Conduct Medal) and spent most of the remainder of the war on light duties in England  before returning in March, 1919  Sapper, 2 Field Company Engineers  Born Preston, 1891 but death not traced; married Queenie Elizabeth, nee WARD in 1913, parents Robert Alfred and Jessie Janet (nee GREENFIELD)

Marshall, R

Married, Bell Street, Preston


45 (52)

Robert Alfred, carpenter/builder  Father of Leslie, William and Harold, claimed to be 45 on enlistment, probably at least 52, but assigned the rank of Sergeant   He and a brother James Doiley Marshall ran a general store on the corner of Bell Street and Plenty Road, later a timber yard in High Street  Born Preston,1864, died in Preston, 1931 at 67; parents John and Harriett, nee HEWLITT; married Jessie Janet GREENFIELD, 1887

Marshall, V

Single, 48 Salisbury Grove, Northcote



Vernon Doyle (Doiley), carpenter   A cousin of Harold, Leslie and William  Private, 22nd Battalion   Born Preston, 1896,  died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?), 1965 aged 69; parents James Doiley Marshall (brother of Robert Alfred) and Eliza Janet, nee Christie  Married Eileen May Jones in 1935

Marshall, W

Single, Bell Street, Preston



William Alfred Peter, carpenter  The youngest of the Marshall brothers, he gave his mother on Bell Street as next-of-kin (the family had a general store of the south-eastern corner of Plenty Road for many years)  Private, 14 Australian General Hospital and served on a number of troopships embarking for England  Born Northcote, died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?, 21 March, 1968 at 69 years

Martin,  C

Single, 88 Hotham Street, Preston


Charles Norman, driver  Private, 6th Infantry  Martin was wounded twice at Gallipoli and after being diagnosed with an excessively rapid heartbeat   He was hospitalised in Egypt for several months before returning to Australia and being admitted to the 11th Australian General Hospital at Caulfield  He was discharged as medically unfit in October, 1916  Born South Melbourne, died Fitzroy, 1960 aged 1962; parents Michael and Eva, nee KEWLEY sometimes  KNOWLEY; married Ethel May FULLER 1927

Martin, S

Married, 84 Harold street, Thornbury



Harold Stanley, telegraphist, brother of Charles Norman above  Gunner, 8th Field Artillery, later Lieutenant, 3rd Divisional Signal Company  Born South Melbourne, nothing traced post-war

Martin, A G

Single, Dundas Street, Northcote



Arthur George MARTYR, farrier and blacksmith  Driver, Divisional Ammunition Corps,5th Reinforcements, later Private, Royal Australian Flying Corps  Enlistedfrom Wangaratta  Born Heathcote/Bendigo, died 1968 in Frankston, aged 73; parents Arthur George and Alice Maude May, nen?

Mathrick, C W

Single, Dandenong Road, Oakleigh



Cecil Benjamin, Typesetter   He embarked for England on Board HMAT Barambah at the end of August, 1918 and contracted influenza  He was admitted to ship's hospital on 11 October 1918, discharged four days later but died on the 17th   He was buried at sea with a memorial erected in Southampton Cemetery rather than at sea, indicating that the vessel had either arrived or was in immediate proximity of port

Mathrick, H

Single, Clyde Street, Oakleigh



Henry John, carpenter  Despite passing the medical and entering Broadmeadows Camp, he was discharged after refusing an operation for a loose cartilage in the right knee which he claimed was the result of playing football at Glenhuntly some twelve months previously  He later served as a Registered Munitions Worker   (His father Henry senior was secretary of the Preston Football Club in 1904 and holding other positions for a number of years)

McDonall,  A

Single,  10 Garnet Street, Preston



Athol Halliday McDOWELL, Police Constable, Preston Police Station  He was one of hundreds reported missing after the attack on Fromelles on 19 July, 1917 and confirmed Killed In Action as at that date on 20 August   Despite his inclusion on the Roll, his parents later suggested he was educated at Gordon State School, and Alexandra College inNorthcote, a small privately conducted secondary school  His remains were not discovered until May, 2008, as part of  a mass grave of around 400 Australian and British soldiers buried by German forces in Pheasant Wood near Fromelles  

McDonall, N

Single, 10 Garnet Street, Preston



Norman Keith McDOWELL, clerk  He died of gunshot wounds to the head, Passchendaele, Belgium, 21 September, 1917   He served with the 2 Australian General Hospital - he was under 18 when he enlisted and needed his parent's consent, subsequently given with the proviso "That he is attached to the Army Medical Corps"   His parents revealed that Norman also attended the private Alexandra College in Northcote after completing South Preston

McDougall,  A

Single, Dundas Street, South Preston



Archibald Robert, leather dresser  One of the better known characters around town with a number of servicemen’s letters noting their pleasure at catching up with him, Archie reached the rank of Lieutenant after embarking with 2 Field Artillery Brigade and was awarded the Military Cross   Born Ringwood, 1890, died in Mildura in 1955, aged 65; parents Samuel Robert and Annie Julia, nee KILMARTIN; married Elizabeth Ellen LANCASTER in 1925

McDougall,  F

Single, Dundas Street, South Preston



Frederick, printer, brother of Archie above, but little was ever heard of him  He served over three years with 2 Field Artillery Brigade but it was discovered post-war that he was only 15 when he enlisted    Victorian registrations confirm he was born in Outtrim via Korumburra in 1900, died in Blackburn,1982, aged 82; parents Samuel Robert and Annie Julia, nee KILMARTIN; 

McGan, J

Single,  602 High Street, Thornbury



James, jeweller  He was killed in action near Bullecourt, France 11 April 1917  His mother ran a dancing school at the High Street address for many years  He was shown in Preston Leader reports and on the Preston Memorial as McGann   Parents James Thomas and Marion McGan (nee HUGHES)

McGuire, F

Single, 125 Raglan Street, Albert Park



Francis Godfrey MAGUIRE, farmer  Brother of Leslie William below, born Fairfield  5380, 23 Infantry Battalion - 1 to 8 Reinforcements (May 1915 - January 1916)    Both parents were deceased with the Francis listing a sister Mrs Eileen Hall (nee Page, and actually his aunt) at the Albert Park address as next of kin  Driver,  1 Divisional Ammunition Column  Born Fairfield, 1895, died Ivanhoe in 1963 aged 1968; parents Simon Godfrey and Clara Caroline (d  1907), nee PAGE; married Ada May Victoria ALLENDER, 1945     Simon senior possibly the death registered in Colac in 1910 at 48; another child Simon junior died in 1891 at one year

McGuire, W

Single, 14 Garnet Street, Preston



Leslie William MAGUIRE, tanner  1780, Corporal, 1st Division Artillery Column    Both parents appear to have been deceased with his grandmother Mrs Mary Ann Page at the Garnet Street address is shown as next of kin   Born Preston, 1897 died Fitzroy, 1959, aged 61; parents Simon Godfrey and Clara Caroline, nee PAGE; married Veronica MOORE, 1925   Clara noted as dying in 1907, Simon perhaps in Colac in 1910 at 48; another child Simon junior died in 1891 at one year

McKay, C

Single,  13 Herbert Street, Northcote?



Perhaps Charles, occupation and address unknown as his Attestation is missing and no Circular was returned   He is not included on the Preston Cenotaph   He listed a sister at 13 Herbert Street, Northcote, but later his father in Kensington was also noted  He died of wounds in Egypt on 07 06 1915, but was not shown as deceased in any Leader report, probably because of the switch of next of kin (the location of whom appeared in Casualty Lists)  Parents Charles and Mary McKay (nee  HEARNE), nothing traced post-war

McKimmie, C

Single, Epping Road, Preston



Colin, farmer   The address in other places is referred to as Thomastown  McKimmie was reported missing near Pozieres, France, on August 26 1916 and certified Killed In Action as on that date by an enquiry on December 6 1917  The family had been in the Thomastown area since the 1840s, hence McKimmie's Lane  Parents James and Christina McKimmie (nee THOMAS)

McLaverty, S

Single, 260 Elgin Street, Carlton



John, labourer  He was the only serviceman of this name to enlist, his father John senior noted in Warr's Avenue, Preston early 1900s  Private, 46 Infantry Battalion  Born North Melbourne, died at his brother-in-law's residence at 46 Westgarth-street, Fitzroy 5 June, 1947, aged 57, interred Melbourne GeneralCemetery; parents John and Caroline, nee MCDOWALL

McLennon  D

Not  located

Almost certainly McLennan, but still not located  There was a Donald Duncan McLennan  enlisted from Diamond Creek, 18 years of age and born Healesville, but nothing obvious to suggest the family were ever in Peston   Nothing on the Cenotaph