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South Preston SS : Scholars That Served (D-G)

Shown as

Marital status, address




Davey, D

Single, 493 High Street, Preston



Donald, listed as a farmer with his father William  493 High Street at the corner of Clinch Street with the next property 503, suggesting the family actually farmed that property  Davey served with the 8 Light Horses in the Middle East before being returned with wounds to the right arm (amputated) in August, 1918  A brother Malcolm also enlisted  In a remarkable mix-up, one edition of   the Melbourne Herald on Saturday, 11 January, 1918 reported Davey's death,

one of a number of wounded men incorrectly classified by the paper as  "died of wounds"   (This was an earlier incident when he was wounded in the left arm)   Davey died for the second and last time in Coburg in 1958 at 63 years of age and was cremated at Fawkner Cemetery . The family obviously moved several times – his name appears on the the Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower, the Arthurs Creek Methodist Church Honour Board and also found on the Kinglake District List)

Davey, M

Single,  473 High Street, Preston



Malcolm, labourer (Braithwaite's Tannery)   Brother of Donald, although the addresses differed, probably just a clerical error   Served 22 Infantry, C Company, he appears to be a later addition to the original Board  Died 22 December 1952 at 46 Cramer Street, Preston, aged 60 and was cremated at Fawkner Cemetery. Like Donald, he was also homoured in several places – the Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower, the Arthurs Creek Methodist Church Honour Board and also found on the Whittlesea District List)

Deacon, C

Single, 14 Ballantyne Street, Northcote



Cornelius (“Con”) Michael  Labourer, enlisted Corporal, 1 Machine Gun Battalion and returned to  Australia, November, 1917 after being diagnosed with tuberculosis  He appears to have been a cousin of Jack below  He gave his mother as Elizabeth, care of Mrs Grant in Ballantyne street, Northcote, (Jack's was Isabella) but this is  later changed to 143 Bell Street, the same as for Jack  Died on Gunbower Island, 1957, aged 68 years

Deacon, J

Single, 143 Bell Street, Preston



Jack Mark, awarded Military Medal  Listed as a tanner, but later a prominent real estate agent  Corporal, 29 Infantry Division  The Deacon family (including 1947 Brownlow Medal winner, Bert) were closely connected to the Preston Football Club for many decades, Jack a player and later secretary for several years  Died in 1964 in Heidelberg (probably Repatriation Hospital), aged 68  years

Ditchfield  S

Rejected, Lockhart, N S W


Samuel Frederick  Rejected after volunteering from Lockhart, N S W  He was born in Heidelberg in 1887, just before the family moved to Preston, a two year older sister Agnes would also have attended the school - their mother Sarah passed  away in 1895 at 40 years of age  The family (father Edwin) had a general  store on the corner of Bell and Mary Streets  Born Heidelberg, died in Richmond in 1940, aged 52

Donovan, S

Single,  41 Raleigh Street, Northcote



Stanley Gordon, orchardist  Private, 38 Infantry Battalion  Returned wounded,  September, 1917  A brother, Thomas Radford Donovan, born Preston, died of an unknown illness in January, 1915 while in Egypt serving with the New Zealand Forces; he was the first casualty of the war from the Darebin area and almost certainly would have attended one of the two local schools  Their father, Thomas was Irish and something of a political commentator around the town, providing the Preston news for the Collingwood Mercury before the local Leader started up in 1888  Stanley was born Tasmania, died in Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?) 1964 aged 70; Parents   Thomas and Caroline, nee DREDGE

Doultree, H

Married, 81 Plenty Road, Preston



Herbert Victor, labourer  Private, 6 Infantry Battalion  Enlisted from Warracknambeal,  originally with a friend Ivy Winkle from there as next of kin, then changed to his Elizabeth Emily, nee WHITE in Plenty Road  Both parents were deceased   Born 1891 at Yarram, died 1968 at Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?), aged 72; parents William and Fanny Jane, nee HAIR; re-married Lilian Rose DAVEY,  1923 (no sign of the death of his first wife)

Dredge, A

Married, Wallace Street, South Preston



Arthur Radford, labourer  Private, 10 Machine Gun Company  Cousin of Leslie  The   Dredge, Donovan and Glanfield families were all related by marriage and many dated back to the 1850s  Arthur enlisted while living at 229 Glenlyon Road, East Brunswick  Wallace Street was the 1890s address of his father, Dennis Radford Dredge, for many years Secretary of the Shire of Preston  Born Colac, 1881, parents Denis Radford and Jane, nee GILBERT, married Mabel Daphne WRIGHT,  1907 remarried Carol Edith GADSDEN, 1914 (there is no record in Victoria of Mabel's death)

Dredge, H

Married, 34 Gibbs Street, Balaclava



Herbert Albert Dennis, (sometimes Harry), brother of Arthur Radford, cabinetmaker  One of the most difficult to trace – although a son of Dennis Radford Dredge, he was born in South Australia and thus no birth in Victorian records; the situation further confused by the death of two other sons, Harry and Henry in 1877 and 1878   He was a 30-year-old cabinetmaker with his wife in Balaclava, originally with the 14th Infantry, later with the Australian Flying Corps   Born Freeling, South Australia, died 4 September, 1949 at Mildura, aged 64 years  Parents Denis Radford and Jane, nee GILBERT, married Annie CONNOLLY, 1908

Dredge, J K

Single, Wallace Street, South Preston



James Radford, labourer  Officially listed as Died of Disease, 02 January 1918 but  archives show he died after drinking a bottle of rum of somewhat doubtful origins  He was living at Alfred Street, Port Melbourne with a married sister, Ethel when he enlisted  Son of Joseph, one of Preston's earliest   settlers and the secretary of the Preston Methodist Sunday School at their first meeting in 1856  The family operated one of Victoria's first steam-powered flour mill in 1849, the district then referred to simply as Merri Creek  Born Portarlington 1877; parents Joseph and Mary nee STARBUCK

Dredge, L

Single, 6 Clifton Grove, Preston



Leslie Lawrence, salesman, cousin of Arthur and Herrbert   He was wounded in the knee at Gallipoli and spent nearly 12 months recovering in Egypt and then England  before returning to Active Service  Dredge returned to Australia in October, 1918 under the Special Leave program for those that had served four years  Sergeant, 6 Infantry Battalion  Born Preston in 1895, died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?),  Parents Theophilus Gilbert and Martha Lavinia, nee

 HARVEY; married Mary KNAPE, 1924

Drolz, F M

Single, Bell Street, Preston

Saturday 30 December 1899


Frank Matthew, served in the Australian Flying Corps as a fitter and turner, his civilian calling  He served in England and returned to Australia in April, 1918 after fracturing a forearm in an accident, the details of which were not disclosed  His father was a well-known engineer and was in Austria when war broke out, only a frantic dash to the Italian border allowing his escape    Born Preston in 1895, died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?) in 1974, aged 79; parents Matthew and Mary, nee WILSON; married Edna Elizabeth KENDALL, 1924  Matthew Drolz died in 1922 at 64

Dunk,  J A

Single, Plenty Road, Bundoora



John Arnold  The Leader 23 11 1918 notes him at a Rechabite meeting as having served three years with the Royal Australian Navy  Born 1888 in Williamstown, he enlisted in the Navy in 1911, father Frank shown as in Plenty Road, Bundoora   Naval archives are patchy, but he served as 1205, Stoker and discharged at his own request, February, 1919   A late addition to the Roll, he appears to have signed on again in 1920, probably for the standard seven years  R and W Dunk shown on Tyler Street Board but not traced  Born Petersham, N S W , died Springvale in 1959, aged 70; Parents Francis William and Rose Isabella, nee BARRETT

Dyer, A

Single, 317 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick



Possibly Arthur Phillip, shown as a carpenter with his family in Nicholson Street, Brunswick, but previously in Beaver's Road, Northcote and included on Northcote State School Roll  Sapper, Australian Signal Corps  Born Eskdale, died Boronia, died 14 July, 1982 aged 85; parents Benjamin Hatch and Florence Elizabeth, nee FLYNN/FLINN; married Iris Helen BRAND, 1928

Embelton, N *

Single, 75 Westgarth Street, Northcote



Norman, Pay Clerk, HMAS Cerberus, R A N   He resigned his position in order to enlist in the AIF but was killed after falling from a horse in High Street on 31 March, 1915 prior to entering camp  The family were earlier at 12 Hotham Street and his father Robert was noted as working for the Education Department and probably a teacher at the school while Norman was a pupil  A brother Dr  David Moore Embelton embarked as a Captain of the 2 Australian General Hospital with the first shipment of troops on 28 November, 1914  He was promoted to Major in November, 1916, and his outstanding service saw him twice Mentioned in Despatches, firstly in November, 1916 and again in April, 1918, before had the honour of being made a member of the Order of the British Empire (O B E) on 1 January, 1919  Although seven years older than Norman, it is possible that David also attended the school as his parents were in Hotham Street for around fifteen years before moving to Northcote  

Files, J T

41 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford



John Thomas,  plasterer    Married and at 41 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford   Brothers Edwin Henry (married, Rosebery Avenue,  Preston; George Edward (married, 69 Dennis Street, Northcote) and Walter Ro er (married, 51 Clyde Street, Northcote) all enlisted   John a  ears to have been a late addition to the Board and brothers may well have attended the school  John was also shown on the Northcote State School Roll with the family in Dennis Street, Northcote   A third brother Frederick volunteered but was rejected   Born Brighton, 1882, but nothing traced post-war,  Parents Henry John and Emily, nee Bryant  Married  Mary Lilian CAM BELL, 1907, she died in 1919 and Files re-married to Mary Married Alice Louise HAMLING the same year

Flynn, M

Single, 144 Bell Street, Preston



Michael Joseph FLINN, Labourer  He was one of the first group of Preston men to enlist (as Flinn)  First time round, he “did a runner” on his first leave from camp and was discharged 10 October 1914   The following January, he re-enlisted as Joseph Flynn, his details identical except his place of birth moved from Colac to Camperdown   He embarked for Egypt, but shortly afterwards was returned to Australia was debilitating rheumatism and was discharged in July, 1916  In May, 1918, Joseph Flynn enlisted for a third time, now born in Geelong and declaring his previous military service and was assigned to the Naval and Military Expeditionary Forces responsible for guarding New Guinea

  and the islands to the north  He served around four months in Rabaul, but was discharged in October, 1914, the grounds “unlikely to be an efficient soldier”   Flynn died in The Influenza Hospital, South Melbourne on 14 July, 1919 and a military headstone was erected in Burwood Cemetery   His father James was station master at Preston for about eight years before retiring

Forrester, C

Single,, Bell Street, Preston



Charles William, clerk  Corporal, 12 Field Ambulance, later 1st Australian Casualty Clearing Station  Charlie Forrester was a popular figure around town and contributed several letters for publication in the Leader  His father, Alfred Henry also enlisted, in his case at 43 years of age  Born Carlton, 1897, died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?), 1974 at 76; parents Alfred Henry and Susannah Todd, nee Gatenby  Married Rose SLOMAN, 1923

Gibson,   P S

Single, 7 Preston Street, Preston,

Saturday 30 December 1899


Peter Finley (or Finlay), driver   Gunner, 1st Field Artillery  Two archives exist - under Finley, there is an application to enlist, but he did not enter camp   Under Finlay, there is a normal attestation where he claimed to have been  born in at Preston  He returned in December, 1918, suffering from a fractured right foot, the result of an accident   Died 5 June 1933, Melbourne aged 40 … " (result of accident) … loved eldest son of John and the late Louisa Gibson, late Albert Park and Preston", Parents John Peter and Maria Louis, nee COPPARD

Gilbert, D *

Single,  12 Seymour Street, Preston



Darcy William, butcher and part of the farming family that gave Gilbert Road its name   Noted as one of the first batch of 18 Preston men to enter camp   Returned wounded in December 1915  A younger brother Stanley Harold was killed 10 September 1918 and details later returned by his father claimed he was also educated at South Preston but he appears a notable omission from the  Honour Roll  (He was shown on the Tyler Street Roll)  Driver, 2nd Field Artillery Brigade  Born Preston, died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?), 1962 aged 77  Parents Joseph Dennis and Elizabeth Ellen (nee STAPLES)

Gilson, H

Single, 68 Tyler Street, North Preston,



Hugh James, printer   Gilson may be one that died later through the effects of the war   He was admitted to hospital in January, 1919 and later returned via the hospital ship Karoola suffering from tuberculosis and peritonitis  He underwent several operations at 11 AGH, Caulfield and at Mont Park before being formally discharged from the AIF in February, 1921, died at Macleod Sanatorium (probably of tuberculosis) 6 December, 1927 and interred Coburg General Cemetery   Private, 22 Infantry Battalion  Parents Hugh Charles and Annie Minnie (nee OLDFIELD); wife (1924) Ethel May, nee MORGAN

Glanfield, G

Single, 118 Pitt Street, Sydney



George Frank  Private, 19 Infantry Battalion  He enlisted in Sydney after the family moved, initially from High Street, Preston (just north of Bell Street) and later the Epping Hotel which the family seem to have run for a couple of  years before the war  Brother of William below  Died 1958, Rockdale, N S W;  both parents; George Hasler and Ellen, nee DONOVAN died in Sydney in 1936 and 1950 respectively   The Glanfield brothers were cousins of the Donovans

Glanfield, W *

Single, Alberton



William Donovan, telegraph operator  Lieutenant, 8 Light Horse Brigade, died of cholera in Damascus, 15 October, 1918  Like his younger brother George, he also listed his father as in Sydney, although he himself enlisted from Alberton where he was stationed with the Railways Department  Parents George Hasler and Ellen Glanfield (nee DONOVAN)

Gray, G

Single,, 5 Clifton Grove, South Preston



George (Leslie), platelayer  Private, 6 Infantry Battalion  Gray was wounded in the leg in August, 1918 and had just been discharged for light duties in England  when the war ended   He was one of the first arrivals back in Australia in

January of the following year; Born Preston (Seymour-street), parents George William and Martha (nee BROWN)  Nothing traced after his return

Greenhalgh, R *

Single, 2 King William Street, Preston



Ralph Horatio  Although just 19, Greenhalgh was listed as a teacher at the Tyler Street School  He Was hospitalised with influenza while in camp and arrived in England three days after the cessation of hostilities, Greenhalgh also served in the Second World War and the family were well-known residents in King William Street for many years  Private, 6 Infantry Battalion   Brothers Percival Benjamin and Victor William served, another Geoffrey Lionel served under the alias GREEN  Born Broadford, died Kerang in 1966, aged 67; parents Charles and Mary, nee DUBBERLIN

Greenwood, C*

Single,  30 Murray Road, Preston



Clarence Arthur, clerk  Private, 10 Field Ambulance Brigade   Greenwood survived three years of the war unscathed and returned in early August, 1919   He enlisted again in 1939 when he was around 43 years of age, served as  V340619, Lance Corporal, 18 Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps  Born Preston, died St  Vincent's Hospital, Fitzroy in 1950, aged 53 … "beloved husband of Maude Greenwood, of 72 The Righi, Eaglemont, and dearly loved father of Ewan and Lyle"; nterred Warringal Cemetery, Heidelberg; parents Alfred and Katherine Jane, nee BATTEN, married Maud Eileen KEMP, 1923

Grimshaw, T

Single, Regent Street, Preston



Thomas Roger, farm labourer  He was repatriated back to Australia wounded in April, 1916  A brother George Saville Grimshaw was, killed 28 August 1918 and was listed as being educated at Essendon and Berwick  Their mother was widowed and re-married, becoming Mrs Elias Tripovich  She and Elias had one child, John born in Coburg in 1908 and later the Hon  John Matthew Tripovich, M L C  for Doutta Galla, secretary of the Australian Labour Party and deputy leader in the Legislative Council for many years  Thomas Grimshaw was granted land for a farm under the Soldier's Settlement Scheme and married   Rosina FRAUENFELDER in 1029, but death not traced   Parents William Dawson (late) and Caroline Paley Grimshaw, nee SUNDERLAND, later TRIPOVICH)

Guinney, G

Single, 8 Mary Street, Preston



Gilbert   George, brass finisher  Brother of John, both parents were said to be deceased, although there is no record in Victorian registrations  The brothers lived with an aunt, Miss Alice Gilbert in Mary Street when they enlisted  Sapper, 2nd Field Company Engineers  He also served during the  Second World War, then living at Murrindi, NSW  Born Northcote, death not traced, parents John and Elizabeth, nee GILBERT

Guinney, J

Single, 8 Mary Street, Preston



John, brass finisher, brother of Gilbert George  Private, 39 Infantry Battalion   Born Hotham West, died Dandenong in 1971, aged 83; parents John and Elizabeth, nee GILBERT