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Preston State School (1494) : Scholars That Served (T-Z)

Shown as

Marital status, address




Tratham L

Married, Langhorne Street, Dandenong



Leslie James TRATHAN, bank clerk when enlisting 8 May, 1917 , indicating his father the Rev. James at the Methodist Church in Graham Street, Port Melbourne as next of kin (shown in 1912 as the Methodist Rev. James in Dandenong), although this is later changed to the serviceman's wife after married Emily Alder ORGILL, 22 December 1917 at the Methodist Church, Dandenong with his father conducting the service. He embarked 02.02.1918 as a driver with the Army Service Corps and arrived home 05.09.19, Born Seymour, parents James and Emily, nee BAILIFF; he died 1947 in Warragul, aged 54.  

Rev. James Trathan was the minister at the south Preston Methodist Church in Yann street around 1908-10 and the Leader noted him on three or four occasions during the war years assisting with local services, especially in October, 1917 at an Anniversary celebration of Church where he was described as “an old favourite and former minister of the church” which seems to been circa 1908-10  The Leader also reported a Master Allan Trathan performing at a fund-raiser at the “North Preston” school in August, 1914

Tratham H

Single, Methodist Church, 237 Graham street, Port Melbourne



Harold, Brother of Leslie James above. Enlisted 28.08.18 as a 20-year-old insurance clerk, his father at the Methodist Church, 237 Graham Street, Port Melbourne. Discharged 24.12.18 due to demobilisation of A.I.F.  Nothing in Victorian registrations post-war.

Vincent W

Single, Pender Street, Preston



William Haywood/Heywood, labourer. He had a relatively uneventful war, but was returned from France to England in August, 1918 and spent a couple of months in hospital with conjunctivitis before returning to Australia in September, 1919..  Married Doris Agnes MEADE in 1922, born Richmond, 1899 to William Hewywood and Bessie, nee COLE; died Heidelberg (Repat?) in 1971 at 72 years. Father noted as dying in Preston in 1945, aged 86.

Wallis C

Single, 3 Jackson Street, Northcote



Charles Byron Wallis, grocer, address listed at Clunes, but with father as next of kin in Northcote.  Shown in the Leader report of 6 June, 1919 as C. Walls.  Served as Private, 12 Infantry, returned to Australia August, 1919  Shown as WALLS on the the Leader list. Parents John Thomas and Amy, nee LEE, died suddenly in Preston on 21 March, 953 at 55 years, noted as employed at William Cook's timber yard in Cramer Street. No marriage traced

Weatherhead H

124 Richardson Street, Albert Park



Listed in the Leader, 6 June, 1919 as H. Weatherhead and as a casualty - two embarkations under H Weatherhead; Harold, from Camperdown, the other a nurse, Hope from Warrnambool .

Not originally traced, but a later discovery in July, 2016 reveals a serviceman (and casualty) Harry Edward ARDILL, who was born as WEATHERHEAD, but following the death of his parents was raised from two years of age by his sister, later Mrs Martha ARDILL. She returned the circular giving Middle Park State School as his education, but around 1904 when he would been in his first few years of schooling, one of only two entries under the family name in directories was Mrs Margaret ARDILL (Martha’s mother), Preston-street, Preston.  Ardill/Weatherhead died from gas poisoning  in Belgium 29/03/18

Westmoreland R

Single, c-o Miss Nellie Duncan, 218 Albert Road, Albert Park



Roy Stephen Claude. clerk. Not listed on Preston Memorial.  There was a well-known family of that name that conducted a plant nursery in Spring Street from the early 1880s. There are three or four Westmorelands with a given name of Parker that was common to the local kinfolk. Roy served initially with 23 Infantry, but later noted as Squadron Quarter-Master with the Australian Army Pay Corps, died Manly, N.S.W in 1950, parents shown as James Parker and Martha nee SCOLLARD. His father was listed as J F Westmoreland c/o R H Hudsons Sons, Dunedin where he died in 1938 at 93 years

Williams P

Not listed on Preston Memorial. There is a P Williams, but the commonality of the surname makes further investigation impossible with a given name or a second initial

Wilson a

Single, 'Tasma', Hotham Street, South Preston



Alfred James Strickland, clerk, not listed on Preston Memorial.  He served as Sergeant, 6 Field Ambulance and returned to Australia in July, 1919 Born Preston, died Preston in 1965, aged 72 parents Alfred and Ellen, nee Strickland; married Ethel May BROWN, 1921

Brown F

Single, 7 Warrs Avenue, Preston



Frank Martin Brown, clerk, Warr's Avenue, Preston. Because of his age, Brown could  not enlist until mid-1918 and arrived in England around six weeks before the Armistice.  He was still in training and did not see action during the War Parents Peter Wilson and Louisa nee Ryan.  He enlisted for WW2 service from Sydney on 28 October, 1939 and served as a sergeant in the Army service Corps until July, 1943 when he re-enlisted as served as a Flying Officer at R.A.A.F. H.Q., discharged 28 March, 1946. On his first enlistment, he showed his date of birth as 1904, understating his age by five years, but correctly as 1899  when he enlisted in the R.A.A.F.  Died Waverley, N.S.W. in 1950

Burke H

Single, 9 Whitehead Street, South Preston.  



Harold Allan, bricklayer. He listed his widowed foster-mother as Mrs. L. H. Burke; she was Lydia Henrietta, the sister-in-law of "R. Burke"(James) below. Whitehead Street was actually today's Flett Street. In an odd twist, his file contains a letter to Army authorities in 1957 asking them to confirm his true age, claiming he could not get a Birth Certificate as he did not know his real name as "his foster parents never revealed it to me".

Burke R

Single, Penshurst Street, Willoughby, N. S. W.



Robert, driver and groom. A confusing case - he enlisted in Sydney quoting a friend as next of kin and using the name of James. He was severely wounded in October, 1917, and after spending several months in hospital in England, he was repatriated back to Australia. En route to his home town of Sydney, the wound became infected and Burke was off-loaded in Cape Town for treatment, and again in Melbourne where he died fourteen days after being admitted to hospital. Army authorities were not aware of his real name until Mrs Lydia Burke (mother of Harold above) provided a Statutory Declaration that she was his sister in law and that he had always used the name James (in fact, her late husband's name) rather than Robert.

Caddy R

Single, 100 Plenty Road, Preston



Robert Leslie, leather dresser. Private, 21 Infantry Battalion. His mother Rose ran a laundry in Plenty Road for many years. He spent most of 1917 in hospital with V.D. and pleurisy. He was wounded in April, 1918 and returned to England, ultimately repatriated back to Australia in January, 1919. Preston War Memorial also lists S. J. Caddy and there is a Sydney James listed as dying locally in 1970. He was noted (Leader, 29.01.1916) amongst a group of 29 men who were turned away from Melbourne Town Hall because the Medical Officers had left, but apparently clatter changed his mind - there is no sign of him enlisting.  Born Preston (Attestation), died in Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?) in 1949, aged 58, interred Coburg Cemetery

Cadman A

Single,  44 Melton Street, Preston



Alan Leslie, awarded Military Medal, October, 1917, Leather dresser.  Cadman survived the War relatively unscathed and married Doris Hemmings in England in December, 1918 before returning to Australia in February, 1920. He was awarded the Military Medal in January, 1918. Cadman also enlisted in WW2, restricted to serving in the Citizen's Military Forces because of his age.  Born Preston, died 1969, Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?), aged 73; parents Charles and Alice nee WILLIAMS

Cameron J

Single, Showers Street, Preston



John James, clerk. Corporal, 12th Field Ambulance. By the time of enlisting, his widowed mother had remarried, becoming Mrs Jessie May McNally in Showers Street  The street was unnumbered, the house 'Auckla Villa', the address previously  given for Mrs Marion H. Johns, wife of Stephen Johns who enlisted in August, 1914.  Born Pitfield (via Rokewood), died in Melbourne, 29 September 1941 at 45 … "of Manangatang. the loved husband of Norma Cameron, and loving father of John and Don, aged 45 years" (mother noted at 10 Claude Street, Northcote. father John (late) and Jessie May, nee ELLIOTT

Campbell H

Single, 59 Spring Street, Preston



Harold Thomas, carpenter. Sergeant, 2 Field Artillery Battery. Campbell returned to Australia, October, 1918 on Special Leave granted to servicemen who had served for four years.  He appears to have managed to survive the four years without being wounded or hospitalized for any reason.  Born Ballarat, died Swan Hill, 1958 at 62; parents Edward William and Jean, nee ELLIS

Carlton E

Single, 59 Spring Street, Preston



Ernest Leslie, wood machinist, Lance Corporal, 3 Pioneer Battalion. Brother of William below. Their widowed mother had re-married, being Mrs Amelia Morphett when the pair enlisted. Ernest suffered from the effects of gas poisoning in France in June, 1917, but otherwise survived the War unscathed.  Born South Melbourne, died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?). 1970 aged 78; parents William and Amelia nee CLARK, married Hannah Louise WESTON, 1921

Carlton H W

Single, 59 Spring Street, Preston



William Herbert, Military Cross and Bar, Lieutenant, 50 Infantry Battalion. The M.C. and Bar places him as one of the district's most highly decorated servicemen, carpenter by trade. His name was included amongst the first from Preston to enlist and he was in England awaiting transfer back to Australia on Special Leave when the War ended.  He also served during the Second World War. Born Caulfield, parents William and Amelia nee CLARK,  died Mount Evelyn, 1952 at 62 years, married Stella DWYER, 1941

Carson G

Single, All Saint's Church, Murray Road



George Robert, bank clerk, twin brother of James Edward.  Private, 5 Infantry Battalion and one of the first batch of Preston men to enlist.  Son of Rev. George Carson, long-serving Minister of the All Saints Church in Preston.  Brothers James(below) and William were also listed on the Board.   The Rev Carson was posted to Mornington along with his family just before the War.  Born Preston, died Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, 21 July, 1947 aged 57 after living in Elwood for some years, interred Fawkner Crematorium; parents Rev. George and Lavinia, nee ROBERTSON, dearly beloved husband of Iris Carson. loving father of George and John, married Eva Iris CROWHUST,1926 (N.S.W)

Carson J

Single, All Saint's Church, Murray Road



James Edward, twin brother of George enlisted W.A. returned wounded in the left thigh from Gallipoli, September, 1915 and re-enlisted 9 July, 1917, when the family was noted at Balaclava.  He served briefly in France with the Australian Army Service Corps (supply and transport). Bank clerk, brother of George and William. Died at Swan Hill in 1927, aged 35; there is no indication as to what may have caused his early demise … " son of the Rev. G. and Mrs. Carson, 12 Ardoch street, Essendon, aged 35 years. (Private interment.).  Parents Rev. George and Lavinia, nee ROBERTSON,

Carson J

Single, All Saint's Church, Murray Road



Leslie Bilsbury GARSON, schoolteacher.  His father George was at "Bengio", Regent Street, Preston when Leslie enlisted from Inglewood where he taught at the Higher Elementary school. Lieutenant, Australian Flying Corps. He also held a Diploma of Education from Melbourne University. He died in Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?) in 1965, aged 72; parents George and Mary, nee BILSBURY, married Olga Muriel May LANGFORD, 1916 prior to embarking 17 January 1917, some 18 months after enlisting. A 27-year-old brother George Alexander enlisted in W.A. with his father in Regent-street as next of kin; served with the 7th Field Artillery; unknown whether he attended South Preston

Carson L

Single, All Saint's Church, Murray Road



William Victor, bank clerk, brother of George and James above (there were two other sons born to their parents, John Robertson and Thomas Gordon who both died prior to reaching 10 years of age, also a sister, Agnes. Agnes and Thomas were both born in Preston, John at Wallan in 1889 but in Preston when he died in 1898 at eight years. William served Private, 57 Infantry  Battalion. He returned to Australia in December, 1918, suffering gunshot wounds to the face and head.  Died (suddenly) at Dumbalk, South Gippsland  in 1951,aged 54, " late of 21 Oswin street East Kew, loved husband of Ada Carson". Parents Rev. George and Lavinia, nee ROBERTSON,, married Ada May FUZZARD, 1926

Carter J (junior))

Single, 1 Michie Street, Port Melbourne



John Richard, butcher. Both he and his father below were listed at 1 Michie Street, Port Melbourne - the street no longer exists, but was a right-of-way off 124 Princess Street. The pair embarked with 22 Infantry at the same time. The family appear in the 1903 Electoral Roll in Bell Street, Preston, John senior then shown as a blacksmith. Born Richmond, died in Rosebud in 1973 at 76, the death record showing his father as Newbury Carter. Parents John Newby and Eliza, nee BROADHURST

Carter J (senior)

Married, 1 Michie Street, Port Melbourne



John Newby, 41, engine smith, father of John above. The family were then in Port Melbourne. It seems a little strange that the South Preston Roll included him as he was significantly older than the others recorded, but perhaps with details provided by his wife Eliza, Broadhurst being a prominent family name in Preston around the turn of the century. He was listed in the 1903 Electoral Roll as a blacksmith in Bell Street, Preston.  Died East Melbourne (General Hospital 10 October, 1928, aged 54 and interred in Cheltenham Cemetery "  beloved husband of Eliza Carter, 27 Little Page street, Albert Park". Parents John and Louisa Elizabeth MILLARD; married Eliza BROADHURST, 1896

Catton A

Single, Roseberry Avenue, Preston



Alick (Alexander), labourer. Private, 58 Infantry Battalion. The reason is not clear, but he spent twelve months in camp before embarking (the average was around seven weeks). Archives reveal his parents were separated and his mother was in Asling Street, Preston from early 1918.  Born Carlton, died in Preston in 1966, aged 67; parents William and Lillian, nee KLING; married Dorothea Monica FRASER, 1922.

Chadwick H

Single, Cameron Street, Moreland



Harry Thomas, listed as chemist and clerk. Mother Mary Ann in Hotham Street as next of kin, but noted on Attestation as deceased (she actually died in 1910) and replaced by a sister Kathleen Irene Chadwick in Elizabeth street, Preston  Private, 6th Field Ambulance, returned to Australia wounded (he suffered severe bouts of hysteria after shell shock) in September 1916.  Parents James and Mary Ann, nee FORD, born Kensington Hill, death not traced.

Chapman M

Single, 45 David Street, Preston



Mark Henry. Despite being just 18, he gave a residential address in Brunswick with his father in Preston. He did not embark until around three weeks before the Armistice and the troopship was recalled. He is listed with the unusual calling of reader's assistant, Born Northcote, died in Melbourne in 1943, aged 42; parents Henry John and Alice Mary nee SHEPHERD)

Clements J

Single, Scotchmer Street, North Fitzroy



John William Henry Clements, a 26 year-old teacher at Officer with his father listed in Scotchmer Street, North Fitzroy. There is no sign of the family living in Preston and the assumption is that he may have been a teacher at South Preston before taking the country position. Returned November, 1919, born Kensington, died 5 July, 1944 in Caulfield Military Hospital at 56 years of age, interred Fawkner Crematorium; parents Robert Charles and Julia Jane, nee ANSELL

Coe H

Single, Spring Street, Preston


Herbert Clyde Coe who attempted to enlist at 19 but was rejected for reasons unknown. A brother, Victor Preston Coe, aged 21 also in Spring Street, Preston was awarded the Military Medal and almost certainly wold have attended Tyler Street.. Born Northcote, death not traced, parents Arthur Phillip and Jessie Paton, nee HULL

Coleman A

Widower, 13 West Street, Preston



Charles Arthur, plasterer. Although only 27, he was listed as a widower, his wife of six years dying in 1917. There were no children of the brief marriage. Private, 14 Infantry Battalion.  He was returned to Australia from Egypt in April, 1916 suffering severe arthritis in a knee and discharged.    Born Collingwood, died Geelong in 1970, aged 82 years. Parents Thomas Gordon and Mary Elizabeth Anderson, nee YOUNG, married Jane Norris PRITCHARD, 1911.

Alternativel14y there was Arthur at 12 Garnet Street, English-born, date of arrival unknown - Private, 39 Infantry. The initial matches, but he had two brothers Spencer (Sergeant, 14 Infantry, and William (Lieutenant, 14 Infantry, (D.C.M., M.M.) who also enlisted and were respectively just one and two years older, and if Arthur was at South Preston, it seems at least one of the others would have been included on the Board.  Parents William Robert and Mary Annie, nee KATT

Conroy T F

Single, 14 South Street, Preston



Thomas Francis. Schoolteacher, South Preston State School.  Private, 7 Infantry Battalion. A brother, Leo Adrian Conroy was killed in August, 1918.  Seven years older than Thomas, he was also a school teacher and is listed as being educated at Birregurra and Whittlesea. It is not known whether Conroy was a student at South Preston; he was also at South Street. Born Birregurra, died North Brighton, 1963, aged 64; parents Lawrence and Ellen Conroy (late, nee HAIGH)

Cook F

Single, 108 Hodgkinson Street, Clifton Hill



Frederick Albert, commercial traveller.  The family lived in David Street, Preston up until around 1909 when they moved to Clifton Hill. Cook embarked with first shipments in December, 1914 and was returned to Australia with a severe case of venereal disease, but remarkably was declared fit to re-embark just seven days later. He was wounded at Gallipoli on 6 August, 1915 and died in hospital on Malta six days later from tetanus caused through his wounds. Born West Melbourne; parents Frederick Albert and Ellen Cook (nee Mahoney).  

Cooper J


Probably Jack Frederick Cooper, noted as rejected for service in 1917 and again in 1918. Address other than suburb is not shown for those rejected but around 1905 the family shows at “Myrtleville”, Garnett Street. Died in Fitzroy in 1966, aged 71. Parents Harry Samuel and Mary Annie, nee LYNNE or LYONS

Court H W

Married, 252 McKean Street, North Fitzroy



Henry William, boot operator. Private, 29 Infantry Battalion. Wounded in action in September, 1918 (right elbow). He and his wife Ruth later moved to Terang. Noted as a member of the Loyal Langridge Lodge, Northcote. Born Richmond, died East Melbourne on 22 May,1941 at 53 … “at a private hospital Henry William Court of 17 Osborne grove Preston, dearly loved husband of Alma loving father of Glenys Mavis June and James”; interred Preston General Cemetery. Parents James and Hannah Louisa, nee MARTIN, married Ruth Elizabeth, nee JENKINS, 1916 (fate unknown); re-married Alma Violet Lillian, nee BROWN, 1922

Cramond A

Single, 28 Carlisle Street, Preston



Alexander Kerr, Factory Mechanic. Sergeant, 5 Infantry Battalion.  Cramond died of wounds at Bapaume, France, 15 May 1917. Brother of David and John.  A sister Nellie also attended and they would almost certainly been at South Preston as well.  Born Preston, parents James and Jessie C. Cramond (nee Roberts)

Cramond D

Single, 28 Carlisle Street, Preston



David Roberts, Gas Fitter. Killed in action, Bullecourt, France, 11/04/1917. Brother of Alexander and John. Both of the casualties were born in Australia and two of eight children in Scotland, four of whom died before attaining the age of 30.  Born Preston, parents James and Jessie C. Cramond (nee Roberts)

Cramond J C

Single, 28 Carlisle Street, Preston



John Bower, miner. Elder brother of Alexander and David and born in Forfarshire Scotland, the family arriving in Australia in December, 1882 when John was just three years old. After the death of his two brothers, He was discharged for family reasons in June, 1918 and returned to Australia. Born Forfarshire, Scotland, died in Preston 20 June, 1950 at 71 years of age and still at 28 Carlisle street.  Parents James and Jessie C. Cramond (nee Roberts)