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Preston State School (1494) : Scholars That Served (Me-R)

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Marital status, address




Moncrief, J

Single, 913 Drummond Street, Carlton



James Dougal MONCRIEFF, electrician.  Father shown circa 1906 in Station Street, Preston. Born St. Kilda 1893, discharged early 1917 with synovitis in the right knee.  Born West Melbourne, died West Brunswick, 1964 at 73 years; parents John and Catherine FERGUSON.

Morath A

Single, 93 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy



Albert Arthur, dental student. He served with the Medical Corps at Gallipoli, but was repatriated back to Australia late in 1915 suffering from enteric fever.  He re-embarked for the Western Front and was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal in 1916. Born Bairnsdale, died Fitzroy in 1957, aged 62; parents Arthur and Martha, nee SCOTT; married Mary Patricia MAHER, 1945

Moseley C

Single, Wood street, Preston



Charles Ernest, clerk. He survived the war with the 23 Battalion unharmed, but is noted as spending two months in hospital in England before returning to Australia in October, 1919.  Born Fairfield, died Warragul, 1978 aged 78; parents Charles Ernest and Rosina, nee Beard; married Grace Elizabeth, nee MARCH in 1927

Mehegan, F

Single, Murray Road, Preston



Francis Edward, tanner, Broadhurst's Tannery.  Killed in action at Gallipoli, 20.08.1915, Brother of John below and there were a number of siblings and cousins that attended the school. Born Westbury, Tasmania, parents Edward Patrick and Margaret Kate, nee CULLEN

Mehegan T

Single, Murray Road, Preston



John Joseph, leather worker (probably also Broadhurst’s.  Brother of Francis above and the brothers were in turn cousins of Thomas William (Volume 2). John had several run-ins with authorities (mostly for being Absent Without Leave) before being wounded in the face and thigh in April, 1918. He was repatriated back to England and then returned to Australia in January, 1919. Born Preston, Died Preston, 1948 at 59 years; Parents Edward Patrick and Margaret Kate, nee CULLEN

Moulden H

Married, 40 O'Connor Street, East Brunswick



Harold Emberson, farmer.  Twin brother of Reginald below (The Leader at one point suggested Harold was the younger). He was married and in East Brunswick. Returned May, 1919 after serving as a Private with the Australian Corps Troops Motor Transport Company. Born St. Kilda, the family for many years were cattle dealers on the Leamington Estate just to the north of Edwards Street; died Traralgon aged 1976 aged 85 years. Parents Edward Thomas and Emily Moulden (nee EMBERSON); married Florence Palmer BOURNE, 1928.

Moulden R

Single, "Leamington", Spring Street, Preston Reservoir



Reginald Emberson, butcher and cattle dealer.  Returned to Australia in November suffering effects of malaria and died in the Influenza Hospital set up in the Exhibition Buildings 20.04.1919. He was not included on the AWM Roll of Honour as the Defence Department contended his condition was not due to was service. Parents Edward Thomas and Emily Moulden (nee EMBERSON). Another brother Walter (1885) volunteered, listed as an artist but rejected from service because of deafness),

Newton N

Single, Launceston



Archibald Egbert, clerk. Although the family was in Launceston, he was the son of long-serving (1899-1908) Preston councillor, John C. Newton, who at one time held the license for the Epping Hotel. Archie was born in Preston and saw action at Gallipoli  before spending the remainder of the war in a clerical position in England, reached the rank of Staff Sergeant and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, a decoration for exceptional service "behind the lines". Born Preston, 1892, died 1959 in Dromana, aged 67. Parents John Cochrane and Rowena, nee EMERY

Ozanne A

Married, Geelong (formerly Tyler Street, Preston)



Alfred Thomas Madden, accountant and M.L.A., He was elected Labour member for the Federal seat of Corio in 1910 and who was still serving in Parliament when he enlisted in January, 1916, suggesting at the time that he could not expect others to enlist if he did not do so himself.  He served as a Company Quartermaster Sergeant but was discharged as medically unfit with a degenerative problem in the left leg about five months after arriving in England. His name was include in the list published by the Leader, 6 June, 1919, but his name did not later appear on the Board.  Died Brighton, 1961 aged 84 years, parents Marcel Charles and Amelia Josephine Ozanne (nee REINHARDT), married Edith Stewart nee MOODY in 1900,    WikiPedia  "Mr Ozanne Receives Emotional Greeting"  The Herald, 10 May, 1917

Ozanne E

Married, Western Australia



Eugene Charles Arthur, miner.  Enlisted in Western Australia, died of accidental injuries at Gallipoli, 19.10.1915. Family originally in Tyler Street, Preston, brother of Albert above and he left a widow and three sons in Western Australia. Parents Marcel Charles and Amelia Josephine Ozanne (nee REINHARDT; married Elizabeth Johnstone STEWART, 1913 (W.A).  The unusual family name originated from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, but traces back in Australia to the 1840s

Pears, J W B

Single, High Street. Preston



John Walter Bonshor, law clerk, Brother of Frederick below, their father Fred senior had a hardware and paint store near Wilcox Street. John was wounded twice and eventually pronounced medically unfit due to an ear infection. Born Preston, 1897, died 1992 aged 96, interred Templestowe Cemetery. Parents Frederick and Nellie STURTIVANT; married Jessie Rose BALL, 1925

Pears, W F

Single, High Street. Preston



Frederick W, bricklayer. He served with the 2nd Engineering Company and embarked for return to Australia on Special Leave from Taranto, Italy in October, 1918 and was at sea when the war ended. Other than a bout of appendicitis, there are no indications of him been wounded. Born Preston, died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?), 30 June, 1979 aged 83, Parents Frederick and Nellie STURTIVANT.

Punch, L

Married, Reid Street, Northcote

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Leslie Gordon   A footballer of some renown, Punch captained the Preston Football Club in the early 1920s and later moved to Footscray (V.F.A) and played in the latter's first League sides in 1925.  Younger brother of Herbert Victor Punch, killed in action, Belgium, 20/09/1917.  Born Collingwood, died suddenly 9 July, Auburn, 1948, aged 50 … " (suddenly), at his residence. 1A Fletcher-St. Auburn, Leslie Gordon, dearly beloved husband of Jean (Collisiton) Punch. Late with Sanda and McDougall", parents William Henry and Mary, nee BALL; married Annie ANQUETIL, 1917 (died 1930); re-married Jean COLLISTON, 1936. A married brother, Herbert Victor enlisted from Reid street, Northcote and was killed at Lone Pine, 8 August 1915; details of his education not known

Ricardo C

Single, 517 High Street, North Preston



Claude, tanner.  He survived the war intact, alternating between an artillery brigade and the Cycling Corps. A brother Alfred, eight years his senior also enlisted and returned to Australia on Special Leave via Canada in October, 1918. The pair later ran a brass foundry in High Street through to the 1950s, Claude later assistant secretary of the Preston Football Club. Born 1898 at Maffra, died 1983 in Sandringham aged 86; parents Charles and Elizabeth, nee Hay

Richardson J

Single, 12 Jeffrey Street, Preston



John Laidlaw, bank clerk. Richardson served with the Australian Flying Corps. He is something of a mystery, noted as failing to re-embark at Fremantle on his voyage home in June, 1919, but he was obviously located, receipts for medals bearing the Jeffrey Street address. Born Preston, died Prahran in 1983, aged 89; Robert and Louisa, nee LEMMON; married Catherine Mary, nee LEAPER, 1922

Robinson R J

Single, Victoria Barracks, Brisbane



Richard Henry, woodworking machinist.  Brother of Thomas and enlisted with his address given as Victoria Barracks, Brisbane; his Attestation showing him with the Royal Australia Field Artillery. In 1904, Robinson was selected from the senior classes at the school to undertake a 12 month course of instruction offered to the school by the Preston Rifle Club. He served with the Field Artillery and was perhaps unique amongst the 330,000 servicemen and woman who embarked in that he was awarded the Croix de Virtue Militara First Class by the Romanian government. Born Corryong, died in Kew in 1951, aged 61 Parents George Edward (late) and Rachel Alice Robinson (nee Morris). Also South Preston Roll

Robinson T C

Single, Mason Street, Preston



Thomas Carey,shipping clerk. He was the incumbent captain of the Preston Cricket Club when he enlisted. Robinson spent nearly 18 months at the Duntroon College before embarking as a Second Lieutenant before being killed an action at  Passchendaele, France on 12.10.1917  Also South Preston Roll

Rowe J

Single, Southernhay Street, Preston



James Ralph, tin cutter. He suffered a gunshot wound to the back in July, 1916, and was awarded Military Medal for courage under fire in March, 1917. Born Carlton, died in Ivanhoe on 1984, aged 89; parents John Phillips and Mecry, nee DERRICK

Rule F

Single, Murray Road, Preston



Frederick Richard, leather dresser.  Born and living in Preston and earlier rejected in 1915, probably as underage. Born Preston, died Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, June 18, 1950 aged 51 … "of 46 Cramer street Preston dearlv beloved husband of Lily and> loved daddy of of Amy (Billie)", interred Fawkner Crematorium,; parents Richard Sydney and and Amy Susannah, nee COLES. Also South Preston Roll