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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey

Preston State School (1494) : Scholars That Served (K-Mc)

Shown as

Marital status, address




Kerr A

Single, Wood Street, Preston



Albert James, Wood Street, Preston, Born in Whittlesea, enlisted Glen Vale. He returned to Australia in January, 1919 suffering a gunshot wound to the left foot. Died 10 June, 1944 in Melbourne … "result of accident  (Joe), of Dalmore, late 14th and 46th Batt., First A.I.F., son of the late James and Fannie Kerr, Preston, loved husband of Elizabeth, loving father of Olive, Ivy, Rita, and Betty", aged 50, interred Preston General Cemetery.  Parents James Spence and Fannie Amelia, nee NICHOLLS; mary Elizabeth Mary BRENNAN, 1936

Locke L

Single, Bruce Street, Preston



LUCKE. Leslie Rae, coachbuilder.  Just how he got through is a mystery, but his father Adolph Frederick also enlisted, even although he gave his age as 50 - he was discharged in April, 1916 after serving in Egypt with a Remount unit and died in Preston in 1941 aged 77 years. Although not on the Board, his eldest son Adolph John served initially with the Naval Bridging Team and after its disbandment, as a Sergeant with the 12th Field Artillery. Leslie Lucke was two years younger spent several months in hospital in England before returning to Australia in mid-1919. Born Kornong Vale 1896, death not traced; parents Adolph Frederick and Elizabeth, nee CLOUGH. Marred Winifred Myrtle MACPHERSON, 1922

Love C D

Single, Rosedale Avenue, Glenhuntly



Colin Douglas Grant, clerk.  Both Colin and James below were shown in Glenhuntly with the family previously in Jeffrey Street, Preston,  The school's Board actually had the brothers reversed, James shown as Killed and being awarded the Military Medal, the latter was Colin. Born Prahran, parents James Edward and Elizabeth Love (nee GRANT)

Love J E C

Single, Rosedale Avenue, Glenhuntly



James Edward Clayton, salesman. He survived the war without major incident other being slightly wounded in September, 1918 and is noted as still being at the Glenhuntly address as late as 1947. Born North Fitzroy, died Glenhuntly 16 March, 1954, aged 62 … " beloved son of the late Elizabeth and James Edward Love, beloved brother ol Colin (deceased. 1st world war) and Dorothy. Late of the Education Department.  Parents James Edward and Elizabeth Love (nee GRANT)

Love W

Not listed Preston Memorial, There was an Arthur Kenneth Love, 165 Plenty Road, Preston, the pair above had no brother W and it would be rare anyway to have two brothers with three given names and another with the bare one. Not traced as LOWE

Le Roy A

Single, Highett Street, Richmond



Not listed Preston Memorial, There was an Arthur Kenneth Love, 165 Plenty Road, Preston, the pair above had no brother W and it would be rare anyway to have two brothers with three given names and another with the bare one. Not traced as LOWE

Manallack, K

Single, 40 Lock Street, Coburg

Kenneth Kemp, saddler, brother of Thomas. Lance Corporal, Australian Army Service Corps, returned wounded December 1918.  Lance Corporal/Driver No 3 Company, Australian Army Service Corps  Born Preston when the family were in Jeffrey Street,, died in Hampton in 1971, aged 78 years; parents Thomas John and Maryan (nee McKENZIE)

Manallack, T

Single, 40 Lock Street, Coburg

Thomas Alexander, labourer, brother of Kenneth.  An intriguing case - his archives are stamped "Deserter" although no details are given. There are records of him being admitted to 5 General Hospital in St. Kilda Road with gastritis and a duodenal ulcer in October, the report suggesting he be declared permanently unfit if not operated on, but there is no further reference from that point.  An alternate series suggest he tried to re-enlist in 1916, but was rejected, almost certainly on medical grounds. Born Preston (Jeffrey Street), death not traced in Victorian records, although he appears to have been alive at the time of his father's death in 1942.

Mankey V

Single, 16 Station Street, Preston



Vivian Joseph, clerk.  He was the son of the head master at the Preston State School for many years immediately prior to the war., Joseph M. Mankey.  Mankey junior embarked as a Private, and returned unscathed with the rank of Lieutenant and (temporarily) leaving an English wife waiting to migrate to Australia. His father was listed in Station Street, previously Crawley Street. Born Boort, died Melbourne 18 March, 1952, aged 54 … " Dr. Vivian J. Mankey. of Malvern-road, East Malvern, beloved husband of Verna Coral and loving father of the late Verna.  Parents Joseph and Emily, nee SKEWES; married Verna Coral Ivy MACAFEE, 1928

Mason H J

Single, "Roselands", Mernda



Another not included on the Leader's list when the memorial was unveiled, but appearing on the Board. Almost certainly Harold Joseph Mason, whose address on embarkation was shown as "Roselands", Mernda.  Served as a Driver with 2 Field Artillery, returned August, 1919. Born Mernda,   died Sale, 1977 aged 78, parents Joseph and Mabel MCLAUGHLIN shown in 1906 as “marine dealers” (bottle mechants) in Plenty Road; married Mary Grace BARR, 1925 and probably a cousin of the McPhee family above via his mother nee McLAUGHLIN

McBeath W

Single, Wood Street, Preston



William Frampton, coach builder. He arrived in England three days after the cessation of hostilities and served for about eight months in France in the thankless task of identifying and relocating graves.  The State Library has a typewritten diary donated after his death in 1953 of McBeath's post-Armistice travels around France and Belgium, including a letter to his mother where he describes re-interring 200 Allied serviceman in a single week. Also served Second World War, still in Preston in 1942.  Married Ivy Florence UPHAM, 1924. Born Preston, 1899, died (suddenly) at his home, 16 McIvor Street, Preston, 8 October, 1953 … "dearlv beloved husband of Ivy and deailv loved father of Allan Norma and Jim loved brother of Don aged 54", interred Fawkner Crematorium. Parents William Charkes and Annie Eliza, nee FRAMPTON

McDonald W

Married, 23 Crawley Street, Preston



William Leslie, carpenter. He served with an obscure unit called the Australian Employment Company in transport. Post-war he served for several years as the secretary of the Preston branch of the R.S.S.I.L.A. Born Queenscliff, died Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville 1953 aged 68 … "... of 2 Powell Street, Regent, beloved husband of the late Minnie Evelyn, dearly loved father of Leslie and Jean (Mrs K. Wilson),interred Preston Cemetery. Parents Alexander and Fanny, Durrant; married Minnie Evelyn CATHIE, 1909 (sister of Norman Thomas CATHIE above, she also would have attended Preston SS)

McPhee L C

Single, 47 High Street, Northcote



The name was not included on the Leader list, but does appear on the final Board.  The first initial is a little hard to decipher, but he appears to have been Leonard Clifton McPhee, one of several of the surname from Darebin that enlisted - the family traced back to the Yan Yean district in the 1870s and around the time of the war operated a farm there and a large dairy in South Northcote. Leonard, a school teacher at Victoria Park SS, embarked as a Driver with the Army Service Corps, but in October, 1918 was sent to England and trained as an observer with the Australian Flying Corps and subsequently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.  Born Bairnsdale, died 1965 in Kalaroma aged 70.

Three brothers enlisted : Allan Douglas McPhee, 7th Infantry, enlisted from the same address and was killed in action at Gallipoli on 8/05/1915; Sergeant Angus McPhee (Australian Flying Corps) and Corporal Reginald McPhee, Army Medical Corps and awarded the Military Medal.  Parents Donald William and Elizabeth McPhee (nee MCLAUGHLIN)

Moncrief, J

Single, 913 Drummond Street, Carlton



James Dougal MONCRIEFF, electrician.  Father shown circa 1906 in Station Street, Preston. Born St. Kilda 1893, discharged early 1917 with synovitis in the right knee.  Born West Melbourne, died West Brunswick, 1964 at 73 years; parents John and Catherine FERGUSON.

Morath A

Single, 93 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy



Albert Arthur, dental student. He served with the Medical Corps at Gallipoli, but was repatriated back to Australia late in 1915 suffering from enteric fever.  He re-embarked for the Western Front and was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal in 1916. Born Bairnsdale, died Fitzroy in 1957, aged 62; parents Arthur and Martha, nee SCOTT; married Mary Patricia MAHER, 1945

Moseley C

Single, Wood street, Preston



Charles Ernest, clerk. He survived the war with the 23 Battalion unharmed, but is noted as spending two months in hospital in England before returning to Australia in October, 1919.  Born Fairfield, died Warragul, 1978 aged 78; parents Charles Ernest and Rosina, nee Beard; married Grace Elizabeth, nee MARCH in 1927

Mehegan, F

Single, Murray Road, Preston



Francis Edward, tanner, Broadhurst's Tannery.  Killed in action at Gallipoli, 20.08.1915, Brother of John below and there were a number of siblings and cousins that attended the school. Born Westbury, Tasmania, parents Edward Patrick and Margaret Kate, nee CULLEN

Mehegan T

Single, Murray Road, Preston



John Joseph, leather worker (probably also Broadhurst’s.  Brother of Francis above and the brothers were in turn cousins of Thomas William (Volume 2). John had several run-ins with authorities (mostly for being Absent Without Leave) before being wounded in the face and thigh in April, 1918. He was repatriated back to England and then returned to Australia in January, 1919. Born Preston, Died Preston, 1948 at 59 years; Parents Edward Patrick and Margaret Kate, nee CULLEN

Moulden H

Married, 40 O'Connor Street, East Brunswick



Harold Emberson, farmer.  Twin brother of Reginald below (The Leader at one point suggested Harold was the younger). He was married and in East Brunswick. Returned May, 1919 after serving as a Private with the Australian Corps Troops Motor Transport Company. Born St. Kilda, the family for many years were cattle dealers on the Leamington Estate just to the north of Edwards Street; died Traralgon aged 1976 aged 85 years. Parents Edward Thomas and Emily Moulden (nee EMBERSON); married Florence Palmer BOURNE, 1928.

Moulden R

Single, "Leamington", Spring Street, Preston Reservoir



Reginald Emberson, butcher and cattle dealer.  Returned to Australia in November suffering effects of malaria and died in the Influenza Hospital set up in the Exhibition Buildings 20.04.1919. He was not included on the AWM Roll of Honour as the Defence Department contended his condition was not due to was service. Parents Edward Thomas and Emily Moulden (nee EMBERSON). Another brother Walter (1885) volunteered, listed as an artist but rejected from service because of deafness),

Newton N

Single, Launceston



Archibald Egbert, clerk. Although the family was in Launceston, he was the son of long-serving (1899-1908) Preston councillor, John C. Newton, who at one time held the license for the Epping Hotel. Archie was born in Preston and saw action at Gallipoli  before spending the remainder of the war in a clerical position in England, reached the rank of Staff Sergeant and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, a decoration for exceptional service "behind the lines". Born Preston, 1892, died 1959 in Dromana, aged 67. Parents John Cochrane and Rowena, nee EMERY