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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey

Preston State School (1494) : Scholars That Served (D-G)

Shown as

Marital status, address




Davey J

Single, 493 High Street, Preston



No J traced, but Preston Memorial has D(onald) and M(alcolm).   Donald was incorrectly listed as having died of wounds in one edition of the Melbourne Herald early in January, 1918 when the paper mixed "wounded" and "died of wounds" in the casualty list, a retraction printed in the following day's edition.  He was listed as a farmer with his father William. 493 High Street at the corner of Clinch Street with the next property 503, suggesting the family actually farmed that property. Davey served with the 8 Light Horse in the Middle East before being returned with wounds to the right arm (amputated) in August, 1918, the incident that saw him incorrectly as having died of wounds. He  died for the second and last time in Coburg in 1958 at 63 years of age and was cremated at Fawkner Cemetery; born Kinglake, parents William Thomas and Mary, nee MORRISON.

Malcolm was born Whittlesea and enlisted February, 1915 at 22 years, labourer, serving as 595, Private, 22 Battalion C Company,returned April, 1917 after being wounded twice; died 22 December, 1952. Given the similarity in ages, he almost certainly would have been at Preston SS.  Commemorated Yan Yean Memorial

Duffy P

Single, 29 High Street, St. Kilda



Percy Alexander (Distinguished Conduct Medal). Shown as a pastrycook, 28 High Street, St. Kilda, born Collingwood 1897. Returned to Australia 15 May 1919. Born Abbotsford, died in Clifton Hill on 29 December,  1924 at 27 years of age … " loved husband of Agnes and father of little Joan, of 145 Raleigh Street Thornbury, late A.I.F. (D. C. M). Interred privately", but there is no suggestion his demise was war related. Born Abbotsford, parents Ernest James and Ellen Ann, nee DAVIS; married Agnes Wilson TAIT, 1922

Duncan A

Single, Lake Victoria Station, via Renmark



Arthur James (Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal and Bar), bricklayer. Mother shown on a station near Lake Victoria via Renmark, although his father was still living.  He was the most highly decorated soldier from the district. Returned, 22 August 1919.  Arthur, Frederick and Robert were brothers, their father at the time they would have been educated listed as a contractor in High-street, Preston just north of Wilcox Street.  Born Collingwood, 1892; death not traced in Victoria, parents James Williamson and Amelia, nee PERRY

Duncan, F

Married, Bendigo



Francis Edward, motor driver,   enlisted Bendigo, discharged after contracting meningitis while in camp.  Brother of Arthur and Robert., Born Preston, 1895 (father shown as a contractor in High Street see Arthur above), died in Mildura in 1934 at 70 years); Francis also died Mildura, 1967, aged 71 years; parents James Williamson and Amelia, nee PERRY

Duncan R

Robert Henry (sometimes Harry), bricklayer, enlisted Adelaide but died of meningitis in Adelaide Hospital 06.09.1915 while in camp. Mother shown at a station near Lake Victoria via Renmark, although his father was still living. Born Preston, 1894 (father shown as a contractor in High Street (see Arthur above and died in Mildura in 1934 at 70 years); Robert's death not traced; parents James Williamson and Amelia, nee PERRY

Dunk R

Dunk W

See John Arnold Dunk, South Preston Roll above.  He had a brother, Leonard Alexander, enlisted 1917 after previously being rejected because of poor vision. Subsequently listed as wounded three times, he returned in February, 1919.  Although a family of around ten children, there were no siblings R or W.  The only pair with the initial R were from interstate; two with W, one interstate, one Port Fairy.  There was however was a William Dunk listed as the father of Adelta Mary Dunk, listed as born in Preston when she enlisted as a 22 year-old Aircraftwoman during the Second World War.

Dureen A

No Dureen, Direen, Dineen shown as embarking nor was there a family named Dureen listed in directories.  There is an equally mysterious "J. Duneau" listed as a casualty on the Preston Cenotaph as killed, also never traced.

Edmonds, A J

Single, Rona Dairy, Spring Street, Preston



Alfred John, driver. The two brothers were drivers in the family's dairy. Alfred spent much of 1918 and the first half of 1919 hospitalised with an inner ear infection before returning to Australia. He died in the Caulfield Military Hospital in Kooyong Road in October, 1943 at 47 years of age, survived by a wife (Ida May LEMON, 1927) and two sons. It is not clear whether his early demise was related to his military service. Parents John Christopher and Beatrice, nee CATON

Edmonds, R  

Single, Rona Dairy, Spring Street, Preston


Rigby Fluister, driver.  He was wounded twice, once declared self-inflicted and resulting in 63 days detention and the loss of 91 days pay. He also spent 108 days in hospital with V.D. before returning in December, 1918. Although he enlisted a couple of months after the first contingent of Preston men, he managed to be the first to be welcomed by the Shire Council on his arrival home on Special Leave after serving four years. Born Coburg; died Preston (Bundoora), 6 September, 1948, aged 54 and interred Preston Cemetery … " , loved son of the late Jack and Beatrice, loved brother of Chris (deceased), Alf (deceased), and Ron", aged 56 years.; parents John Christopher and Beatrice, nee CATON

Embelton N

Single, Westgarth Street, Northcote


Norman John, pay clerk, HMAS Cerberus. Died 31.03.1915 from a fall from a horse after resigning from a permanent Navy post at HMAS Cerberu sto enlist in the A.I.F.  Previously Hotham Street, Preston.  His father Robert is believed at one stage to have been a teacher at South Prestone. A brother Dr. David Embelton enlisted and awarded the O.B.E. for services to medicine. Norman was on odd case - shown on the Leader's list, but his name never appeared on the Board, suggesting the newspaper use a list supplied by the school, but later amended an his name excluded, perhaps because of doubts as to whether he really died "in service".  See South Preston Roll

Freeman A

Single, Regent Street, Preston



Alfred Livingstone, accountant. He served as an Air Mechanic in the Australian Flying Corps, but contracted pneumonia and died in an English hospital, 06.11.1918. Only son. Born Fairfield, parents John Alfred Burford (late) and Emily Priscilla Freeman (nee LANG)

Fyfe D

Single, Southernhay Street, Preston



David Wallace Hope, clerk. A regular and sometimes vitriolic (on the subject of conscription) letter writer to the Leader, he was a son of Wallace Fyfe, co-founder of today's Preston Cricket Club.  Returned August 1919 and later enlisted along with a son Wallace junior in the Second World War. Born Preston, 1897, died Noble Park, 1979 aged 81; parents Wallace McKenie Hope and Julie Mary, nee Crossen; married Lorna Edna WILKIN, 1924

Gannaway A

Single, Wagin, Western Australia



Alexander Benjamin Joseph, farm labourer, died in Egypt, 30.08.1915 from wounds suffered at Gallipoli. The family appear to have moved to Western Australia around 1910. Brother of Benjamin below - there was another brother Henry who also attended Tyler Street and enlisted, but not shown on the roll and other siblings or cousins were also at Tyler Street. Parents John George (late) and Eliza Jane Gannaway (nee James, died 1916), family in Percival-street, Preston when the brothers were educated

Gannaway B

Single, Wagin, Western Australia



Benjamin John, farm labourer. Died of influenza in a German prison camp, 04.11.1918.  Brother of Alexander, both parents were deceased when the pair enlisted, He was a widower, having married in 1909 with his wife dying in Kyabram the following year before the family moved to Western Australia. Parents John George (late) and Eliza Jane Gannaway (nee James, died 1916) family in Percival-street, Preston when the brothers were educated.

Garside A

Single, Station Street, Preston

4-Aug-17 '


Arthur Cooper, clerk. He arrived in France just six weeks before the end of the war, but managed to spend nearly six months in hospital in England post-war before returning in August, 1919. Bory Surrey Hills, died Reservoir in 1980, aged 82;  Parents Arthur Edmund and Augusta Marion, nee Cooper; married Rose May Jean WATSON, 1940

Greenhalgh, R

Single, 2 King William Street, Preston



Ralph Horatio, schoolteacher, Tyler Street.  He enlisted on his 18th birthday and arrived in England a few days after the Armistice. Post-war, he taught woodwork and carpentry at Northcote State where he ran the Cadets before volunteering for the Second World War. An elder brother Percival also served in WW1 while a third, Geoffrey Lionel enlisted and served under the name of Green. See South Preston Roll.

Gamble, J

Married, Crawley Street, Preston



John Scott, currier, Braithwaite's Tannery. Prior to enlisting, he was secretary and steward of the Preston Methodist Sunday School. Killed in action 27.09.1917 at Polygon Wood, Belgium, Parents William Richard and Catherine Gamble (nee FUHRHOP); wife Mrs Minnie Christian Kryie Gamble (nee DOWN)

Gibbs R

Single, Jeffrey Street, Preston



Robert John, bank clerk. He was employed in Hamilton when he enlisted with his father Arthur in Jeffrey Street as next of kin. Gibbs spent the entire war in England with the Army Pay Corps before returning late in 1919, Born Preston, 1893, died Caulfield, 1943, aged 50 … "of 36 Mason-street, Regent, dearly loved husband of Peggy, loving brother Minnie, Arthur, Will, Amey, Alice"; parents Arthur and Mary, nee Browne,

Gray C

Single, 15 Clifton Grove, Preston



George, platelayer. Shown both on the Board and Preston Memorial as C. he spent many months in hospital in England suffering from a hernia and did not see combat until July, 1918. He was wounded in the right leg two months later and returned to Australia in January, 1919. Also South Preston Roll

Gray H G

27-Sep-16  Not shown Preston Memorial, only H G was from Tasmania,

Greenwood C

Single, 30 Murray Road, Preston



Clarence Arthur, clerk. He served with the 10th Field Ambulance and was wounded in April, 1918 before accidentally fractured an ankle just after the Armistice. He returned in April, 1919 and also served in the Second World War  Born Preston, died St. Vincent's Hospital, 6 July, 1950 at 53 years … "beloved husband of Maude Greenwood, of 72 The Righi, Eaglemont, and dearly loved father of Ewan and Lyle", interred Warringal Cemetery, Heidelberg; Parents Alfred and Katherine Jane, nee Batten. Also South Preston Roll.

Gilbert D

Single, 12 Seymour Street, Preston



Darcy, butcher. Brother of Stanley below, they were part of the family that gave Gilbert Road its name. Darcy served at Gallipoli, but contracted dysentery and was returned to Australia and declared medically unfit early in 1916. Died Heidelberg (Repatriation Hospital?), 1962, aged 77 years; parents Joseph Dennis and Elizabeth Ellen Gilbert (nee Staples)

Gilbert S

Single, 12 Seymour Street, Preston



Stanley Harold, farmer.   He enlisted in August, 1914, but was discharges as medically unfit (noted missing a finger on the right hand), but managed to re-enlist 09.02.1917, by which time he was married.  Killed in action near Peronne, France, 10.09.1918. Parents Joseph Dennis and Elizabeth Ellen Gilbert (nee Staples)

Glanfield, W

Single, Station Street, Preston



William Donovan, telegraph operator. Lieutenant, 8 Light Horse Brigade, died of cholera in Damascus, 15 October, 1918. Like his younger brother George, he also listed his father as in Sydney, although he himself enlisted from Alberton where he was stationed with the Railways Department. Parents George Hasler and Ellen Glanfield (nee Donovan). Also South Preston Roll