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 Preston and Gowerville Park : A Potted History

Were you one of tens of thousands that strutted their stuff in the Preston District Junior Football Association?

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The handful of pages here are updates from "Preston and Gowerville Park - A Home Away From Home", a history of the park originally known by that name - in more recent times simply as Preston City Oval or just "Cramer Street" - produced in February, 2014 on behalf of the Preston Cricket Club

(In fact, calling our home-away-from-home "Cramer Street"in the 1930s would have caused some confusion - today's H  P  Zwar Park extended to the street prior to construction of what was originally the Preston Girl's Technical School and was known as the Cramer Street Park)

The pages below are a few snippets from the book  most of which are "add-ons" as additional information becomes available or what is already there triggers additional memories from a reader

The two unsolved mysteries are the year (circa 1987-1881) that the Council opted for right-angle parking in Mary Street side with a subsequent loss of about 12 feet of the embankment, and secondly, because of the close connection of the cricket club (and to a lesser extent football club) to Crispe Park, the year in which Council acquired this reserve and developed it for recreational purposes

You can download the full update : Preston and Gowerville Park : update