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These are players believed to have started their careers with P.D.J.F.A. Teams - based on local knowledge and a scan of “The Encyclopedia of V.F.L. Players”.

There remains a significant number whose original clubs cannot be identified, including a number from Preston who came through the Thirds and whose source is uncertain.

Positively identified as ex-PDJFA

Geoff Leek (Preston Boys)

Ron Barassi (Preston Scouts)

Henry Coles (Kingsbury)

Len Thompson (North Reservoir)

Leigh Carlson (Regent)

Bob Beattie (North Reservoir)

Kevin Ellis (North Reservoir)

Kevin Grose (Reservoir Old Boys)

Ron Kingston (Wanderers)

Laurie Hill (Wanderers)

Bob Ireland (Wanderers)

Bob Heard (Wanderers)

John Mrakov (Wanderers)

Peter Daicos (Preston RSL)

Terry Alexander (Thornbury)

Brian Pert (Preston Scouts)

Peter Daicos (Preston Scouts)

Dennis Aspinall (Reservoir Colts)

Ray Saltmarsh (East Reservoir)

Mark Beers (Banyule)

John Benison (Reservoir Old Boys).

Craig Braddy (Olympic)

Shane Braddy (Olympic)

Ray Brain (North Reservoir)

Rod Carter (Banyule)

Stephen Clifford (Banyule)

Darren Collins (East Reservoir)

Ian Cooper (East Reservoir)

Darryl Cox (Regent scouts)

Kevin Darrigan (Wanderers)

Lex Dwyer (North Reservoir)

Barry Evans (Reservoir Colts)

Robert Farmer (Northcote Park)

John Formosa (North Reservoir)

Arthur Gooch (Preston Boys, later Wanderers)

Graham Goninon (unknown, won PDJFA B&F circa 1963)

Alan Quaife (Wanderers)

Don Furness (Preston Swimmers)

Peter McKenna (West Heidelberg YCW)

Kevin McLean (Bellfield)

Russell Jessop (Thornbury)

Anthony Koutifides (Lalor)

Peter Pettigrew (East Reservoir)

Trevor Lloyd (Olympic)

Ray Murnane (Thornbury)

Glenn Robertson (Olympic)

Leigh Robertson (Olympic)

Daryl Gutterson (Lalor)

Rod Waddell (Lalor)

Graham McColl (Preston Swimmers)

Brian Pert (Preston Swimmers)

Neville Shaw (Keon Park)

Stan Whitman (Preston Swimmers)

Keith Burns (Wanderers)

Terry Wight (Reservoir Old Boys)

Peter Weightman (Preston Swimmers)

Graeme Weatherley (Preston Swimmers)

Gary Tredrea (Reservoir Old Boys)

Chris Taylor (Banyule)

Frederick Smith (North Reservoir)

Greg Whitcroft (Banyule)

Ron Smith (listed as from PDJFA)

Graham Spooner (Preston Presbyterians)

Harvey Stevens (Reservoir)

Kevin Tame (listed as from PDJFA)

Gary Wallis (Lalor)

Keith Webb (listed as from PDJFA)

Garry Wilson (Preston Swimmers)

Craig Stewart (Bellfield)

Bill Tebble (Preston Boys)

Bruce Gonsalves (Kingsbury)

Peter Marshall (Bundoora)

Barry Armstrong (Bundoora)

Ian McRea (North Reservoir)

Ross Lyon (Reservoir Colts)

Andrew Ukovic (Kingsbury)

Garry Moorcroft (Keon Park)

Paul Licuria (Keon Park)

Gary Lazarus (Preston Swimmers)

Graeme Shephard (Keon Park)

Tony Shaw (Keon Park)

Brent Harvey (Preston RSL)

Neville Shaw (Keon Park)

Michael Bates (Reservoir Old Boys)

Paul Wheatley (Keon Park)

Mark Beers (Banyule)

Anthony Beers (Banyule)

Shane Harvey (Keon Park)

Brad Plain (Wanderers)

David Dickson (Preston Swimmers)

As per our Preston list, I have excluded most of the Diamond Valley and YCW clubs because of uncertainties as to whether they fielded under-age teams in the P.D.J.F.A., also whether or not players attributed to these clubs actually played their junior football with them.  Bundoora and Lalor are exceptions for DVFL because I know they both fielded P.D.J.F.A.  E.G. the Rocca brothers are both from North Reservoir, but did they play P.D.J.F.A.

Other players I believe came from the local area during P.D.J.F.A. years are below - a number of these came via Preston with their junior team yet to be identified.

Frank Bizzotto, Graham Calverley, Ray Calverley, John Dellamarta, Maurice Dunstan (Preston), Wayne Gordon (Preston via Thirds), David Dickson (Preston via Thirds), Arthur Fitt, Phil Manassa (West Heidelberg or WH YCW), Graham Shearer, Ian Rickman, Barry Padley

Although it doesn’t identify the source clubs, a quick reference for further backgrounds of League players can be found at The Australian Football web site.