The Melbourne Rules : An Esoteric History compiled by Brian Membrey

P.D.J.F.A. : Preston Football Club

A scan through my records for the Preston Football Club identifies a significant list of players (roughly meaning 25 games or more) that joined from the PDJFA.

The list does not include those from Diamond Valley clubs, simply because I’m not sure whether they fielded PDJFA teams (they could have, of course, played PDJFA before Diamond Valley) - the same principle applies to YCW clubs and Ivanhoe Amateurs.

Unfortunately neither the Annual Reports or press regularly identified where players where recruited from - if anyone can cast any light on others listed, clicking the FEEDBACK button would be much appreciated.    

Last Update : 14 August, 2018 - several additions after some collaboration with an historian building a database on behalf of Collingwood FC of their Seconds and Thirds players who never made it into a senior Eighteen. All lists converted to display as PDF files which can be downloaded. See also NOTES on a few players that remain with question marks as to origins.  Four pages, depending on your version of Acrobat Reader, Next/Previous arrows or alternatively the Scroll Bar


There is a little dispute over Shane Halas - Collingwood’s records show him as from Kingsbury, but the 1980 Grand Final Record has him from Keon Park Youth Club