Stuff you never knew, but are now glad you do!

FEBRUARY, 2017 : After a couple of years of just adding bits and pieces and suffering many frustrations with upgrades to the authoring package I use both losing links and re-sizing objects, the months December 2016 thru February 2017 have largely been devoted to reviewing and standardising all sections of the site.  

Along the way, a lot of new and updated material has been added.

Control Data Australia  

Many, many new articles added December 2016 to February 2017.  Check out the CDA Home Page for details

World War 1 Downloads :

All of the Honour Rolls are updated (probably 50 new entries in total) mid-December following an exhaustive search of some 17,000 National Archives headers which incorrectly show place of birth as “Melbourne” and where the actual Attestation shows a particular suburb or town.  Also additional embarkation and place of burial details.

Another exercise now completed of January is research into post-war (to the end of 1922) in military hospitals - to date, this has uncovered around 20 new entries to the Rolls. Also it appears that the NAA has completed (after about five years) the archives for those than volunteered but were rejected for one reason or another.

All in all, I can now say that the World War One research Darebin, Heidelberg, Eltham and Whittlesea is now complete - until I find something else!

Both of the Women In Uniform articles (Darebin and WikiNorthia) have been substantially upgraded with many new images and five or six new entries.  Insofar as sundry WW1 stuff, there and there are two new PDFs, the first describing the operations at No. 16 AGH at Mont Park shortly after many patients and staff were transferred there from the Base Hospital in St. Kilda Road August-September ; the other covering the post-war remedial industrial training provided at Mont Park post-war.  There is also a new history of WW1 and WW2 servicemen interred at Warringal Cemetery in Heidelberg, recognised as an official Commonwealth War Graves Commission site

Darebin :

Most of the Downloads have been updated,  There are also a couple of new Downloads of a relatively small size, again a couple more that I hope to complete before the end of the month (note he cleverly disguises which month … “Free Beer Tomorrow …”).

South Preston State School :

A few updates to the In Memoriam Roll and History; rather more to Memories.  Given it was suggested at the 150th Anniversary Open Day on 6 November that an “official” history of the school is under way, all of my History has been handed over to the nominated compiler and further updates to my document are most unlikely.  I’ll post details when more in known of the official version, but practical experience suggests it is probably at least twelve months away

Cricket :

Two or three pieces of nonsense added, but more importantly a comprehensive history of the difficult birth of District and subsequently Sub-District cricket in Melbourne, 1906-1908.  Rather strangely, neither “Seasons of the Sun”, an extensive history of the V.C.A. Or a Subbies history of around eight years ago make much mention of the problems of establishing a residential cricket scheme in Melbourne.  But then again, that’s what OzSportsHistory is all about!

Melbourne Rules … OK?

Like all other sections, now under a complete overhaul with many of the articles updated - specifically the new articles are under Sporting Grounds - The Exhibition Buildings, Metropolitan Ground and Odd Spots. Two newbies under Rules 1897 : The V.F.L. And 1938 : The Throw-Pass - many of the originals under this section have been updated.  Also under Local Rules, the section devoted to footy around the Preston area, the background to a Local Legend, Kevin Murray, a Rezza boy, but who never played PDJFA; plus a rundown from a 1978 Preston Post-Times outlining teams in the Diamond Valley and Panton Hill Leagues.

The background of the University Football Club has also been totally re-structured to sub-pages - at something like eight of the old A4 pages in length, previously far too long far average Joe to read on screen.  The hard-copy PDF is still available as a consolidated document.