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The Great War : State Schools Metropolitan District 4


"The Education Department’s Record of War Service 1914-1918" published post-war was devoted to the men from the Department that served, but it also included a section "The Work of War Relief" which detailed the fund-raising efforts of the Education Department's War Relief Fund.

Part of that section listed the funds raised by each individual school in Victoria, all of Darebin's schools were included within Metropolitan District 4 which covered most of the north and north-eastern areas of Melbourne.  The list did not reveal the exact number of pupils (one estimate placed Northcote at around 1,200), but did show Fairfield Park as raising the greatest amount in the District (although Prince's Hill in North Carlton contributed more on a pro rata basis).



** The Sutherland Home School in Yan Yean Road, Diamond Creek was part of an orphanage conducted by a private charitable trust but had official Education Department status as a registered State School

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The title page from the Education Department’s Record of War Service, a 300-page publication presented to all Department staff that served.

Corporal Arthur James Hicks was teaching at Rutherglen where he was born; he served as 4510, Private, 14 Infantry, later as Bombardier, 12 Field Artillery before returning to Australia in June, 1919.