The Rolls - both In Memoriam and Enlistments are now COMPLETE (until I find a really, really good reason to change them!

With the ever-increasing volume of material available for downloading, I have had to split the World War One section to separate pages - maybe an extra click for you, but a neater layout for everybody else

One small (perhaps large) celebration for First World War researchers is that National Archive have after about five years of “drip-feeding” the basic details of those that volunteered (series MT1486/1) have FINALLY completed the exercise.

These cover the north nd north-eastern area of Melbourne - obviously vastly different from today’s sprawling metropolis.






863  (22.2%)


500 (11.4%)


289  (23.4%)


135  (9.8%)


126  (21.0%)


  55  (8.3%)


131  (21.5%)


50  (7.6%

The table to the right shows the total casualties (and a percentage of those accepted), the number that volunteered and were accepted; and the number of known volunteers that were rejected and did not enter camp - the percentage of the total that volunteered.

As a rough comparison, the AWM shows 61,351 casualties including those that died before embarking (number unknown).  

There were 338,610 that embarked, nominally a casualty rate of 18.1.  All our casualty rates are somewhat higher because they include many servicemen that died from war-related wounds or illnesses, but after discharge - these still somewhat controversially excluded from the AWM Honour Roll despite most of then dying in military hospitals.