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All Rolls of Honour and corresponding Indexes have been updated : most of the Rolls have around eight new additions identified in the Indexes; also many new Family Notices have been added and most entries where space permits have images of the serviceman’s final resting place or alternatively memorial included.  - I’ve said it before, but this really is in all likelihood the final update

(Oh, Lawdy … I’ve said it again!

There are also updates to the “Women In Uniform” documents - both for Darebin and the wider area covered by WikiNorthia - latter includes Annie Frances GRIFFIN from West Brunswick who unfortunately became a victim of the war when she died in the Caulfield Repatriation Hospital on 11 June, 1922.

One small (perhaps large) celebration for First World War researchers is that National Archive have after about five years of “drip-feeding” the basic details of those that volunteered (series MT1486/1) have FINALLY completed the exercise and the Enlistment Rolls are now complete






863  (22 2%)


500 (11 4%)


289  (23 4%)


135  (9 8%)


126  (21 0%)


  55  (8 3%)


131  (21 5%)


50  (7 6%

The table to the right shows the total casualties (and a percentage of those accepted), the number that volunteered and were accepted; and the number of known volunteers that were rejected and did not enter camp - the percentage of the total that volunteered .

(Note at the time of the War, Fairfield and Alphington were part of the Shire of Heidelberg and constitute around half of the total. They are also included under Darebin to reflect today’s municipal boundaries)

As a rough comparison, the AWM shows 61,351 casualties including those that died before embarking (number unknown)   

There were 338,610 that embarked, nominally a casualty rate of 18 1   All our casualty rates are somewhat higher because they include many servicemen that died from war-related wounds or illnesses, but after discharge - these still somewhat controversially excluded from the AWM Honour Roll despite most of then dying in military hospitals