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South Preston State School Updated February, 2018

South Preston State School Honour Roll

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UPDATED :February, 2018  An extensive background to those from the South Preston school that served during the First World War and commemorated on the Honour Board unveiled in July, 1919  The 2018 includes another 4 or 5 not previously identified and provides substantially more detail on post-war history including marriages and deaths (usually in that order!

Individual details now available on-line

Preston State School (Tyler Street)

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CREATED November, 2015 - an extract from the above, specifically for Tyler Street

South Preston SS - Memories

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South Preston State School as remembered by a snotty-nosed and muddied-kneed pupil of the early-1950s … anything to add?  

South Preston SS - Some History


A history of the school dating back to Day One in 1866 when the first classes were held in a converted barn near the corner of Raglan and Albert streets