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Sundry Darebin historical stuff Latest : Updated November, 2016

1917 : Northcote Under Attack

NEW : November, 2016  An astonishing discovery of an alleged (but never proven) 1917 plot of Irish nationalists to blow up an artillery battery on the banks of the Merri Creek in Northcote. Real or  a political set-up?

1915 : Northcote’s Underground Rivers

NEW : November, 2016    Droughts in the twentieth century? Perhaps those based in the southern parts of Northcote close to the Merri (and perhaps Darebin) creeks should dig a little deeper!

1889 : The Railway Cometh


UPDATED October, 2016  A history of the the railway in Darebin - real and promised! (Mostly promised)

The Croxton Park Racing Club


The Croxton Park Racing Club of 1870

The Australian Trotting Club


The Australian Trotting Club and its grand plans for a track in Northcote

The German Picnics


The German Picnics : a history of the Deutscher Turn Verein Society's annual picnics in Northcote

George Alexander : International Sportsman

George Alexander : Darebin's First International Sportsman

The Mark Of Zorro

The Mark of Zorro : A history of Preston's picture theatres  UPDATED October, 2016

1930 : The Local Options Poll


How Darebin voted when there was a proposal to de-license hotels within the areas

Preston and Gowerville Park : update


An update to the original edition written on behalf of the Preston Cricket Club, February, 2014.

The City of Darebin : Cazaly Ward


UPDATED January, 2017 with some fascinating details on Roy’s great mate, Stan JOOLEN (aka VAN JOOLEN), including a little-known “premiership” while serving during WW2 A background of the legendary Roy "Up There"Cazaly's coaching time at the Preston Football Club.  The full story as never told before.