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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey


Shire of Preston : Streets S - Y

Scotia-st., off Bell-st.

Seymour-st., 139 Plenty-rd. to High-st.

Shakespeare-avenue. Plenty-rd. to Tennyson-avenue

Showers-st., 121 High-st. to Frank-st.

South-rd., Reservoir to Mendip-rd. * (Storey Road) **

South-st., 76 Bell-st to David-st.

Southernhay-st., off High-st. **

Spencer-st., 553 High-st. to William-st.

Spring-st., Murray-rd. to High-st.

Station-st., 631 High-st. to Spring-st.

Steane-st, McColl-st. to Dsrebin-creek

Sussex-st., Victoria-st. to Newcastle-st.

Swallow-st., off 29 Gower-st.

Swift-st., off 358 Plenty-rd.

Sylvester-grove. Dean-st. to Murphy-grove

Thackeray-rd., off High-st. **

Thomas-st., off Plenty-rd.

Thomson-st., Gower-st. to David-st.

Town HalI-avenue, Kelvin-grove to Plenty-rd.

Trudgeon-st., off 13 Station-st.

Tyler-st., Darebin-creek to High-st.

Tynan-st, Murray-rd to Benambra-st.

Verdon-grove, off Spring-st. **

Victoria-st., Dundas-st. to Bell-st.

View-st., off Gilbert-rd. **

Wallace-st., Elizabeth-st. to Jessie-st.

Walton-avenue, Harold-st. to Newcastle-St.

Warr's-avenue, 75 High-st. to Railway-place East

Warwick-st., off Spring-st. *

West-st., Clinch-avenue to 9 Olver-st.

Wild-st., High-st. to railway

Wilcox-st., High-st. to Plenty-rd.

William-st., Murray-rd. to 15 Olver-st.

Willoughby-st., Edward-st. to Henty-st. **

Winifred-st., off 490 High-st.

Wood-st., Darebin-creek to High-st.

Yann-st., High-st. to Plenty-rd.

Youngman-st, off High-st.

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed  ** designates streets now officially classified as Reservoir