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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey


Shire of Preston : Streets L to R

Lake-st., Gilbert-rd. to Edgar's-creek. **

Leamington-st., Epping-rd. to Edgar's-creek. **

Leicester-st., Elizabeth-st. to Jessie-st.

Leonard-st., off Cooper-st.

Livingstone-st., 246 Plenty-rd. to South-st.

McCartney-st., off Broad-st. (McCarten) **

McComas-st., McColl-st. to Darebin-st.

McDonald-st., Murray-rd. to Cramer-st.

Malpas-st., off Plenty-rd.

Maritana-avenue, off Regent-st. **

Mary-st., 148 Bell-st. to Murray-rd.

Mason-st. 16 Jeffrey-st. to High-st. **

May-st., 59 Spring-st. to Gilbert-rd.

Miller-st., McColl-st. to Crevelli-st. * (Newton Street)

Milton-st., off 48 Plenty-rd.

Montague-st., off 10 Hotham-st.

Morgan-st., off 27 Wood-st.

Mount-st, Bell-st. to Bruce-st.

Murphy-grove, Wood-st. to Murray-rd.

Murray-rd, Plenty-rd. to boundary

Mutimer-lane, off Gower-st. (Mutimer Street)

Newcastle-st., Dundas-st. to Bell-st.

North-rd., Mendip-st to Reservoir. **

Northernhay-st., off High-st. **

Oakover-rd., 59 High-st. to Bell-st. * western end now Robeson street)

Olive-st., Henty-st to Edward-st. **

Olver-st., 521 High-st. to William-st.

Osborne-grove, Plenty-rd. to Hotham-st.

Park-st., off High-st. * (Garden-st) **

Paterson-st., Bell-st. to Gower-st. (Patterson)

Pender-st., Plenty-rd. to High-st.

Percival-st., 83 Tyler-st. to High-st.

Peter-st., off 165 Bell=st.

Pine-st., Henty-st. to Edward-st. **

Plenty-rd., off 82 Dundas-st.

Powell-st., 683 High-st, to Spring-st. **

Preston-st., off Spring-st. * (Bricknell Street)

Preston-st., (South-Preston), off High-st.

Princess-st, off Dundas-st.

Queen-st., High-st. to Oakhill=avenue **

Raglan-st., Princess-st. to High-st.

Railway-place East, Bell-st. to Dundas-st.

Railway-place West, Bell-st. to Oakover-rd.

Railway-place West, off Berwick-st. * (Stanlake Street)

Ralph-st., off Spring-st. **

Rathmines-st., off Spring-st. *

Regent-st., 603 High-st to Gilbert-rd.

Robertson-st. off Wood-st.

Roseberry-avenue, High-at to Plenty-rd.

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed  ** designates streets now officially classified as Reservoir