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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey


Shire of Preston : Streets E to L

Edgar-st., High-st. to Arlington-st.

Edith-st., off Bruce-st.

Edward-st., Spring-st. to Edgar's-creek **

Edwin-st., off Victoria-st.

Elizabeth-st., Murray-rd. to Bell-st.

Epping-rd., off High-st. * (now High Street)

Erin-st., off Bell-st.

Fetling-st., Murray-rd. to Cooper-st.

Flett-st., 110 Plenty-rd. to Hotham-st.

Foch-st., off Tyler-st. **

Frank-st., Bell-st. to Murray-rd. * (St. George's Road western side)

Garnet-st., 161 Plenty-rd. to Railway-place East

George-st., Henty-st. to Edward-st. **

Gertrude-st., High-st. to railway

Gilbert-rd., Murray-rd. to Edward-st. (now south to Miller Street)

Gloucester-rd, Fence to Henty-st. **

Gower-st., High-st. to Darebin-creek

Grampian-st. Murray-rd to Benambra-st.

Grand View-st., Murray-rd. to Cramer-st.

Harbury-st., Edward-st. to Leamington-st.  **

Harold-st., off Bell-st.

Henry-st.. 641 High-st. to railway **

Henty-st., Spring-st. to Edgar's-creek **

Heron-st., off Bell-st. *

High-st., Dundas-st. to Broad-st.

Highview-st., off Wood-st.

Hotham-st., 76 Dundas-st. to Bell-st.

Howard-st., High-st. to Mendip-rd. **

Jeffrey-st., 58 Tyler-st. to Mason-st. **

Jessie-st., Bell-st. to Murray-rd.

John-St., Station-St. to Powell-st. * (Robinson Road)

John-st. (South Preston), 190 Bell-st. to Cramer-st. * (St. George's Road, eastern side)

Josephine-grove, off Plenty-rd.

Junction-st, High-st. to Plenty-rd.

Kane-st., off Elizabeth-st.

Kelsby-st., Edward-st. to Leamington-st. **

Kenilworth-st., off High-st. **

Killara-st., off 12 Jeffrey-st. **

King William-st., off High-st. **

Kitchener-grove, off Wood-st.

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed  ** designates streets now officially classified as Reservoir