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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey


Shire of Preston : Streets A to D

Agnes-st., Murray-rd. to Cramer-st. * (also Park avenue, Preston Market site)

Albert-st., (Formerly Eileen and Angliss-st), Dundas-st. to Gower-st.

Alfred-st., off Victoria-st.

Annie-st., off Fetling-st. * (western end of Asling Street)

Arlington-st., Mason-st. to Tyler-st. **

Arthur-st., off 180 Bell-st.

Ashley-st., Henty-st. to Edward-st. **

Ashton-st., Tyler-st. to Drysdale-st. **

Asling-st., off 15 Spring-st.

Austral-avenue, off Bell-st.

Bailey-avenue., Newcastle-st. to Victoria-st.

Bartlett-st., Regent-st. to May-st.

Barton-st., off Sydney-grove. **

Beauchamp-st., High-st. to Plenty-rd.

Bell-st., Darebin-creek to Merri-creek

Benambra-st., Gilbert-rd. to Grampian-st

Berwick-st., 122 Spring-st. to Railway-place. **

Best-st., Edward-st. to Leamington-st. **

Blanche-st., off Bell-st.

Blundy-avenue, off Raglan-st. * (Hurlstone Avenue)

Bond-st., Cramer-st. to Murray-rd.

Bowden-st., Tyler-st. to Shakespeare-av.

Brighton-avenue, off 138 Plenty-rd.

Broad-st., High-st. to Plenty-rd. * (Broadway) **

Brown-st., off Dean-st.

Bruce-st., Mount-st. to High-st.

Buxton-st., off Spring-st. * (Croft Crescent?) **

Byfield-st., Edward-st. to Leamington-st. **

Chaleyer-st., Plenty-rd. to Crevelli-st. **

Carlisle-st., Newcastle-st. to Hotham-st.

Charles-st., Murray-rd. to Benambra-st.

Cheddar-rd., off Broad-st.

Cleeland-st., Spring-st. to Olive-st.

Clifton-grove, Bell-st. to David-st.

Collins-st., Elizabeth-st. to Jessie-st.

Combie-st, off 243 Plenty-rd.

Compton-st., Edwardes-st. to Leamington-st. **

Cooma-st., 29 Gower-st. to Dalgety-st.

Cooper-st., 15 Spring-st. to Gilbert-rd.

Cramer-st., 329 High-st. to Merri-creek.

Crawley-st., 663 High-st. to Spring-st. **

Crevelli-st., Steane-st. to Chaleyer-st.

Dalgety-st., 228 High-st. to Cooma-st.

Daventry-st., Edward-st. to Leamington-st. **

David-st., 202 High-st. to Paterson-st.

Davis-st., off McCartney-st. **

Dean-st., off Wood-st.

Delaware-st, High-st. to Mendip-rd.  **

Donovan-st., off 154 Bell-st.

Drysdale-st., McColl-st. to Darebin-creek **

Dundas-st., Railway to Princess-st.

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed  ** designates streets now officially classified as Reservoir