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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey


The City of Northcote : Streest L to R

Langston-st., 175 Westgarth-st. to Gotch-st.

Langwell's-parade, off High-st.

Merri-parade, 1 Westgarth-st. to Charles-st. * (to Slater Street, from 1924 James Street (east of High Street)

Merri Vale-st., Normanby-avenue to Hutton-St. * (Comas Grove from 1923) **

Merri-st., 178 High-st. to Waterloo-rd

Miller-st., St. George's-rd. to Merri-creek

Mitchell-st., 282 High-st. to Rathmines-st

Morley-st., St. George's-rd. to Merri-creek. (western end of Gladstone Avenue from 1917)

Muriel-st., off Clarke-st.

Murray-st., Railway-place West to St. George's-rd. **

Myrtle-st, continuation of Latham-st.  * (Bird Avenue from 1947)

Newcastle-st,, Dundas-st. to Mansfield-st. **

Newman-st., Leinster-grove to Merri-creek **

Normanby-avenue, 703 High-st to Merri Creek

Northcote-st., 159 Bastings.st. to Mitchell-st.

Oxford-st., Bastings-st. to Clarke-st.

Palmer-st., off Clarke-st.

Park-st., 31 Union-st. to Westbourne-grove

Pearl-st., Steane-st. to Roberts-st.

Peel-st., off Russell-st.

Pender-st., 804 High-st. to Hamilton-st. **

Plant-st., Roberts-st. to South-crescent * (Edwards Crescent from 1923, now Evans Crescent)

Plow-st. 6 Hutton-st. to B1yth-st. **

Prospect-grove, 26 Mitchell-st. to Bastings-st.

Railway-parade, 137 Hawthorn-rd. to Arthurton-rd.

Railway-parade, (Thornbury), Normanby-avenue to Hutton-st. * (Clapham Street from 1919) **

Railway-place, off Hutton-st. * (Findlay Place from 1917)

Railway-st., 159 Bastings-st. to Mitchell-St. * (Ellesmere Street from 1917)

Raleigh-st., High-st. to Rathmines-st. **

Reid-st., 60 Darebin-rd. to Dennis-st.

Rennie.st., St. George's-rd. to Merri-creek.

Robb's-parade, off 392 High-st.

Roberts-st., 28 Pearl-st. to Parsons-st.

Robertson-st., Gotch-st. to railway. * (Howitt Street from 1924(

Ross-st., Westgarth-st. to Merri-creek.

Rossmoyne-st., High-st. to Rathmines-st. **

Rucker-st., Westgarth-st. to Cunningham-st.

Russell-st., oft Clarke-st. to Bastings-st.

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed.  ** designates streets now officially classified as Thornbury