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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey


The City of Northcote : Streets A - D

Aberdeen-grove, Carnarvon-avenue to 84 St. George's-rd.

Agnes-st. (late Derby-avenue), off 63 St.David-st. **

Aberdeen-st., St. George's-rd. to Merri creek. * (Aberdeen Grove above)

Alexander-st., 83 Darebin-rd. to Speight-st. (Alexandra Street)

Anderson-rd., off Moreland-rd. **

Andrew-st., Brooks-st. to Separation-st

Archbold-st., Dundas-st. to Flinders-st

Armadale-st., (To 1916 Cecil-st), 13 Darebin-rd. to Clarendon-st.

Arthurton-rd., 387 High-st. to Merri creek bridge.

Atkinson-st., 57 Gotch-st. to railway.

Auburn-avenue, St. George's-rd. to Merri-creek.

Balgonie-place, off 6 Separation-st.

Ballantyne-st, 731 High-st. to Leicester-crescent.

Bank-st,, Mitchell-st. to Lawry-st.  * (Frederick Street from 1924)

Barry-st., 107 High-st. to Merri-parade.

Bastlngs-st.,198 High-st. to Rathmines-st

Bay View-st., off High-st.

Beaconsfield-st., (Formerly Eskine-st,), 509 High-st. to St. George's-rd. (Beaconsfield Parade)

Beaver's-rd., 469 High-st. to Merrl-creek.

Benjamin-st., 599 High-st. to Ethel-st.  **

Bent-st, (late Gladstone_st) 443 High-st. to St. George's-rd

Bent's-avenue off Rathmines-st. * (Cain Avenue from 1924)

Birt-st., off 133 Separation-st.  (Burt Street below)

Blyth-st., 881 High-St. to Ethel-st.  **

Boothby-st., off Mitchell-st.

Boundary-rd.-see Dundas-st. * (Miller Street from 1924)

Bower-st., 189 Westgartb-st. to railway  

Bridge-st., Merri-parade to High-st.

Brook-st., off Mason-st. (Brooke Street)

Burt-st., off 133 Separation-st.

Butler-st. Merri-st. to Bastings-st.

Campbell-grove, off High-st.

Candy-st., 108 High-st. to railway.

Carnarvon-avenue, 22 Park-st. to Westbourne-grove. * (extension of Park Road?)

Charles-st, St. George's-rd to Lower High-st

Christmas-st., 4 St. David-st. to Rathmines-st.

Clarendon-st., 652 High-st. to Rathmines-st.

Clarke-st., Rathmines-st. to Merri-creek.

Clyde-st., St. David-st. to Wilmott-st. **

Collins-st., High-st. to Fairfield.

Comas-grove, Hutton-st. to Miller-st. **

Creek-parade, 2 High-st. to Ross-st. * (The Parade from 1917)

Cunningham-st. off Merri-creek

Dally-st., 31 Dennis-st. to Darebin-rd.

Darebin-rd., High-st. to Wilmott-st.

Davies-st., Merri-parade to Union-st.

Dennis-st., 516 High-St. to St. David st.

Derby-avenue, 63 St.David-st. to Kelvin-grove

Derby-st., Brooks-st. to Mitchell-st.

Dixon-st., 89 Goteh-st. to railway

Dundas-st., railway to Fairfield  **

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed.  ** designates streets now officially classified as Thornbury