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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey


The City of Northcote : Streets E - K

East-st., 90 Westgarth-st. to Cunningham-st.

Eastman-st., 176 Hawthorn-rd. to Westbourne-grove.

Edward-st., 117 Westgartb-st. to railway

Edwards-crescent, 75 Westgarth-st. to railway-reserve. * (Evans Crescent)

Elizabeth-st., Merri-creek to St. George's rd.

Elm-st., 417 High-st., to St. George's rd,

Emmaline-St., (late Sargood -st) St. George's-rd. to railway.

Ethel-st., 8 Hutton-st. to Boundary-rd **

Eunson-avenue, St. George's-rd. to Merri-creek

Fenwick-st., 16 Kelvin-grove to St David-st.**

Flinders-st., 140 High-st. to Victoria-st . **

Frederick-st., off 4 Mitchell-st. * (Bank Street north of Mitchell Street from 1923)

Fyffe-st., Strettle-st. to St George's-rd **

Gadd-st., (late Sladen-st)  St. George's-rd. to railway.

Garden-st., 34 Bastlngs-st. to Merrl-st

George-st. off 71 Union-st.

Gibson-st., off Derby-st.

Gladstone-avenue, (late Stamford-av), 481 High-St. to St George's-rd.

Gladstone-st., St. George's-rd. to Merri creek (Gladstone Avenue)

Glanfield-st, Mitchell-st. to Separation-st.

Gooch-st., High-st. to Rathmines-st.

Gordon-grove, 68 St. George's-rd. to Park-st.* (Vauxhall Road from 1924)

Gotch-st., Rathmines-st. to Simpson-st. * (Thomson Street from 1924)

Green-st., 147 Westgarth-st. to Railway-reserve. * (Pinkney Street from 1924)

Grey-st., off 292 Clarke-st. (Gray Street)

Hamilton-st.—see Victoria-rd. North.

Hammond-st., Wales-st. to Hamilton-st.  **

Harold-st., 791 High-st. to St. George's-rd **

Harper-st., 107 Westgarth-st. to railway

Hartington-st., 89 Westbourne-grove to Arthurton-rd.

Hartley-St., 160 MItchell-st, to Bastings-st.

Hawthorn-rd., St. George's-rd. to High-st.

Hay-st., 334 Clarke-st. to railway.  * (Lees Street from 1924)

Hayes-st., 11 Dennis-st. to Darebin-rd.

Helen-st., 135 Westbourne-grove to Station-grove.

Helen-st. Extension Arthurton-rd. to Station-grove

Henderson-st., 221 Westgarth-st. to Gotch-st.

Henry-st., 127 Westbourne-grove to Hawthorn-rd.

Herbert-st., 93 Westbourne-grove to Hawthorn-rd. * (Candy Street)

High-st., Boundary-rd. to Merri-creek

Hillside-avenue, off Bastings-st.

Hopetoun-st., off 109 SeparatIon-st.

Hotham-st., Dundas-st. to Mansfleld-st.

Hunter-st., Dennis-st. South to Langwell's-parade

Hutton-st., 821 HIgh-st. to Comas-grove **

Ilma-grove, Prospect-grove to Waterloo-rd.

Jackson-st., Steane-st. to Clarke-st.

James-st., High-st. to railway.

Jamieson-st., 112 Roberts-st. to railway.

Jenkin-st., 14 St. David-st. to Hamilton-st. (Jenkins Street)

JessIe-st., 127 Westgarth-st. to Railway-reserve

Johnson-st., off 8 Beaconsfield-parade

Kellett-st., St. David-St. to Rathmines-st.

Kelvin-grove, 25 Darebin-rd. to Martin-st. **

Kemp-st., 607 High-st. to St. George's-rd. **

Keon-st., St. George's-rd. to Merri-creek **

Knowles-st., 91 Westgarth-st. to railway

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed.  ** designates streets now officially classified as Thornbury