Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey



Agg-st., Arthur-st. to Sparks-avenue **

Albert-st., Victoria-rd. to Bower-st. (Now Northcote)

Arthur-st., Park-cres. to Mansfield-st.

Bower-st., Heidelberg-rd. to Westgarth-st. (Now Northcote)

Christmas-st., Sparks-av. to Arthur-st.  

Clarendon-st, off Turner-st. to Station- St. **

Collins-st., Station-st. to creek. **

Dundas-st., off creek **

Fairfield-rd., Heidelberg-rd. to Mitchell-st.

Flinders-st., Station-st. to Darebin-creek **

Gillies-st., Heidelberg-rd. to Mansfield-st.

Heidelberg-rd., Merri-creek. to Fairfield-rd.

Macgregor-st., off Station-st to Sparks-av.

Mansfield-st., Rathmines-st. to Sparks-av

Mitchell-st., Station-st. to Arthur-st.

Park-crescent, Bond-st. to Alphington-st.

Quarry-st., off Flinders-st. to Collins-st. * (Quadhall Ave)

Railway-place North, Fairfield-rd. to Rathmines-st. * (Extension of Wingrove Street?)

Railway-place South, Fairfield-rd. to Rathmines-st.

Raleigh-st., Rathmines-st. to Sparks-av. **

Rathmines-st., Heidelberg-rd. to Mansfield-st.

Separation-st., Rathmines-st. to Sparks-avenue.

Simpson-st. South. Westgarth-st. to Heidelberg-rd. * (Holmes Street, Northcote) ?

Sparks-avenue, Fairfield-rd. to Mansfield. St.

Station-st., Park-crescent to Dundas-st.

Turner-st., Mansfield-st. to Ford-st. **

Victoria-rd., Heidelberg-rd. to Westgarth-st. (now Northcote)

Westgarth-st., Simpson-st. South to Bond-st.  (now Northcote)

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed  ** designates streets now officially classified as Thornbury