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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey


McClure-st., Sparks-avenue to Darebin-creek (now Thornbury)

McGregor-st., Sparks-av. to Grange-rd. **

Mercil-rd., off Railway-avenue **

Miller-st., Heidelberg-rd. to Railway-place **

Monamore-st., off Perry-st. to Grange-rd. **

Montefiore-st., off Perry-st. **

Old Heidelberg-rd., Heidelberg-rd. to creek

Palm-st., off Grange-rd. to Perry-st. **

Park-avenue, off Heidelberg-rd. to Riverview-grove

Park-crescent, off Austin-st. **

Park View-rd., off Heidelberg-rd. to river.

Perry-st., Heidelberg-rd. to McClure-st. **

Phillip-st., Adams-st. to Yarra-st. (Phillips Street)

Plimsoll-gr., off Fairfield-rd. to White-st. **

Railway-place, Miller-st. to Yarra-st. **

Rayment-st., Fairfield-rd. to Fulham-rd. **

Rivervlew-gr., Parkview-rd. to Alice-st.

Roemer-crescent, Yarra-st. to Bank-st.

Rushall-st.,, Fairfield-rd. to Perry-st. **

Separation-st., Fulham-rd. to Sparks-avenue **

St. Bernard's-rd., Como-st. to Lucerne-crescent

St. Elmo-avenue, Parkview-rd. to St. Elmo-rd. * (Lugton Street)

St. Elmo-rd., off Heidelberg-rd. to St. Elmo-avenue * (Latrobe Avenue)

St. Gothard's-rd., Como-st. to Lucerne-crescent.

White-st., Darling-st. to Rayment-st. **

Wingrove-st., Fairfield-rd. to Fuiham-rd. **

Woodlands-avenue, off Woodlands-rd. to St. Elmo-st.

Woodlands-rd., off Heideiberg.rd. to Woodlands-avenue.

Yarra-st., Darebin-creek to river *

Yarraford-av., from River to Heidelberg-rd. **

Alphington : Streets L to Y

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed.  ** designates streets now officially classified as Fairfield