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Compiled for Darebin Heritage by Brian Membrey


Abbott-st., Fulham-rd. to creek.  * (Extension of Wingrove street)?

Alice-st., off Killop-st. * (View Street)?

Alphington-st., from Heidelberg-rd. to river

Arbor-st.. Yarra-st. to Heidelberg-rd. **

Austin-st., off Park-crescent **

Ballinamona-st.., off Perry-st. to Grange=rd. **

Bank-st., Arbor-st. to Yarra-st. **

Broomfield-avenue, Railway to Heidelberg-rd. **

Chamouni-st., Como-st. to Lucerne-crescent.

Christmas-St., Darebin-creek. to Grange-rd. **

Como-St., Heidelberg-rd. to Lucerne-crescent

Darebin-st., Sparks-av. to Darebin Creek (now Thornbury)

Darling-st., off Fairfield-rd. to Grange-rd. **

Edwins-st., Sparks-av. to Fulham-rd. (Edwin Street) **

Evans-st., off Perry-st. to Grange-rd. **

Fairfield-rd., Heidelberg-rd. to Rayment-st. **

Foulkes-st., Yarra-st. to Adams-st.

Fulham-avenue, Fulham-rd. to Grange-rd. * (Darling Street east?) **

Fulham-rd., Heidelberg-rd. to Darebin-st.

Geneva-rd. off Lucerne-crescent to Como-St.

Gibson-st., Adam's-st. to Yarra-st.

Gordon-st., Fairfield-rd. to Perry-st. **

Grange-rd.., Fulham-avenue to McClure-st. **

Harker-st., Heidelberg-rd. to railway fence

Heidelberg-rd., off Fairfield-rd.

Kelvin-rd., off Monamore-st.  **

Kennedy-st., Grange-rd. to Perry-st. **

Langridge-st., Fairfield-rd. to Perry-st. **

Lowther-st., off Heidelberg-rd. to railway

Lucerne-crescent, Heidelberg-rd. To Roemer-crescent.

Alphington A to K

* designates streets either no longer existing or known to have been subsequently renamed.  ** designates streets now officially classified as Fairfield