Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey



In this section, we have included some material relating to Control Data and the Victorian TAB systems gleaned from “TABLOID”, the Board’s monthly staff newsletter.

Many copies from 1970 to 1975 were originally retained by the late Andrea Taylor, with the TAB's Publicity Department at the time and the compiler of TABLOID for many years, subsequently passed into the bottomless treasure chest of Ron Bird’s early computer memorabilia, and hence onto the author.

The articles give a slightly different slant from that of The Australian and revive memories of many of the key figures from the TAB that many Control Data personnel interfaced with over the years.

The pages are presented in chronological order, the principal activity of the time of course the announcement and implementation of RIMFIRE along with the associate manufacture of the RIOT terminals at the Cheltenham plant.

Sadly, the original quality of the images included in the monthly newsletter was not great and being on reflective glossy paper somewhat difficult to reproduce without a high quality scanner, but we have included them as best we can.

A few items on the menu are from TAB sources other than TABLOID and may be in PDF format to preserve the original format - file sizes are indicated where a download is appropriate.

Please contact us via the Feedback page if you have other TABLOIDs with CDA material for addition to this section.

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