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VicTab and CDA : Computerization

2018 Updates

December : 2018  CARBINE Computer Room, 1980 (courtesy of Peter Johnson)

June : 2018

Given the growth of material under the “VicTAB” page, I’ve opted to split the original to two streams -VicTAB and CDA Computerization” and “VicTAB : How and Why?” which details many of the reasons why on-course totalizators did not appear on Melbourne courses until nearly a half-century after other colonies - or states after Federation in 1901.

(We specifically suggest “Melbourne” courses - we doubt that more than handful still breathing will be aware that the first legal operation of a “tote” on-course in Victoria was at the thriving metropolis of Pirron Yallock!)

These were in reality always two separate historical streams with a just a little cross-over in the 1960s.  At some point, I’ll probably bump “How and Why” to a higher level within the structure as it  has little connection to ex-CDA activities.

Other the re-structuring, there is a major addition under CRISP : The Dud.  

This is largely collated from material supplied at the 2018 biennial re-union and via several later email exchanges with both Marcel Dayan and one or two of the external people involved with the awarding of the contract and subsequent implementation by R.T. (Real-Time) Systems Limited.

R.T. Systems were virtual unknown in Victoria when awarded the prime contract for the replacement, but as the new page points out, they were well-established in the totalizator scene in New South Wales.   Now read on

CRISP : Mark II?

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Right : A rare image of the CARBINE computer room in 1980 courtesy of Peter Johnson.  Most of the equipment was that of the mid-1960’s and arguably approaching “dinosaur” status, but bravely still trying to cope with an ever-increasing demand following the cancellation of CRISP