Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

The William C. Norris Scrapbooks (V2 Pages 61-180)


April, 1964

Program : Pittsburgh Chapter, Systems and Procedures Association, page 63 program overlays articles “Control Data Computers Will Be Used in Geneva”, “Texas Firm Acquired as Subsidiary” (Computer Laboratories Inc); “Control Data Shows A Downward Slide”


June, 1964

Specialist Rides Herd on Control Data Stock, “Scientific and Technological Briefing for Management”, University of Connecticut


April, 64

CDC full page Wall Street Journal ad.  “and what this means to you … a message from W. C. Norris…” on acquisition by CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) also page 63 article Wall Street Journal  


June, 1964

Duplicates 69


June, 1964

Balance of program for University of Connecticut


June, 1964

“Control Data: Big Success, Big Gamble”, (FORBES magazine)


June, 1964

Continuation of above plus “Seymour’s Place” on design laboratory at Chippewa Falls


June, 1964

Completion of FORBES article


June, 1964

Six to get Honorary Doctorates at Nebraska University” including (surprise!), Norris (Doctorate of Science)


June, 1964

Booklet and proceedings from Nebraska University, only relevance Norris commendation (pages 90 and 99), reading of citation page 118


June, 1964

“Democracy Thought Gaining In Industry” CDC quoted “one of the most democratic companies in the Upper Midwest”; NYSE Lifts Ban of Stop Orders in Stock of Control Data Corp.


June, 1964

“Control Data Reduces Some Prices, Rentals on Computer Gear”. (Wall Street Journal); Market Marches to Record Levels - Control Data Slumps”, (NY Times)


June, 1964

“Stocks Struggle to New Peak” (NY Herald Tribune); Control Data Off 7¼ - Rumors Flying” (on impact of release of IBM 360 range


July 1964

“Computer : The Course Is Rocky”  also on the impact of the 368, but with the Corporation referred two a”!


June, 1964

“Control Data Board Votes Stock Split”; Minneapolis Sunday Tribube;  “Control Data Proposes 3 for 3 Stock spil” (Wall Street Jounal) (Stock at $89)


July 1964

“Computer Progress Essential to U.S. World Leadership” (Minnesota Business News)


June, 1964

“Computer Age Demands The sweat of Labor” (Minnesota Business News, no reference to CDC)


July 1964

… continuation of page 141


August 1964

Letter from TIME magazine to Norris prior to Business section devoted to CDC


August, 1964

Cover of TIME


August, 1964

Article “Poor Man’s IBM”


August, 1964

“Control Data’s Net Profits Rise 127 Pct” (three articles)


September 1964

“Control Data Cites Competitive Delays” (Minneapolis Tribune); Control Data sees Gain in Fiscal ‘65 Sales, Net; 3 for 3 Split Approved” (Wall Street Journal)


November, 1964

Acquisition of Data Display Inc. Four articles)


December 1964

“Control Data Asks Court to Void Four Sperry Patents” (Electronic News); Control Data Unveils Two “Super” “Computers for High speed Service (6400, 6800, Wall Street Journal


November, 1964

“Company Sought By Control Data” (September, T.R.G., (Technical Research Group)); acquisition of Datatrol Inc (2 articles; front cover of 4 November “Investor’s Reader” with Norris on cover


November, 1964

Balance of “Investor’s Reader”; CDC article pages 190-91


November, 1964

“Control Data, Eastern Firm May Merge” (Minneapolis Tribune, again Datatrol); graphis simply “1st”, Norris’ name on what appears to be a cover (below)


November, 1964

First National Bank of Saint Paul ??? Norris as Guest speaker


September 1964

“Control Data Gain Seen” (St. Paul Pioneer Press); “Norris Sees Good Times Ahead for Control Data” (Minneapolis Star) - both on Norris address to annual stockholder’s meeting


September 1964

Sperry Rand Sues Control Data Corp”; Control Data Anticipating Further Growth”; three articles on acquisition of T.R.G.


December, 1964

“Control Data Keeps Growing” (Detriot Sunday News; Control Data Acquires Pioneer in Laser Field for $11  million” (Wall Street Journal, T.R.G); “Computers Speed Up (6800)


January, 1965

“We’re Buying Brains” Reversing the usual rules of corporate acquisition, CDC is collecting companies that weren’t especially promising on their own.  It’s buying not balance sheets, but brains” (FORBES magazine); Control Data Sales Rose sharply in 1st Half From Fiscal ‘64 Period” (Wall Street Journal)


February 1965

“New Facility Set For Control Data” (St. Paul Pioneer Press, Spring Grove plant, 75,000); “Super-Computers Begin To Find Buyers” (Wall Street Journal


February, 1965

“Considers Compatibility No Problem for “Leaders … When you’re leading the field with technically-advanced, large-scale computers, you let other manufacturers worry about comparability …” (Electronic News); ”Control Data Pan American Sales Unit set”; “Additional Public Financing Aim of Control Data” (two articles)


April, 1965

The Polytechnic Engineer, April, 1965 article on Norris


April, 1965

Computer Institute Planned” (Minneapolis Star); “New Institute to Give Computer Training” (Minneapolis Tribune)’ “Control Data Acquires N.Y. Processor” (Minneapolis Tribune, Computech :


July 1966

“Control Data Lease Plan Will Aid Profits” (Minneapolis Tribune), two or three Stock Markets reports, but no reason obvious reason for a jump from April, 1965 to July of the following year


July, 1966

“Control Data Looking For New Directors” (Minneapolis Star) Noted Seymour Cray resigning seat of the Board, but continuing as vice-president for research


April, 1965

(Out of chronological sequence) “Control Data to Open New Schools to Train Computer Technicians” (Commercial News??; also “Control Data’s Computer School”, (Minneapolis Tribune)


April, 1965

“Control Data Shows Earnings Gain”, Control Data’s Net Income Rises 43%”; Control Data Plans Local Expansion” (Sacremento Union)


“Automation Grows in Capital, So Will Firm”  (Sacramento Bee); “Computer-Run Road Control Demonstrated” (Minneapolis Tribune);  “Control Data Discusses Buying of ‘Certain Assets’ from General Precision” (Wall Street Journal)


Previous indexes from the William C Norris Scrap Books have been released 60 pages at a time, but a special Christmas Treat, I’ve slipped into the December Stocking 120 pages.

Not really the Ho! Ho! Spirit it might sound - reality is that this section includes about 40 pages of a booklet and program from the University of Nebraska at a ceremony where Norris was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science - obviously an event of his old alma mater and immense pride to Bill with many re-unions and reminiscences noted, but in reality with only three pages included on himself.

The pages cover the period that saw a massive expansion of Control Data Corporation with many other companies acquired - as one of the articles noted, Control Data bought up several companies in shaky financial straits - not sure whether the quote came from Norris himself, but “We are not buying Balance Sheets, we’re buying Brains”

(This is confirmed in a later article on CDC’s acquisition of C.E.I.R. Inc. which suggests that the takeover was primarily based on over 100 highly trained techicians and software developers becoming part of the Corporation payroll rather than providing business or hard-core assets.

Also for a jump from April, 1965 to July of the following year, reason unknown