Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

The William C. Norris Scrapbooks (V2 Pages 181-240)


June, 1965

Control Data’s Issue of Debentures Totalling $40 million is Marketed” (Wall Street Journal, attracting 5% interest); Control Data acquires Firm in Philadelphia (Glenn W Preston and Associates, “a firm designing and developing data processing equipment, antennas, and encoded communications equipment for airborne and satellite-born radar system”


June, 1965

Duplicate of above with a couple of obscured bits revealed


June, 1965

“Control Data to Buy Building - For Computer School” (first indication of Control Data Institute, expected to have 700 enrolments on opening in September. Also mentions CDC having 16 separate facilities in Twin Cities


June, 1965

New York Tribune - “Stocks Move Ahead on Strength at Start” … “Conrol Data, off 3½ at 47¾ was the big loser Wall street was talking about … Control data is expected to suffer from the chain reaction set off by the introduction of new large-scale IBM computers


June, 1965

Control Data a Disappointment? (Minneapolis Tribune)  ? The article suggests a Minneapolis stock broker had suggested this - the nine-month report showed net earnings up 42% compared to the same period the previous year!


June, 1965

Alternate to above with image of 6600 “Largest And Fastest In The World”  continued page 7


June, 1965

… page 7 of above


June, 1965

Two More Companies Leave Thorny Computer Market (General Precision Equipment Corp. and Union Carbide); Control data Purchases Business lines from General Precision; Latest Sales Trim Prices of stocks (CDC at 41¼); “Customer switch from purchase to lease may be reflected in Control Data’s earnings;


July, 1965

Several articles on “sluggish” stock marker, CDC below 36 but preferred debentures still recommended by Forbes magazine


July, 1965

“Control Data Stock Price Dips “ to 32, half that earlier in the year


July, 1965

A little confusing - another program covering a presentation by Bill Norris at “The Horseshoe Room”, but the second page suggest National Cash Register Company, Dayton, Ohio”,  193-194 photographs on conference attendees including Norris, 195 shows a massive office complex that might have been NCR (think there was a joint production/marketing agreement around this time)


August, 1965

“Control Data Disharged 400 employees” (noted 4% of work force and “marginal” workers); Father and Son Suit Against Control Data; Control Data to Contest Damage Suit (a $5 millio claim by Stephen Tonozzi alleging his som (a minor) conceived a new method of making printed circuits while being paid $1,75 per hour


August, 1965

Auerback report (positive) discussing reasons for sharp drop in CDC stock


August, 1965

“Honeywell Files suit Against Control Data on Computer Patents”, “Control Data Receives $14 million AEC Orders for Computer Systems” (Atomic Energy Commission), “Control Data Net Rise in Fiscal 1965 With Aid Of Accounting Changes”, “Control Data Income Up To $1.06 per share”


August, 1965

“Profits and Sales Gains Mark Company Reports”


August, 1965

“Control Data Net Near $8 million”, “Control Data Net Increases”


August, 1965

Letter to Norris from Governor of Minnesota advising shipment of two Minnesota flags after noting their absence on a visit to Bloomington


August, 1965

Letter from Standard and Poor’s to Allan Rudell, CDC Treasurer and after meetings with Norris to discuss CDC propects “… it was a distinction meeting belatedly with the famed Mr Norris, and, I am sure, that if he did not fully appreciate how well-known he is thtroughout the country, that he does now.  (Earning a distinction in Arse Licking 302)


August, 1965

“Control Data says Competitor “Causes Confusion” in the Market” (on IBM’s many announcements of new products “under development); “Control Data Up 31.5% on Rise of 22% in Gross.


September, 1965

Better Investing Newsletter on Control Data with image of 6600 at CERN


September, 1965

Pages 2-3 of above, no reference to CDC


September, 1965

“Is Control Data In Trouble?” (Forbes Magazine)


September, 1965

Indignant letter to Forbes from a resident of Ohio, note added “Mr. Norris, though you’d enjoy this!”


September 1965

Letter (Francis L duPont & Co) to Norris supporting Norris’ statements to Forbes and enclosing an article from their own magazine (not shown)


September, 1965

“Stockholders told “Bad Year, but Control Data Is Strong” (Minneapolis Star)


Sptember, 1965

“Control Data Expects To About Break Even if First Fiscal Quarter”; three articles on CDC acquisition of Howard Research Corp., Arlington, Virginia (missile, underwater and fire control systems


October, 1965

International Correspondence School announces William C Norris Scholarship in Modern supervision; “Control Data widens line” (announcement of 1700


October, 1965

“Diagnosis by Computer Speeds Heart Checkup” (no reference to CDC)


October, 1965

Control Data Buys Canadian Computer Firm (Systems Division of Computing Devices of Canada Inc.); Control Dara Reorganises Products Setup into one group”; “Market Follows A.T.&T To a Loss”


October, 1965

Duplicate of 215


October, 1965

Bank of Americe Letterhead (contents hidden), Stock Market report


October, 1965

Bank of America letter revealed in relation to OCR equipment - penalties and bonuses


November, 1965

“Dow Contract Goes to Control Data”; “Control Data Buys Waltek” (Hong Kong component manufacturer)


January, 1966

“Control Data  Alters Sales, Lease Prices”; “United Airlines agrees to Lease Control Data Computer system”;”Cpntrol Data States Its Order Flow is Good. Backlog Tops Last Year”


January, 1966

“Control Data Institute announces Evening Computer Courses” ) four under Basic Electronics, eight under Computer Programming; four under General Computer Courses and four under Computer Applications, average around 25-28 hours and costs $50-55; two - Cpmputer Programming and Operations, and Techniques of Operations Research extended to 35 hours and $100); Revenue, Earnings Dip for Control Data”;”Insiders Stock Transactions Are Listed” (on seven officers and directors who sold off shares)


January, 1966

"Control Data Revamps Computer Prices to sell More, Stretch Leases"; "Computer Charges are Revised"; HOTLINE Volume III Issue 2, January, 26,1966 on IBM plans to drop "the 90s" (36-90?)


January, 1966

Complete NEWSLINE article (also 229)


February, 1966

"Control Data Official Resigns in apparent Dispute Over Policy" (Frank Mullaney); Eleven Named advisors ti Planning agency" (Minnesota State Planning Agency, names including Norris. Surprise!


February, 1966

Three more articles on Mullaney resignation


February, 1966

Three articles on Control Data Credit arrangements with Banks ($120 million revolving credit with 10 major banks)


February, 1966

“Developments in Computer Industry” (Minneapolis Tribune on planned expansion of CDC and Univac


February, 1966

Another NEWSLINE article - “Control Data Dominated the news this week” (mostly Mullaney resignation and line of credit arrangements above)


February, 1966

"Electronic News - One of the Fairchild Business Newspapers, Vol. 11" - re-hash of Mullaney resignation, Insider Trading and new funding arrangements


February, 1966

"Thoughts On A Computer Company" (EDP Weekly (newsletter) (background of CDC, Mullaney resignation, loans, but "a large press conference this Tuesday in Minneapolis to present "certain new products which will soon be in production. Details next week:; "Control Data to stress maximising Profits on Slower Sales Rise" (Wall Street Journal)


February, 1966

"Control Data's President Says Worse Is Over"; "Control Data Satisfied Worst Over" (no new products as suggested over, but the day long press tour of CDC's Twin City facilities appears to be the first time Norris attacked IBM's "paper products", an approach that eventually led to CDC's successful $100 million lawsuit against the "big Blue"


February, 1966

“Worst Over, Control Data Chief Claims”


February, 1966

NEWSLINE”CDC Shaken as Another Founder Resigns” (Robert Kisch)


February, 1966

Two Newspaper articles on the resignation of Robert Kisch, another co-founder of CDC


February, 1966

"Joining the ranks of the renters" (Business Week). Excelent article on the impact of increasing growth of leasing as opposed to sales. Recommended!


February, 1966

"Kisch Leaves, Personal Reasons Cited"; Control Data Files with SEC for 31 selling stockholders", "Statement Opdates One Filed Nov. 26"; "Thornton Named New Technical V-P"


March, 1966

"Slow Down And Live" (Forbes Magazine) "That's what the fiscal doctor has ordered for Contol Data. His diagnosis " the company has expanded too fast for its own good"


March 1966

Four Minneapolis Based Firms Make Gilbert's Honor Roll" (on quality of reporting to stockholders); "Computer Aid OKd for Idle" (at CDI); University Orders Computer system" (University of Minnesota)