Control Data Australia Memories compiled by Brian Membrey

The William C. Norris Scrapbooks (V2 Pages 1-60)


January, 1962

Trial Date Set in Sperry Rand Suit Against Control Data


January, 1962

The Captain’s Plan - article on American Export purchase of Isbrandtsen Steamship; relevance unknown


January, 1962

Control Data Corp. Reports Reveune up 44 Per Cent; Control Data Coming to Aid of Meissner Engineering


February 1962

Control Data Calls People Its Top Asset; also analysis of leading stock earnings (CDC at 24 cents, up from 16 in ‘61)


September, 1962

Control Data Seeks New York Exchange  Listing (two articles)   For reasons unknown, there are no entries in the Norris Scrapbooks for around six months either ide of this entry.


March 1963

Acquisition (Bendix) By Control Data Approved; Bendix gives up on Computers


March, 1963

CDC to buy Bendix Computers (source unknown, but quoting price as “10 megabucks”)


March, 1963

Who’s New on the Big Board?  CDC listing on the NY Stock Exchanges (March 7)


March, 1963

NY Stock Exchange quotes


March, 1963

Telegram congratulating Norris on listing (Katherine and Fred Buffet)


April, 1963

“If Control Data goes to Hell, you could always try Hollywood! Good luck on your talk!” Hand-written note from Wheelock Whitney Junior, J. M. Bain & Co., Minneapolis (address to annual meeting of Hibbing Chamber of Commerce)


April, 1963

More (inc. Photo) on Chamber of Commerce address (Hibbing was a small iron-ore mining town in Saint Paul County, Minnesota)


April, 1963

Organisational Chart and Program from above


April, 1963

Past Presidents of above


April, 1963

Hibbing has the Assets to Attract New Industry (post-Norris address


April, 1963

Manufacturing - IBM v Others (TIME magazine)  Includes CDC plant


April, 1963

Duplicate (amalgam) of previous two pages


May 1963

Control Data stock Rise spotlight’s Firm’s Growth (Minneapolis Tribune revealing $15m. in CD stock traded in the previous week, the price reaching $61.63 or $184.87 after the 3:1 split. The report shows HQ at 8100 34th Avenue South. There does not appear to have been any press regarding the shift to the new facility


May, 1963

(Continued from page 9)  Control Data : Largest Computer Being Built. CDC 6600 … “although still a respectable part of the product line, the 1604 has begun tapering off in sales …” (nothing shown of p9)


April, 1963

$900,000 Trial Against Control Data Begins (E. J. Manning, April 22); Control Data Suit Ends in Mistrial (Gordon F Clarke, April 18) - these were separate cases; Trading Delayed on Three Stocks (inc CDC)


June, 1963

$4 Million Computer Order Won By “Outtsider”. Surprise Government Choice. (Australian Financial Review, 20 June, 1963)


July, 1963

Photo of construction CDC plant at Arden Hills, Calfornia


August, 1963

Control Data Eyed With Keen Interest; Meeting Opens on Computers, 2,500 Attend (Association for Computing Machinery, Norris Keynote Address); Computer Maker Scores on Tape; Analysis of CDC (U.S. Investor)


August, 1963

Control Data Stocks Continue to Soar (New York Times)


August 1963

Computers Get Faster Than Ever “Unique, high-powered 6600 comes from Control Data’s lab in the Wisconsin woods”  Cray, Thornton and the lab at Chippewa Falls


September, 1963

“Man Behind The News” Electronic News article on Norris and CDC


September, 1963

Norris of CDC Sees Dramatic Change Ahead For Computer Firms. Denver Parlay on Computers Warned Big Shakeout on Way For Makers” (forerunner of above). Norris’s Keynote Address to Association of Computer Machinery 18th Annual Conference in Denver


September, 1963

Control Data Stock Soars (Hits Record $101) St. Paul Pioneer Press. “The Brainy Breed”, TIME article on Technology, no obvious reference to CDC


September, 1963

Mistaken Identity?  FORBES magazine article suggesting thousands of investors were confused after a small space and aero parts company Data Control listed on the American Stock Exchange and jumped from $12 to $30,  A week prior - “Big Board Prohibits ‘Stop Orders’ in Trading Control Data Common” after the share price dropped $6 in a day’s trading”


August, 1963

Control Data Unveils Fast New Computer. Official release of 6600 “which will sell for between 7 and 8 million dollars and will rent for between $150,000 and $175,000 per month”. Control Data’s Net Soars 98%, Stock at New Peak (Des Moines Register, handwritten note “This paper practically never features any company except Iowa Corporations”; “Outlook is hazy for Computers: (NY Times coverage of Norris Denver address. Noted 3,500 employees


September, 1963

“Control Data Has New Computer”; “Control Data Expects ‘Substantial Growth’ In Year Ending July 30”; “No Dividend for Long Time - Norris”


September, 1963

“Control Data Corp Is Moving Ahead With a ‘Third Generation’ Computer” (NY Post);  Control Data Chief Reports Order Rise” (NY Times)


September, 1963

Letter from Frank H Brigham (New York) to H. E. Tripp, University of Rochester, New York commenting on the Control Data lunch today", presentations apparently by Norris, William Keye (industrial group) and Mr  (Merv>) Swanson (Personnel) ... "after the meeting, a couple of people said this was one Company that really lived by their principles, philosophy, etc., instead of just paying lip service, which I guess is certainly true". The lunch was a meeting of the NY Society of Security Analysts


September, 1963

“Control Data Is Optimistic” (NY Herald Tribune): Control Data Says It Has ‘No PlansNow’ for Public Financing (But Funds May be sought in ‘64, Official Adds; Calling of Firms’s Debentures seen a ‘Possibility’” (Wall Street Journal); “Control Data Rare - It Makes A Profit! (Los Angeles Times)


October, 1963

“Control Data Gets New Plant: (acquisition of Daystrom’s control systems Divison, La Jolla, California”; ”The $135 Question - Control Data has produced spectacular fiscal arithmetic. But now, it must prove that it has the management depth to run what is fast becoming a big company” (Forbes Magazine); "Factors for survival in Industry (Electronic News). Oran S Kham, another spreaket at the meeting of NY Society of Security Analyst


October, 1963

Cover of program for 13th Annual Meeting of the National Association of Investment Clubs, Statler Hilton Hotel, NY


October, 1963

Three-day program for above Convention - Surprise! Norris as a Guest Speaker “The Control Data Corporation”


October, 1963

“New York City. Financial Capital of the World" (back cover of above program)


October, 1963

"The Big Whir : Computers Spin Problems and Profits" (Newsweek)  (CDC last few paragraphs, page 43 irrelevant, Norris “prediction of shakeout? page 44)


December, 1963

CDC acquisitions : Daystrom Systems Div.(peripherals), Rabinow Engineering Inc (optical readers;  (repeat of $135 Question”.  “Clinic to honour Three Industrialists”. Front cover “Emerging Management Challenges: 13th Annual Management Conference, Northwestern University”


December, 1963

Program for Management Conference, duplications of acquisition articles


December, 1963

“Nebraskan’s Success Story - Control Data Zooms in Electronics” (source) Remarkable life story of William C. Norris “… continued next page”, but sadly not included in the Scrapbook  (see images below)


December, 1963



December, 1963

"Big Board's stock Trading Shatter's Record set in 1929"; "Control Data Feat Tops 'Newcomers"; Control Data's Profits More Than Double", "?? Predicts Future Computers of still Larger Dimensions" (Norris prediction)


January, 1964

"Growth of Electronics Industry More Sedate" (St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press); also photo of CDC plant at Arden Hills


January, 1964

"Planning Becomes Expansion Key for Some Firms. Control Data Let Workers Ion 'Secrets'" (Minneapolis Sunday Tribune)


February, 1964

"Control Data Corp's $35 Million Debentures are on Market at 102"; front page of Prospectus


February, 1964

"Control Data takes on the giants with Midwest skills. Behind the Upper Midwest's $700 bonus per production worker" (Business Week) - this appears to a promotion for the Northern State Power Company


February, 1964

Articles on opening of Arden Hills plant. "Expansion Seen at Control Data", telegram from Karl F Rolvaag (Governor of Minnesota?)


March, 1964

Letter from Herbert P. Buetow, Chairman, Finance Committee, 3M on presentation to Norris of a citation by Saint Paul Chamber Capital City, also reference Buetow’s address at the presentation (59-62)


March, 1964

Four-pages, the address given at the presentation of the citation


Images from the biography noted page 50.

Left : Norris as a teenager.

Right.: Eleven year-old twins William and Willa Norris pictured on a pony at their school

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